Web Host Notes


Summary: is a superb webhost which I recommend. They are the best I have used.


This will tell you if there are any problems:

This is where you have to go for support:

For Control Panel you should go here:

For File Manager go to:


Medium Range Forecast:

The website is up and being served. This page should update once per week. If it fails to update within two weeks then a more serious problem has developed. Readers should check the Picasa page Link - Picasa Mitteleuropa for announcments should that happen. I may have to move to a method of operation where the most important information on the locations is held on a blog and the expanded information is hosted. This would reduce the risk of the website (and information) disappearing suddenly for whatever technical reason.



2016-APR-26 - Note that if you logon to the File Manager every day, then this does not count as a 'logon' for when x10 server is calculating the month/31day period of 'inactivity' after which they will suspend (then delete) your account/website. You must logon to

2015-NOV-23 - 'Disk Full' response from the host server


2015-NOV-17 - 'Disk Full' response from the host server


2015-FEB-13: Tried to unsuspend the webhost account again but had the same message and a hanging progress bar. I hope the webhost does not delete the website again because it two two weeks with eight hours per day internet connection to upload it again. At the moment I have eight hours internet access PER MONTH.

2015-FEB-06: Throughout January I have had only a few hours internet access which means I was unable to logon to the portal that month and the .HTML has been suspended, not served, over the first few days of February, as a result. I have logged on yesterday and the message did say 'unsuspending'.




2014-NOV-28: Website appears to be fully uploaded. FTP was fast the last few days. I need to thank for helping me recover from the error I made.



2014-NOV-27: Nearly every single file is already uploaded. Just running more checks. I think we are done now. Phewf.



2014-NOV-26: Just using the FTP client to check all files have been upload. Not found any to upload yet, apart from the few very large .JPGs from yesterday. Nearly there. Uploading even large files is really fast today.



2014-NOV-25: Good FTP session. Working on the remaining large .JPGs. Like going through the thick residual goo at the bottom of the crude oil fractionating column.



The FORUM is . You need a different logon for the forum to the one you use to admin your webhosting account, which is confusing, but there must be a reason for it.



2014-NOV-24: Good FTP session. Queued files in order smallest first in order to maximise the number of files which will complete.



2014-NOV-23: FTP Session started. The FTP client is just spinning through the list of files on this copy and checking that they are there on the server. Not seen any upload yet, which means the files are nearly all there. Soon back to normal service. 18:20HRS: Seems to be struggling to upload some larger files from "The Ipcress File" which it has found un-uploaded. Still going through. 19:03HRS Going through quickly now. All is well. 19:30HRS knocked off with the FTo session still going strong. Will continue tomorrow.


2014-NOV-22: 16:18HRS FTP upload started OK. Seems to be uploading OK. Very few files left to upload so mostly it is processing the 'check' where it checks that each file on the copy down here is up on the webserver. 16:52HRS The "disk quota exceeded" message is back.







2014-NOV-21: Short FTP session early but not getting "Disk Quota" exceeded. This could be the source of zero length .JPGs appearing on the webserver, because when you try to FTP upload a file, and the disk is full or the disk quota is exceeded, the transfer manages to write a zero length file but then gets halted by the disk quota. You end up with a zero length file. Because of this, if you try and upload a .HTML or worse the index.HTML, then you end up with a zero length .HTML file that will not serve. And the website looks like it is dead. I discovered this early on and at the start of an FTP session, I upload a kontrolle.jpg file of no significance. If this uploads successfully, I start the FTP session. If not, I know not to begin uploading anything significant and definitly not any .HTML files.



2014-NOV-20: FTP uploading seems to be almost finished. Will start checking the copy of the website on the server at the webhost for zero legnth files, and deleting them, so that the full file can be uploaded. Then I have to start checking the website on the server at the webhost for partially uploaded .JPGs, which show half an image. Then delete them so that the FTP software will upload a full copy of the .JPG when it detects that one does not exist.



2014-NOV-19: FTP uploading sesssion started and going well. 15:30HRS. have kindly removed the disk space limit on new accounts for my recreated account.



2014-NOV-18: 17:10HRS Started another FTP session. All well.



2014-NOV-17: Uploading started 15:30HRS OK 18:17HRS FTP upload strong and continuous. 18:45HRS Still good. Good session.



2014-NOV-16: 15:50HRS Uploading restarted successfully. 17:31HRS Now its sputtering again 17:50HRS Back on full chat. 18:31HRS sputtering again now. 19:06HRS: Unable to connect again. 19:19HRS Back uploading again. A good session.



2014-NOV-15: 17:38HRS: FTP upload now working fine as I start session. 19:47HRS Still going. 19:54HRS now sputtering out. 20:00HRS not uploading at all now.



2014-NOV-14: 14:38HRS Started FTP session with FileZilla.EXE and all appears to be working normally. I can see files going up. 15:33 HRS Going well. 15:39HRS Uploads sputtering out. Now getting 'Disk Quota Exceeded'


2014-NOV-13: AT:17:10HRS Resume uploading of .JPGs. All is well so far, it just takes a long time. At 18:13HRS connections now dropping. A bit rocky. Seeing frequently 'too many connections from this IP', even when there is only one. 18:28 HRS 'upload failed'. 19:03HRS FTP uploading sputtering but still going intermittently. 19:15HRS Not sure were are uploading anything at all now.



2014-NOV-12: Website up today but now getting 'upload failed' errormsg in FileZilla.EXE FTP client. I suspect this is because on new accounts there is a 1GB max space limit for the first month. Will post in the forum for support. FileZilla.EXE now gives 'Disk Quota Exceeded' errmsg.

