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Mercedes-Benz 300SL 1955 at L'Etoile, Paris
Mercedes-Benz 300SL at L'Etoile Wikipedia - , Paris, 1955. Left Barbara Goalen Wikipedia - wears a Tweed Dress by Jean Patou Wikipedia - , right Anne St-Marie Wikipedia - a Suit by Lavin Wikipedia - . Photographed by Irving Penn Wikipedia - .


Anne St Marie, Cover of Paris Vogue 1956
Anne St Marie, same session as above, on the cover of Paris Vogue, Octobre 1955.



- Hemingway on Paris, in Islands in the Stream:

   What were the happiest times? he thought. They were all happy, really, in the time of innocence and the lack of useless money and still being able to work and eat. A bicycle was more fun than a motorcar. You saw things better and it kept you in good shape and coming home after you had ridden in the Bois you could coast down the Champs Elysees well past the Rond-Point and when you looked back to see what was behind you there, with the traffic moving in two streams, there rose the high gray of the great arch against the dusk. The horse chestnuts would be in bloom now. The trees would be black in the dusk as he pedalled now toward the Place de la Concorde and the upstanding blooms would be white and waxen. He would get off the racing bicycle to push it along the gravel path and see the horse chestnut trees slowly, and feel them overhead as he pushed the bicycle and felt the gravel under the thin soles of his shoes. He had bought this pair of racing shoes second-hand from a waiter he knew at the Select who had been an Olympic champion and he had paid for them by painting a canvas of the proprietor the way the proprietor had wished to be painted. A little in the style of Manet, Monsieur Hudson. If you can do it. It was not a Manet that Manet would have signed but it looked more like Manet than it did like Hudson and it looked exactly like the proprietor. Thomas Hudson got the money for the bicycle shoes from it and for a long time they could have drinks on the house as well. Finally one night when he offered to pay for a drink, the offer was accepted and Thomas Hudson knew that payment on the portrait had been finished. There was a waiter at the Closerie de Lilas who liked them and always gave them double-sized drinks so that by adding water they needed only one for the evening. So they moved down there. They would put Tom to bed and sit there together in the evenings at the old café, completely happy to be with each other. Then they would take a walk through the dark streets of the Montagne Sainte-Genevieve where the old houses had not yet been torn down and try to come home some different way each night. They would go to bed and hear Tom breathing in his cot and the purring of the big cat that slept with him.




- Monte Carlo or Bust (1969)

The steps of Sacre Coeur Wikipedia - Sacre Coeur. Immediately at the top of these steps the final frames of Rendezvous (1976) are filmed, where the lady who is the subject of the rendezvous runs to meet the driver of the Ferrari / Mercedes-Benz.





Pont Alexandre III Wikipedia - Pont Alexandre III, Paris.



- Rendezvous (1976) by Claude Lelouche

- Les Ripoux (1984) Wikipedia - Les RipouxWikipedia - Le Cop

- La Grand Bouffe

- Ronin (1998)

- Funny Face (1957) Wikipedia - Funny Face (1957)

- Midnight in Paris (2011) Wikipedia - Midnight in Paris


- The Expendables 2 (2012)

The Expendables 2 (2012)

Tour d'Eiffel Wikipedia - in the distance, the Eglise of St Germain des Pres Wikipedia - is closer to the camera to the right of the gilded dome of the Les Invalides Wikipedia - . The large ugly building to the right of the Eglise St Germain des Pres is the Faculty of Medicine Wikipedia - of the University of Paris. The building at the lower edge of the frame at the junction of the Quai des Grand Augustins with the Boulevard St Michel at the Pont Saint-Michel on the Left Bank of the river. The camera appears to be on the roof of the Hotel Dieu hospital Wikipedia - Hotel Dieu on the Rue de La Cite, opposite (north) of the Notre Dame Wikipedia - . The apartment of Billy's girlfriend is on the Rue de Lyon.


Vogue 1951 June cover, from the top of the one of the towers of Notre Dame
Vogue 1951 June cover, from the top of the one of the towers of Notre Dame. Notre Dame is only a few hundred meters south of the camera position used for the shot in The Expendables 2 (2010) and so you can see the same view, the camera being pointed in the same direction. Paris has strict building regulations which means that there are no tall buildings in the center of Paris, thus preserving its exquisite skyline.




- Tour D'Argent Wikipedia - Tour d'Argent

-- During the Second World War, the Tour D'Argent was purchased by the Horcher family of restaurateurs, who ran Horchers in Berlin, Madrid, and the Drei Husaren Wikipedia - Link - Drei Husaren in Vienna.




