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Schloss Fuschl was von Ribbentrop'sWikipedia - (Hitler's foreign minister) residence in Austria. Gerhard Zauner Link - Tauchmuseum in HallstattLink - Divernet the foremost historian and archeologist in this field has mapped the bunker system below Schloss Fuschl but space limitations prevented him publishing the map in his book Verschollene Schätze im Salzkammergut. Die Suche nach dem Nazi-Gold. After the war, currency and valuables were discovered hidden in the grounds and lake. These might have been hidden by Ribbentrop himself but could have been hidden by SS officers who were stationed there. There were many similar such hoards of valuables discovered across Austria after the war and there must have been many more which remained undiscovered. Unretreived hoards are still being unearthed during landscaping or during renovations. Guests staying at this excellent hotel may ask to be guided through Ribbentrop's bunker system. Frau Ribbentrop had Schloss Fuschl redecorated many times during the war, at astronmical cost.

Schloss Fuschl


Schloss Fuschl, Salzburg, Austria


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