I posted: OK as of today 2014-NOV-12 website is up and serving OK. After a few minutes upload session with FileZilla.EXE the uploads stopped and eventually I saw the errmsg "Disk Quota Exceeded". My guess is that because there is a 1GB limit on 'new' accounts I have hit the 1GB limit. I figured this would happen so I tried to upload the most important, most used pages first. It is possible you can remove the 1GB limit for me ? I would be most grateful. If not, I will have to figure out which of the less important pages I can delete and then make sure the important pages have their .JPGs, which is a major faff and very time consuming. Many thanks. responded: 'I took a look at your account and it looks like you were actually capped at 512 mb, I bumped that up to 1 gb for now.'



2014-NOV-11: Website now back up at All the .HTML files have been uploaded again but It will take many hours before the .JPG images are all uploaded. It will take around a week to finish uploading all the .JPGs and for service to return to normal.

At close of play last night we could not get my FTP clients to talk the FTP host. I expected to continue efforts today but thankfully it was fixed during the night.


I posted to the forum: Hello - I had to finish last night and go home. Returning this AM, I just tried FileZilla.EXE and it worked - files were uploading right away. So what ever was wrong, it was fixed during the night. All should be easy from now on as I just have to wait for the FTP software to shunt the files up. Many thanks for you valuable help"

2014-NOV-10: Mission: To recreate the entire account at

Transcript of the sign-up session:

10 November 2014

Second signup


Sign up clear and easy

Low bandwidth at my end caused a few delays

The low-bandwidth Windows 3.x / HTML 1.0 front end which loads when you are on low bandwidth is MUCH clearer than the one which loads when you are on high bandwidth. The new wave of front ends are designed to make web designers feel good and only work because teenagers are used to clicking on things to try and make them work. You have to guess where the boxes to fill in are, unlike on the low bandwidth front end.

Now have to change passwords on Filezilla.EXE FTP software and Dreamweaver.EXE site definition in order to upload the site.

Having to find the notes from the original signup where I found out what the address of the FTP server at is

15:05 10 November 2014

Computer is slow

Now confusion. Last time there was a 'logon name' as well as an email address. I have been using the logon name for the previous years but I have not put it in this time. What do I use ? It can only be the email address. The front ends says that I am 'signed in'. Does that mean my website is open for business ?

I hit 'continue' on the x10 website and now get 'error.. please reload and try again'

15:24 10 November 2014

OK, "signing in" again, find that I cannot sign in because the account does not exist.

Back to "create my account"

Having to eat some candies to try and stop my nerves fraying. Calm. Remain calm.

I noticed there is a 'mask my email' button which you can select when you are inputting your email address. With some luck, this will allow me to put in a username, which can be the same as before, and then I will not have to change the settings on the FTP server and the site definition on Dreamweaver.EXE

Could be wrong about that as a pop up box said something about 'one time email'

Messages claims I have signed up.

15:29 10 November 2014

"Continue to control panel"

Next button is 'add website'

Next screen says something about website builder. I can see my domain there

Should be OK

I will hit 'Add Website'

"Website successfully created"

Looks like website is up, "in principle", but I have not input my old username, which means it cannot exist, which means that I will have to input the one I used this time, which is an email address. I bet USD 64,000 that that will not work.

Here we go.

First, let's use the webfrontend at to get an valid INDEX.HTML up there. Anything so that readers can see that the site has not gone forever.

Quick test: No, just redirects to the page. So website not working yet.

15:35 10 November 2014

The webfrontend filemanager claims 'file uploaded succcessfully'. Could be just a delay.

OK there is a button which is marked 'FTP users' Says "This website does not have any FTP accounts created."

Here we go: Cunningly disguised as part of the screen there is a button which says 'create FTP account'

15:40 10 November 2014

(Still nothing from except redirect to

OK FTP setup screen at says 'setup account name' so this could be where I put in my username.

OK I think that worked. Said I am using total of 1 out of 3 FTP users allowed.

OK now showing three FTP accounts, only one of which I created. Beats me.

Not much point trying FTP yet unless I can get the site to serve pages out to readers.

The uploaded files are going somewhere, but where ?

Filemanager shows them as there.

Problem is that in file manager, you can get to view the .HTML code, but here is no button to see the website as it is served.

OK now clueless. I am going to hit 'support' button. If I cannot get the INDEX.HTML to show when it is already showing as uploaded in the /public_html/ then not much point attempting to bang away at getting FTP working.

16:02 10 November 2014

Posted to the user forum.


2014-NOV-09: Posted following on the x10hosting forum: Hello William has been dealing with my queries via and has asked me to create a support ticket. My website was functioning normally and then disappeared suddenly 2014-OCT-31. Website was serving normally and stats were normal for the previous day. Usually, I know exactly what is happening with the website and the FTP server because I have been adding to the website every day from 2009-MAY. The website is used as a reference by other historians and researchers and is cited in Wikipedia, so I know pretty quickly if something is not serving or has been corrupted because people email me and complain about it. I tried to logon to but could not, even after pwd change. Finally reached support via 2014-NOV-05. What I had done if I had not had a account I do not know. Support told me that that the website had been deleted. My account had been deleted. Further interchanges on with support since that date. They recommended I raise a ticket on this forum. I need to 1) Restore my website ASAP 2) Find out why it disappeared. email: verlagmeyer( ) Twitter:

2014-NOV-09: Received a reply within a few hours: Based on what I was seeing in your twitter feed, I believe the account was indeed terminated on 10-31. There's a termination report for cpanel mittel indicating account was at the 21 day limit for suspended accounts, and then terminated. I went back through some lookup systems we have and found this: Suspension | You have been suspended for inactivity. It is a requirement that you sign into the x10Hosting website at least once every month to keep your account active. You're able to unsuspend yourself immediate | mittel | 2014-10-10 05:43:48 While the full reason is truncated due to the limitations of the lookup system, it does indicate this was an inactivity suspension for not logging in within 30 days, and was suspended on 10-10-14. After no unsuspension was processed within the next 21 days, the account was terminated off of the server 10-31-14, and is no longer recoverable as a result. While you're able to recreate the account and upload anything you had from backups, unfortunately once the account is terminated we aren't able to restore it, as all files and data contained within it were removed.