- The Ritz. Famously 'liberated' by Ernest Hemingway during the Second World War. Fighting was still going on in Paris and the direct route to the Place Vendome was of the places where shots were still being exchanged. Hemingway had been in a race with photographer Robert Capa to reach the Ritz first and thence file a story. By the time he had reached Paris there were about twenty people in his entourage from various armies and in various uniforms. Units of the British Army were already inside the Ritz about an hour before Hemingway arrived, but he bluffed them into thinking that he had orders to take over the Ritz for the US Army and they left. He ordered a round of Martini's in Frank's bar for his entire party.

In Fleming's novel From Russia with Love (1957) Bond orders a Vodka-Martini at the bar in the Paris Ritz:

   The taxi drew up at the Rue Cambon entrance to the Ritz Hotel.
   Bond looked at Nash's watch. 11.45. He must be dead punctual. He knew that if a Russian spy was even a few minutes early or late for a rendezvous the rendezvous was automatically cancelled. He paid off the taxi and went through the door on the left that leads into the Ritz bar.
   Bond ordered a double vodka martini. He drank it half down. He felt wonderful. Suddenly the last four days, and particularly last night, were washed off the calendar. Now he was on his own, having his private adventure. All his duties had been taken care of. The girl was sleeping in a bedroom at the Embassy. The Spektor, still pregnant with explosive, had been taken away by the bomb-disposal squad of the Deuxième Bureau. He had spoken to his old friend René Mathis, now head of the Deuxième, and the concierge at the Cambon entrance to the Ritz had been told to give him a pass-key and to ask no questions.
   Bond looked again at the time. He finished his martini. He paid for it and walked out of the bar and up the steps to the concierge's lodge.


In Fleming's novel From Russia with Love (1957) Bond is being held at gunpoint by the assassin Nash in a compartment on the Orient Express: Nash tells Bond:

   I've got a date at noon tomorrow - Room 204 at the Ritz Hotel, making my report to Rosa. She wants to get the kudos for this job. Then I turn into her chauffeur and we drive to Berlin. Come to think of it, old man,' the flat voice showed emotion, became greedy, 'I think she may have the Order of Lenin for me in her bag. Lovely grub, as they say.'


- The Hôtel Lancaster Wikipedia - Hotel Lancaster on the Rue de Berri Wikipedia - Rue de Berri. When Orson Welles went missing from the shoot of the The Third Man (1949) in Vienna, a member of the crew was sent to track him down and found him at his favorite hotel, popular with high-rollers like Welles and Marlene Dietrich. Noël Coward was staying at the Lancaster at the same time which made for some exciting parties. Welles was staying in the Penthouse suite. Oddly, I used to stay at the Lancaster regularly before I knew any of this.


From the final scene of Fleming's novel From Russia with Love (1957)

   Had he made a mistake? Was this the wrong room? Should he apologize and get out? Could this woman possibly belong to SMERSH? She looked so exactly like the sort of respectable rich widow one would expect to find sitting by herself in the Ritz, whiling the time away with her knitting. The sort of woman who would have her own table, and her favourite waiter, in a corner of the restaurant downstairs-not, of course, the grill room. The sort of woman who would doze after lunch and then be fetched by an elegant black limousine with white side-walled tyres and be driven to the tea-room in the rue de Berri to meet some other rich crone. The old-fashioned black dress with the touch of lace at the throat and wrists, the thin gold chain that hung down over the shapeless bosom and ended in a folding lorgnette, the neat little feet in the sensible black-buttoned boots that barely touched the floor. It couldn't be Klebb! Bond had got the number of the room wrong. He could feel the perspiration under his arms. But now he would have to play the scene through.



- Caviar dealer Petrossian Link - Petrossian - Paris caviar dealers Ian Fleming purchased a large quantity of Beluga caviar here after a big win on the tables at the Casino in Le Touquet, which he served to his guests at the after-party he held after the premiere of From Russia with Love (1963) .

