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- Vienna has more live music events than any other city in the World.

   Every Viennese thinks he is the director of the Vienna State Opera

Saying in Viennese musical circles


Restaurant Drei Husaran
The restaurant Drei HusarenWikipedia - , Vienna During the war, the Drei Husaren was owned by the Horcher family of restaurateurs from Berlin


Hotel Kaisern Elizabeth
The Hôtel Kaiserin ElizabethWikipedia - , Vienna.


Hotel Astoria, Vienna
The Hôtel AstoriaWikipedia - , Vienna


Vienna Flakturm
One of Vienna's FlakturmWikipedia - [Flak Tower]. After the Soviets left Austria, it was used as a Cold War bunker and command post.


Florisdorfer Bridge, Vienna
Florisdorfer BridgeWikipedia - looking into the City

Kahlenburg, Vienna
A view over Vienna from the KahlenburgWikipedia - .


Hotel Astoria, Vienna



Hotel Bristol
The Hôtel Bristol. Herman Göring and his entourage would occupy the Hôtel Bristol during official visits to Vienna.


Hotel Imperial, Vienna
The Hôtel Imperial, Vienna. Adolf Hitler used to stay here when in Vienna. Benito Mussolini stayed here with Otto Skorzeny after he had been rescued from the Gran Sasso.


Entrance to the Hotel Imperial
2001 A Mercedes-Benz 600 graces the entrance to the Hôtel Imperial.
License plate W898 .


Hotel Kaiserin Elizabeth


Hotel Sacher


Leopard 2 A2


Nightclub Casanova


Vienna Zentral Friedhof
Vienna Zentral Friedhof

Vienna Zentralfriedhof

Vienna Zentral Friedhof



Vienna Zentralfriedhof



Vienna Zentralfriedhof



Vienna Zentralfriedhof
The rear face of the curtain wall of the entrance to the Zentralfriedhof. This is damage from Allied bombs.


Vienna: Hotel Metropol, which was used as Gestapo HQ
Vienna: Hôtel Metropol, which was used as Gestapo HQ






+ Otto Skorzeny

+ The Third Man (1949)

+ Scorpio (1973)

+ The Danube Road



- The Third Man by Dr Timmerman - In German and English. The primary reference work on the subject.

- Commanding the Red Army's Sherman Tanks by Dimitri Loza

- Journey to Vienna by Mrs Robert Henry 1946

- In Search of the Third Man by Charles Drazin published by Methuen 1999 ISBN 0-413-73930-9

- Drama Between Budapest and Vienna by Georg Maier published by JJ Fedorowicz 2004




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