2014-NOV-09: @x10hosting:Hi, please create a new thread at this link and I'll happily explain this further. =) ^EW

2014-NOV-09: Web page still not back up. No return of email sent to support at 24 hours ago, but there are some messages left on my account:

2014-NOV-09: @x10hosting: That message would indicate the account may have been terminated, commonly for being suspended more then 21 days without action

2014-NOV-09: @verlagmeyer: Acc & the site active until the mo it was del-Stats normal for that day-Have been adding to site -every- day since May 2009.

2014-NOV-09: @x10hosting: Accounts that are left as suspended without action are classified as being inactive and removed to free space.

2014-NOV-09: @verlagmeyer said: There was no email indicating acc suspend due to no logon.

2014-NOV-09: @x10hosting: We can't tell for sure without knowing more, please log into the forums and start a support thread if you havent already.

2014-NOV-09: @verlagmeyer reply: Tried to find button for 'support ticket' originally but could not. Will try again.

2014-NOV-08: @x10hosting: Hi, please can you try logging in at with your email address rather than your username? =) Thanks ^EW

2014-NOV-08: @x10hosting: (2/2) create a support ticket for further information, or if you feel this is in error. Thanks ^EW


2014-NOV-07: @x10hosting: Hi, I can't seem to find an account matching that domain. Please email me your cPanel username at =) ^EW

2014-NOV-08: @verlagmeyer OK many thanks for your efforts I will try and logon - Have been unable to logon since website disappeared.

2014-NOV-08: @verlagmeyer: Tried to logon with old pwd and also with new, but unable to logon. Ideas ? Can I create a support ticket from the forum ? I tri

2014-NOV-08: @x10hosting: Hi, please can you try logging in at with your email address rather than your username? =) Thanks ^EW

2014-NOV-08: @verlagmeyer: Tried URL with email add and new pwd but errormsg "Unfort.. we are not able to find your hosting account


2014-NOV-08: Turns out that the website has been deleted from the webhost and not only that the account has been deleted, so I cannot even raise a support call.

2014-NOV-06: Out of internet range for two days but today I notice that the website is still not back up.


2014-NOV-04: @verlagmeyer: Hello-my website has been down for 3 days but I am unable to logon (even after password change) status page =OK ? What to do ?

2014-NOV-05: @x10hosting: I'm sorry to hear that! What is the URL to your website? I'm happy to look into it. =) Thanks ^EW

2014-NOV-05: @verlagmeyer: Many thx yr reply - was in despair - URL is on TWT header - have changed pwd & tried to logon


2014-NOV-03: Still nothing. Webpages not being served. Still unable to logon. Reported outage via as no other way of doing it. Increasingly disturbed. After three days all the links in the Google search engine disappear.

2014-NOV-02: Site not serving .HTML to viewers at all. I am unable to logon to my admin page 'invalid login information provided'. Status page at still gives the same errormessage 'PHP Document Root and Remote Address Superglobal Issues'. UPDATE: Have reset my password but still unable to login. Same message 'invalid login information provided'

2014-NOV-01 - Still unable to logon and website not serving. Same message posted on status webpage of . Yesterday the website was being served but today it is not. Wonder what's wrong. Obviously pretty serious.

2014-OCT-31: Unable to logon to Also, another website which asks for a CATCHPA has started coming up every time you try and get to


Website does not serve.

Unable to logon to control panel



x10hosting CATCHPA screen gives this: status





2014-APR-28- All clear. Not sure what happened at the webost but it was dealt with swiftly and the whole website is back as normal

2014-APR-27 - PANIC: Tuned into the website and the main page reads something about fantasy football. The rest of the pages do not serve. Logon to the webhost but cannot get through to my account. Checking the statistics it appears to be today only. Perhaps the webhost has been hacked.


2013-JUL-06 --- "552 Disk full - please upload later Error: Upload failed" at 20:00HRS GMT

2013-MAY-19 --- "552 Disk Full - Please upload later" around 16:00HRS GMT

2012-NOV-19 --- All operational again. FTP was out for only a few hours ---

2012-NOV-19 --- 552 Disk full message --- Before uploading any files by FTP I upload a test .JPG. If this is successful, then I continue the rest of the upload session. The problem with uploading when the disk is full is that the FTP software starts to upload the new file by overwriting the old file. It is unable to write the new file and so leaves a damaged file on the webserver. This causes readers to see a page fragment. ---

2012-SEP-09 --- AOK today --

2012-SEP-09 --- Unable to get through to FTP server --- status says server is down for various issues --- web page seems is serving OK ---

2012-SEP-02 --- Web server back on track as of yesterday. Thank you for a brilliant service. ---

2012-SEP-01 --- Web server not serving pages --- Looks like upgrades are underway - which may be the explanation, but the webpage address still gives "account suspended". --- FTP server still functions normally --- Looks like major upgrade underway ---

2012-AUG-31 --- Web server is not serving the pages again today --- Checked my account at and my page has been suspended --- I failed to login last month and received an 'account suspension' email. I logged in and requested unsuspension, but my account does not appear to have been unsuspended. Any one accessing my pages has done it through the Google Cache, which means they must have required the information right away. I have raised a support ticket at --- FTP upload still functioning normally. ---


Dear Sir/Madam

My account was suspended after I did not log in. I logged in right away and it appears to have not being unsuspended. Can you advise ?