From The Life of Ian Fleming by John Pearson published by Jonathan Cape, 1967, Pearson tells of Anne's suggestion that the Flemings should host an after-party after the premiere of From Russia with Love (1963):

   One of the few occasions when he did was the première of the second James Bond film, From Russia, With Love. It took place in October 1963, and he and Anne felt that perhaps they should hold, after the performance, a separate party at home for their own friends. Anne afterwards regretted suggesting a menu called From Russia, With Love, with only caviar to eat. The idea appealed to Ian Fleming, who had just won £500 at Le Touquet, and to Anne’s dismay he insisted on spending the whole sum on the best Beluga imported to Paris. They went from Le Touquet to Paris, arriving rather late and uncertain where to find the finest caviar. They telephoned Nancy Mitford; she told them to go to Petrossian’s in the boulevard de la Tour Maubourg; and next day Anne was given the job of bringing two extremely large containers back to England – he was flying the car from Le Touquet.
   ‘What happens if they try charging me customs duty on it?’ she asked.
   ‘Tell them it’s for James Bond,’ he replied.
   But at the party not even £500-worth of caviar could make Ian Fleming into James Bond; and there was a terrible contrast between the young superman whom everyone had just seen on the screen, potent, violent, battling with Donovan Grant aboard the Orient Express, and the man who once dreamt it all. Haggard and unwell, he received his guests, declined his own caviar, and made off to bed soon after midnight. The refrigerator at 16 Victoria Square was full of the stuff for weeks.


- Au Vieux Campeur Wikipedia - Au Vieux Campeur Link - Au Vieux Campeur - Europe's best outdoor store, for climbing, mountaineering, and related activities.


- Link - La Malle Pour Tous La Malle Pour Tous - Accessories Auto

-- A splendid shop which will make you any license plate you want, any material, any period any letter/number. Automobile, motorcycle or moto. The motorcycle size plates are particularly useful for mounting on the front of mid-engine sports cars.

Accesoires Autos La Malle Pour Tous - License plates made to order, any country, any style, any size, voiture, moto
'La Malle Pour Tous' license plates made to order, any country and style, any size, automobile or motorcycle.


Registration Plates of the World - Parker and Weeks



- Paris - published by Editions Ponchet Wikipedia - 7 rue Theodore de Banville Paris 75017

-- This is the same best street atlas of Paris, the one Parisiennes use. The equivalent in London is Geographers A-Z Wikipedia - .

Paris - Editions Ponchet

-- From the superb black comedy cop movie Les Ripoux (1984) Wikipedia - Les RipouxWikipedia - Le Cop Link - Les Ripoux: Philip Noiret, playing the time-served vulpine detective drives while sharing lines of cocaine drawn onto a copy of editions Ponchet Paris streetmap.


Editions Ponchet Paris streetmap
Editions Ponchet Paris Streemap being used to hold lines of cocaine

Editions Ponchet Paris streetmap
The rookie holds the tooter while Philip Noiret drives.





- Gestapo Headquarters at 87 Avenue Foch. SS offices next door.

- Gestapo Sonderkommando setup headquarters at Hôtel de Lourve

Also there were French SS units equivalent of the German SS units.

- RHSA occupied an hôtel at 11 Rue de Saussaies. CO was Haupsturmfuhrer Theodor Dannecker, who was Eichmann's representative in Paris and responsible for collecting Paris's 12,000 Jews.

- Other branches of the SS RHSA were at 31 Avenue Foch.

- Germany Army High Command set-up headquarters at the Hôtel Ritz

- Wehrmacht offices at Hôtel Meurice, housing von Rundstedt's staff, OB West.

- Hôtel Raphael was HQ of Lt General von Boineburg-Lengsfeld, Wehrmacht Garrison Commander.

- Wehrmacht military prisons were at Fresnes and the Fort de l'Est, which were taken over by the various Allied military police. I did hear of some Waffen-SS troops who while on a drunken night out stole a truck and went on a drunken rampage. They were not sent to the military prison but were sent to a KZ, a concentration camp.

- Mont Velerien barracks (presently French Air Force barracks) was HQ of the Waffen-SS. Also used as a prison for civilian detainees held for reprisals in the event of partisan attacks.



- Turner on the Seine by Ian Warrell published by Tate Gallery publishing, 1999, ISBN 1 85437 219 X




- Paris-Riviera: Racing the Train Bleu and the TGV

- Links for use in London

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- Destinations



- Circuit de Périphérique - The French thoughtfully provided a race circuit around Paris called the Boulevard Périphérique Wikipedia - Boulevard Périphérique Wikipedia - Boulevard Périphérique Wikipedia - Prince Noir Link - youtube - The Black Prince on the Peripherique Link - Youtube - Circuit de Périphérique Several motorcycle riders (notably the Black Prince) have set very fast times in both darkness and daylight.

- Link - - Photographs of WK2 occupied Paris by Andre Zucca

- Paris Then & Now Link - - Russian photographer Sergey Larenkov's Link - Sergev Larenkov matched photographs of present day and WWII images





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