With thanks

I've removed the erroneous redirect. The page should be live shortly. - Eric B - ACO, x10Hosting Staff2012-09-01 07:33


2012-AUG-30 ---Webpage appears to have been down for much of today and yesterday. Some pages served on AUG-29, none AUG-30. FTP server still responding and accepting files.

2012-JUL-04 --- Unable to connect to FTP host at

2012-JUN-07 --- Systems walking normally again ---

2012-JUN-06 --- 550 Can't change directory to /public_html/files/: No such file or directory Error: Could not retrieve directory listing ---

2012-JUN-05 --- "Command: STOR zkontrolle4.jpg Response: 552 Disk full - please upload later Error: Upload --

2012-JUN-04 --- Now able to upload again. All systems normal.

2012-JUN-03 --- "Command: STOR zkontrolle4.jpg Response: 552 Disk full - please upload later Error: Upload failed" ---

2012-JUN-02 --- "Command: STOR zkontrolle4.jpg Response: 552 Disk full - please upload later Error: Upload failed" ---

2012-JUN-01 --- "552 Disk full - please upload later Error: Upload failed " ---

2012-JUN-01 --- Website was up yesterday , but not today --- Able to FTP files up --- In FTP I can see that the home directory is there but there are no files there at all ---

2012-MAY-31 --- "550 Can't change directory to /public_html/files/: Permission denied Error: Could not retrieve directory listing Command: REST 0 Response: 350 Restarting at 0" --- Status page says disk is full and they are working on it. My pages are still being served satisfactorily ---

2012-MAY-30 --- "STOR zkontrolle4.jpg Response: 552 Disk full - please upload later Error: Upload failed"

2012-MAY-29 --- "STOR zkontrolle4.jpg Response: 552 Disk full - please upload later Error: Upload failed"

2012-MAY-28 --- "200 PORT command successful Command: STOR zkontrolle3.jpg Response: 552 Disk full - please upload later Error: Upload failed" ---

2012-MAY-07 --- My sites at are still broken. I will have to find a new free webhost for them. The ones at are still up, but unable to reach through FTP ---

2012-MAY-05 --- FTP very fast today. I thought it had not gone through for a moment, it was so quick.

2012-APR-28 --- All functional and fast at now upgrade complete. Full service resumed from this date unless stated otherwise.

2012-APR-27 --- No FTP connection, and no logon to cpanel. Website has been down all day. Must be maintainance and outage at ---

2012-APR-18 --- Server upgrade finished - FTP connections to is now functional again --- FTP server availability prior to this date:

FTP days up FTP days down % down

2012-APR-17 --- I notice if you edit a page by opening it in OpenOffice, then it re-arranges are large quantity of headers when you save and close. One error on the page I noticed was that the small blue highlight line which lights up around small images which are links does not appear any more. I think I will use OpenOffice to write web pages only in an emergency. It would be nice to have a WYSIWYG HTML editor which was lighter than the mighty Adobe Dreamweaver but more visual than the raft of very good text/HTML editors like Notepad++ and similar. Mostly one may work in the text editors but infrequently one needs to either start a page with tables upon it or edit a page with images upon it. Previously, I have done this by opening the web pages in a browswer, editing them in a text editor and hitting F5 refresh in the web browswer every time I needed to see what my work looked like ---

2012-APR-16 --- Free serving at has been down for upgrade and maintenance , so no real problems. Page was been served for all but a couple of hours, which is commendable work ---

2012-APR-15 --- Unable to FTP to FTP server --- Command: LIST Response: 425 Could not open data connection to port 5001: Connection refused Error: Could not retrieve directory listing Command: TYPE A Response: 200 TYPE is now ASCII Command: TYPE I ---

2012-APR-14 --- Unable to FTP to FTP server --- Response: 230 OK. Current restricted directory is / Status: Connected Status: Retrieving directory listing... Command: CWD /public_html/ Response: 550 Can't change directory to /public_html/: Permission denied Error: Could not retrieve directory listing ---

2012-APR-13 --- FTP host shows no folders or files -- LIST Response: 150 Connecting to port 5001 Response: 226-Sorry, we were unable to read [.] Response: 226-Options: -a -l Response: 226 0 matches total Status: Directory listing successful Status: Retrieving directory listing... Command: CDUP Response: 250 OK. Current directory is / Command: PWD Response: 257 "/" is your current location Status: Directory listing successful Status: Retrieving directory listing... Command: CDUP --- webpage is still there and being served ---

2012-APR-12 --- Pages appear to be being served ie the website is up -- The FTP host gives Response: 150 Connecting to port 5001 Response: 226-Sorry, we were unable to read [.] Response: 226-Options: -a -l Response: 226 0 matches total Status: Directory listing successful --- page is up and website is up --- Logged in to yesterday and both x10hosting and my account seemed to be OK ---

2012-APR-11 --- Received this message on the FTP client console 150 Connecting to port 5001 Response: 226-Sorry, we were unable to read [.] Response: 226-Options: -a -l Response: 226 0 matches total Status: Directory listing successful --- the website is down --- the FTP client when it does connect shows an empty directory, with not even the system folders which install --- Suspect the file server at their end is down for maintenance -- Website has been up throughout the day ---

2012-MAR --- The best thing about was that it was trouble-free. Your page was just up there all the time whether you logged on or not. Connectivity and uptime were poor, but the site stayed up indefinitely. I am really struggling with at the moment: The site is still there but there is no way to FTP up. With the site has disappeared. The logon is still there. You can logon, but you cannot FTP upload. Thank God for because otherwise there would be no Mitteleuropa website.

2012-MAR-26 --- Every day I have been having good FTP sessions with I notice my sites at are still up but I have not been able to FTP for months. My sites at are down for some reason and I can login, but not FTP or see the site. They are not being served.

2012-FEB-28 --- Successful connection to FTP server ---

2012-FEB-27 --- FTP server gives "552 Disk full - please upload later - Error: Upload failed" ---

2012-FEB-26 --- Successful connection to FTP server ---

2012-FEB-25 --- Successful connection to FTP server ---

2012-FEB-24 --- All gooat --- website still up but Filezilla FTP client cannot connect to FTP host ---

2012-FEB-23 --- FTP server all good ---

2012-FEB-22 --- FTP server all good --- My website at may have died. FTP server not accepting connections --

2012-FEB-21 --- FTP server all good ---

2012-FEB-20 --- Twitter feed now available. --- ---

2012-FEB-19 --- "421 Home directory not available - aborting Error: Disconnected from server Error: Unable to connect!" --- Website also down, giving 404. --- I think this is probably Sunday maintenance --- ---

2012-FEB-18 --- From hosting FTP server "552 Disk full - please upload later Error: Upload failed" ---

2012-FEB-17 --- Getting "552 Disk full - please upload later" error from FTP server --- With my sites at unable to connect via FTP for weeks now. Sites still up ---

2012-FEB-16 --- FTP server at working normally ---

2012-FEB-15 --- FTP server at working normally ---

2012-FEB-14 --- webpage appears to have been serving OK during last 24 hours so all should be well at --- FTP server now accepting uploads ---

2012-FEB-13 --- --- Unable to logon to FTP host at at all now --- Now will try and logon to CPANEL to find out what is going on --- Unable to login to CPANEL --- Webpage appears to have been down throughout the morning --- Able to logon to the forum --- OK I have received an email saying that the account has been suspended because I did not complete the monthly login to the CPANEL - I will have another go at logging into the CPANEL --- I have logged into the CPANEL using and not --- OK the portal says that my account is unsuspended again - website should be working properly --- Still in control panel and looking for the file manager but unable to find it --- Trying via FileZilla FTP - connected ! but now receive "552 Disk full - please upload later" error --- Loging out and in again at CPANEL to see if I can find the file manager --- this worked I can now see file manager ---

2012-FEB-12 --- FTP server at is bouncing connections with "552 Disk full - please upload later" ---

2012-FEB-11 FTP server still not accepting connections. The sites are still up but cannot FTP to them --- FTP server at is giving "552 Disk full - please upload later Error: Upload failed"---

2012-FEB-10 --- "552 Disk full - please upload later" response from the FTP server at ---

2012-FEB-09 --- "STOR filename.html Response: 552 Disk full - please upload later Error: Upload failed" x10hosting. com FTP server giving errors --- FTP server for not accepting connections for second day running ---

2012-FEB-08 --- FTP server working well ---

2012-FEB-07 --- FTP server working well ---

2012-FEB-06 --- FTP server working well ---

2012-FEB-05 --- FTP server working well ---

2012-FEB-04 --- FTP server working well ---

2012-FEB-03 --- FTP server now accepting uploads again ---

2012-FEB-02 --- Getting same response from FTP server: 200 PORT command successful Command: STOR filename.jpg response: 552 Disk full - please upload later ---

2012-FEB-01 --- Getting Response from FTP server: "552 Disk full - please upload later Error: Upload failed" --- Logged into Control Panel just to make sure that website is still there --- notice that my math is out on the java app for uptime/downtime

2012-JAN-30 --- FTP server fine --- The FTP server at is now not only refusing uploads but is also refusing connections. This may indicate that they are closing their free webhost service

2012-JAN-29 --- FTP server all good

2012-JAN-28 --- FTP server all good

2012-JAN-27 --- FTP server all good

2012-JAN-26 --- Can logon to FTP server but cannot push files up.

2012-JAN-25 --- FTP server all good

2012-JAN-24 --- FTP server all good

2012-JAN-23 --- FTP server all good

2012-JAN-22 --- Small updates at all good. Problems at other webhost Does not appear to be accepting uploads through FTP although it does accept logons. Also, new signups not accepted throughout January.

2012-JAN-21 --- Small updates

2012-JAN-20 --- Small updates

2012-JAN-19 --- Used the synchronise feature in Adobe Dreamweaver to clear lots of redundant files from the server end. Seemed to work OK but it does try and delete some of the system files at the server end which is worrying.

2012-JAN-18 - Small updates

2012-JAN-17 - Small updates

2012-JAN-16 - Small updates

2012-JAN-15 - Small updates -'s FTP server is much faster than's and it connects first time nearly every time. One of the problems of recommending to first time website builders was the continual difficulty in getting connections and uploads through's FTP server.

2012-JAN-14 - Small updates

2012-JAN-13 - Small updates

2012-JAN-12 - Small updates

2012-JAN-11 - Small updates

2012-JAN-10 - Small updates

2012-JAN-09 - Small updates

2012-JAN-08 - Small updates

2012-JAN-07 --- Brief FTP outage earlier. Slight panic but no problem now

2012-JAN-06 --- AOK

2012-JAN-05 --- FTP good

2012-JAN-04 --- Small update, session fine.

2012-JAN-03 --- no session

2012-JAN-02 --- no session

2012-JAN-01 --- no session

2011-DEC-31 --- no session

2011-DEC-30 --- no session

2011-DEC-29 --- no session

2011-DEC-28 --- no session

2011-DEC-27 --- no session

2011-DEC-26 --- no session

2011-DEC-25 --- no session

2011-DEC-24 --- no session

2011-DEC-23 --- FTP server working OK

2011-DEC-22 --- no session

2011-DEC-21 --- no session

2011-DEC-20 --- FTP server working OK

2011-DEC-19 --- no session

2011-DEC-18 --- FTP server working OK

2011-DEC-17 --- FTP server working OK

2011-DEC-16 --- FTP server working OK

2011-DEC-15 --- FTP server working OK & fast ---

2011-DEC-14 --- FTP server working OK ---

2011-DEC-13 --- FTP server now working ---

2011-DEC-12 --- FTP server now working - updates are uploading at last - Takes quite a while to check the site because during the error 552, if you attempt to upload any files, the FTP server overwrites zero length files at the server end. I have to check for zero length files at the server end, then delete them, then get FileZilla to upload new ones. I might risk a sync with Adobe Dreamweaver to clear unused files - Dreamweaver has on occasion given odd looking results when syncing with this this webhost --- Managed to check most of the site and upload all the updates ---

2011-DEC-11 --- FTP server not accepting: "552 Disk full --

2011-DEC-10 --- FTP server not accepting: "552 Disk full -- Trying to figure out if I can upload via control panel and bypass this errormsg but it is difficult to figure out what you are looking at in control panel file manager --- Managed to upload this HTML page via the control panel ---

2011-DEC-09 --- FTP server not accepting: "552 Disk full - please upload later" means no upload session ---

2011-DEC-08 --- "552 Disk full - please upload later" means no upload session ---

2011-DEC-07 --- Can now connect through FTP server but get "552 Disk full - please upload later" when try to upload --- looks like the website is still there from the listing in FileZilla --- Looks like my account at is now working again --

2011-DEC-06 --- website down and no access via FTP. Also, a notice of suspension of account via email. It appears that you have to login once per month or they will remove your account. I had logged in but it appears that you have to login to the forum, not the control panel or the other thing, whatever that is. Also, the notices appear to indicate that they have serious server problems and may be file corruptions. So I cannot tell if the site is not being served because they have deleted it or because their servers are still out of action --- Managed to logon the forum. For some reason there is a different username on the forum which is really confusing. --- Logged into forum and left a test note --- Still cannot get through on FTP - could be that their webservers are still down - OK I did not leave a message, it bounced me. But I tried to login again and it seemed to login --- I can see my post again now --

2011-DEC-05 --- Cannot connect to FTP server at all. Checked website and I get "Error 503 service unavaileable". Website seems to have been down since 14:00HRS UTC today.

2011-DEC-04 --- FTP not working to Also gave strange results, listing \files\ at the server end as empty. I checked the site and it is still there so I think it is just a bad connection or may be some one is workong on the FTP server. The site seems to be OK.

2011-DEC-03 --- FTP broke again : "552 Disk full"

2011-DEC-02 --- Unable to upload to Getting the "552 Disk full" error again

2011-DEC-01 --- Good FTP session, fast

2011-NOV-30 --- Good FTP session

2011-NOV-29 --- Good FTP session

2011-NOV-28 --- FTP still not working

2011-NOV-27 --- 552 Disk full

"STOR filename.jpg "
"Response: 552 Disk full - please upload later"
"Error: Upload failed"

2011-NOV-26 --- getting the disk full error again. The best way of using FTP is to upload a test file which is not part of information on the website, and see if it uploads successfully. If it does, do ahead with the FTP session. If it does not, when it overwrites the file at the other end with the zero length file, it does not matter. Otherwise you can overwrite your whole website with zero length .html . I have just managed to destroy a couple of .html pages right now by not being careful and following this procedure.

STOR Response: 552 Disk full - please upload later Error: Upload failed Status: Retrieving directory listing...

2011-NOV-26 --- 552 Disk full

2011-NOV-25 --- AOK

2011-NOV-24 --- AOK & Happy Thanksgiving all ---

2011-NOV-23 --- AOK

2011-NOV-22 --- Good upload via FTP. Fast

2011-NOV-21 --- Good upload to's FTP server.

2011-NOV-20 --- No session

2011-NOV-19 --- No session

2011-NOV-18 --- No session

2011-NOV-17 --- No problems -

2011-NOV-16 --- No problems - fast upload to FTP server ---

2011-NOV-15 --- Good FTP session ---

2011-NOV-14 --- Good FTP session --- Just a few updates but upload was fast ---

2011-NOV-13 --- Good FTP session --- FTP server running very fast ---

2011-NOV-12 --- Good FTP session

2011-NOV-11 --- Good upload FTP session with FileZilla ---

2011-NOV-10 --- "552 Disk full - please upload later - Error: Upload failed" -- Managed a successful deletion and pruning session ---

2011-NOV-09 --- No session

2011-NOV-08 --- Managed to upload to FTP server with FileZilla --

2011-NOV-07 --- "552 Disk full - please upload later" --

2011-NOV-06 --- "552 Disk full - please upload later" --

2011-NOV-05 --- "552 Disk full - please upload later" --

2011-NOV-04 --- Good connection but then suddenly "Disk Full" notice again ---

2011-NOV-03 --- Good connection - and now at great speed - fixed at last ---

2011-NOV-02 --- "552 Disk full - please upload later - Error: Upload failed" --- Same story. My other sites on are working but this one is not.

2011-NOV-01 --- No session ---

2011-OCT-31 --- Logon to x10 FTP server with FileZilla and receive error message "552 Disk full - please upload later - Error: Upload failed" --- My other websites at are still able to upload ---

2011-OCT-30 --- Logon to FTP server with Filezilla and attempt upload of non-critical files, receive the response:

552 Disk full - please upload later
Error: Upload failed

It looks like another couple of days outage but the full website was uploaded last week and updates only trickle up onto the site, so this outage is not serious ---

2011-OCT-29 --- Response: 552 Disk full - please upload later & Error: Upload failed therefore unable to upload any files including this one ---

2011-OCT-28 --- 552 Disk full - please upload later & Error: Upload failed --- Either there is a major problem at which has taken a week to sort out or this error message is specific to my account and we now have another problem ---

2011-OCT-27 --- No session today ---

2011-OCT-26 --- No session today ---

2011-OCT-25 --- Logon to x10 FTP server with FileZilla

"220-You are user number 75 of 150 allowed."
"Response: 220-Local time is now 13:15. Server port: 21."
"Response: 220-This is a private system - No anonymous login"
"Response: 220-IPv6 connections are also welcome on this server."
"Response: 220 You will be disconnected after 3 minutes of inactivity."

then when trying to upload

"552 Disk full - please upload later"

the filename of the .HTML briefly flashes on the remote server file list then dissappears.

The entire website was uploaded in the FTP sessions last week and so all is well. I shall not attempt to upload updates.

2011-OCT-24 --- 552 Disk full - please upload later ---

2011-OCT-23 --- From FTP server getting 552 "Disk full - please upload later" - All website uploaded previous days so no problem ---

2011-OCT-22 --- Immediate connection to FTP server --- Fast upload of small update ---

2011-OCT-21 --- Immediate connection to FTP server --- Large upload to FTP server via FileZilla still going. Also very fast --- Still connected --- Still connected --- --- Now getting 421 Too many connections (2) from this IP but most of the work is done --- All done. Just the detailed trimming remaining. Thank you x10 ---

2011-OCT-20 --- Through to FTP server right away & uploading --- Still many .JPGS left to upload --- FTP server connection still good --- FTP still going ! ---

2011-OCT-19 --- Through to FTP server right away --- FileZilla still uploading rapidly one hour later --- Still going ---

2011-OCT-14 - Unable to connect to FTP server --- Unable to connect to FTP server --- Unable to connect to FTP server --- Unable to connect to FTP server --- Unable to connect to FTP server --- Unable to connect to FTP server --- Unable to connect to FTP server ---

2011-OCT-13 - Obtained solid login to FTP server and was able to upload more .JPG and some updated .HTML --- MSG says 100 users now maximum nunmber to logged in --- Solid upload from Filezilla now taking place. I am uploading the rest of the less trafficed .JPGs --- Adobe Dreamweaver's FTP function still too slow to get onto FTP server. FileZilla has a nag function which keeps trying to connect to the FTP server for the number of repeats you specify ---

2011-OCT-10 - The important pages of the site are up, as well as most of their images. Hope to have the rest of the site up soon. --- Trouble getting through to FTP server --- Difficulty getting through to FTP server --- Difficulty getting through to the FTP server ---

2011-OCT-09 - My other sites are accepting uploads fine. It is serving fine. It is just this one which is not working. If I cannot fix this within forty-eight hours I have to go to another webhost.

Webhost control panel at x10 is here

Webhost forum is here:

My webposts:

Current problems in forum:

2011-OCT-09 - "421 50 users (the maximum) are already logged in, sorry " --- still writing zero length files after uploading --- Managed to logon to discussion forum --- What they do not tell you is that your logon for the discussion forum is not your logon for the control panel for your website but the password is. Best to logon to your control panel and you can see a link to the forum and your logon name. I give zero marks for organization. --- trying to find a piece of the control panel which allows upload of individual files without using the FTP server --- Does not appear to be a webfrontend upload system. --- Checking the forum it looks like other people cannot find a control panel with a web upload function ---

2011-OCT-06 - Because the FTP server is unable to write the full file to the webserver, it is overwriting the .HTML files and the .JPG files with zero length files. This means that although nearly all the .JPG files are there, there are no.HTML pages to view. Only one page, the Carrera Panalpina page is there.

2011-OCT-06 - Able to get through to FTP server but only able to upload zero length files --- Now getting "50 users (the maximum) are already logged in" --- Can see error message saying "Error-226 unable to write to file" as soon as FileZilla connects and tries to write the the web server hard disk space --- Appears that my website has run out of disk quota but says free website has no disk space limit --- 550 Could not delete etc etc es_eiger_sanction_foto_1974_zion_canyon_mike_hoover_AA_01_01a.jpg: Disk quota exceeded ---

2011-OCT-05 - Unable to get through "50 users (the maximum) are already logged in". Subsequently: Able to get through using FileZilla. Notice that some .HTML pages were uploaded as zero length, which usually happens when a connection drops mid way through upload. Does not happen often with .HTML but happens often with .JPG. Will have to upload a number of .HTML pages. - - - . now getting "error on write to file" while uploading. Lots of zero length .HTML files appearing on the server. - - - Tried to upload .HTML again but only succeeded in uploading zero length files over files which were already complete. The web address now serves a white blank page.

2011-OCT-04 - Able to upload most of what I needed.

2011-OCT-03 - Able to upload most of what I needed.

2011-OCT-02 - Able to upload to the FTP server most of the website and all of the .HTML. Still using FileZilla as Dreamweaver is harder to connect with.

2011-OCT-01 - Unable to get through to FTP server. Now through to FTP server with ftp client FileZilla. Hours and still unable to get through to ftp. If you get a connection through, hold onto it. Back onto FTP server with FileZilla but Adobe Dreamweaver is not quick enough to get onto the FTP server.

2011-09-30 13:53HRS Access to ftp is up and down. Waiting to upload the rest of the site and I am in a hurry. It was running well for a while but now one of the messages is "50 users are already logged in - maximum" which is why I have trouble logging on.

One of the problems with ftp servers is the big rush around 09:00HRS EST as every one arrives at work and wants to update their website. I try and perform big uploads in the small hours because of this. I should begin writing an FTP script which runs automatically at 0200HRS and synchronizes the website.



Sign-up with web hosts is always difficult and is usually complicated by badly organized web pages --- RESULTS Sign-up was OK. But could not find the FAQ page on their website so I could configure my FTP client / Dreamweaver --- It asks you to give a username but it seems to prefer to use your email address. --- Also, it seems to assign an account ID. That's three different identifiers that you have to figure out (username, email address, and account id) --- Tried to guess the username for the FTP client. Password must be the password I set. --- Tried all three (username, email address, and account id) but none allowed ftp access. Had to guess at the ftp server name, as --- There seems to be a forum but I cannot find it either. --- Time: Around an hour of the usual fooling around. I needed this working today and expected it to take the whole day before I started shunting files up to the webhost but it looks like it will be tomorrow now. --- Logged a support request for details of FTP. --- Will try and search on google. --- Found it ! ---

Now I have understood it: The actual domain is


the login for ftp is the username you created, not your email address or the account ID.

the entry for the FTP host is your actual domain


or similar variants

One of the problem with web front ends for webhosts is that "all the information is there" in the same way "all the information is there" in the library for particle physics. Yes, the books are there, but there is a big difference between that and having enough infromation to build a CERN type atom smasher. Web host sign up pages need to be as clear as a set of very good directions to your house when you live in Tokyo. It is not that difficult.


=== webhost ====

2011-OCT-05: in retrospect: If their free webspace was an advert for their paid web space, it was not a good advert. Their terms&conditions were good:


1) Unlimited MB size of website

2) Unlimited bandwidth

3) Max file size 1MB

The max file size 1MB was OK because .JPGs larger than this take a long time to load. Width of 800px is most of the screen, and makes too large an image. 400px width in the center is the right size considering most people browse your site and do not inspect the images closely. These images are much smaller than 1MB.

(4) Not management intensive: You did not have to logon regularly and they did not delete your page even after a year of inactivity. This was great for those small websites which you just have FAQs on and similar endeavors.

That part of was good and I thank them for that.


(A) They arbitrarily deleted my website stating that I had adult content on the site, which clearly was not the case if they ever looked. They offered no apologies for their error, or even that they had made one.

(B) Their uptime was about 50% or less. When they were up their server would, frequently fail to serve a full set of images for the page. I only learned of this when told by my readers. Readers would have to make repeated return visits until the page was served to them.

(1)(2)(3)(4) were good (A)(B) were not.



2011-AUG-27 - Something seriously wrong at web host because it is running very fast for once.

2011-AUG-22 - Web host have suddenly changed the domain name from to I do not know the absolute size of the problem this will cause yet. It was difficult enough to find this site before this change.


2011-AUG-04 - The Mitteleuropa webpage at Picasa Link - Picasa Mitteleuropa. This has been added to house large images and to provide a subsidiary page should the hosting at fail. The entire site may have to be removed to another webhost and I will announce the redirection from that page.

2011-JUL-01 - Impossible to get through to after 09:00HRS EST. I managed one upload session before 09:00HRS EST which may have been complete.

2011-JUN-22 - Unending difficulties trying to upload through mainly after 09:00HRS EST. Receiving emails telling me that is down which means that it must be down often because few people send to me emails and therefore many more people must be finding the website is down.

2011-MAY-11 - General connections to seem to have been poor which may have resulted in the website not appearing at all.

2011-APR-16 - I have been able to upload to Image search engines (such as are not picking up the images from the site. is not picking up text from the site. It appears that this has been happening throughout 2011 .

2011-APR-10 - Still unable to reach to upload.

2011-APR-09 - Still unable to reach to upload.

2011-APR-08 - Problems continue when trying to reach After 09:00 Eastern time it is impossible to get through to

2011-MAR-31 - Problems uploading to over the last two weeks.

2011-FEB-13 - Entire site was uploaded but some images have not loaded at best quality. This will take time to remedy because each page much be checked.

2011-FEB-03 - Two thirds of the images have been re-uploaded. One third are still missing and will be uploaded as soon as I can make a good connection to

2011-JAN-29 - Uploading most of the image files I have managed to

2011-JAN-28 - Partial upload the images for The Italian Job pages. Most pages remain up but without images. The Mitteleuropa site appears to be up and serving pages but I am having difficulty uploading.

2011-JAN-22 - Serious problems at host. I had to upload all the pages again. Only some of those pages have their images uploaded, most are only .html text. There are problems getting through to the ftp host to get the images uploaded. Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible

2011-JAN-19 - There was an outage at the website host. The website would have been unavailable on the 18th, 19th and 20th. Normal service will be resumed as soon as the complete website can be uploaded again. This will take at least twenty-four hours.







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