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2017-JAN-04: POP3 access using Mozilla Thunderbird for and In Gmail, it is a difficult process and I have only managed to get outgoing email to work. In yahoo that is almost impossible and there are even more steps on the yahoo account side, not the email client (Mozilla Thunderbird) side. It was several hours work just to figure this out. So in the end it was quicker to make an extra account and use that. I needed only outbound smtp so the lack of (or difficulty in arranging) reading of your inbound email via POP3 in (or any other webmail account) was not an operational problem. You really have to wonder who writes all this abysmal software. I suppose it is the same people who write control software for airliners. UPDATE: Mozilla Thunderbird will read yahoo mail via POP3 no problem, unlike gmail, but it will not send. I think the YPOP add-on if on of these little programs that makes your own machine an SMTP transmitter and uses that to send instead of yahoo's SMTP service. However, machine mounted SMTP transmitters are prone to being rejected as spam. Also, they reveal your IP address in the email headers. For outbound, it looks like a Thunderbird/gmail setup is the only way. Not what I wanted.


2015-NOV-20: Trying new software Scrivener for screenwriting, but it is tough going. On a blank document it is difficult to figure how to create chapters and not easy to see if you have added text in the right place. The tutorial leaves you no clearer. Like all 'time saving software' it wastes a lot of your time at the start. It is not exactly clear what a 'folder' is and when you right-click , you do not seem to be able to add objects. I sure as Hell hope I don't ever have to follow road directions from the man who wrote that tutorial. Also, there are far too many 'modes' in the software. 'Modes' are what got all those people killed on that French airliner which plunged nose first into the South Atlantic after the pilots were using different software modes while trying to bring the aircraft out of a stall. That's what happens when you let kids write the software which controls your holiday jet.

When you open a fiction novel template, then try to make that from a blank document, it us unclear how you add all the components in the left hand pane of the screen. Right-clicking only ever gives you the choice of 'add new text' or 'add new folder' whatever that is.

At this point I think I am likely to stick with text editors (TextPad, Notepad++, UltraEdit), Wordprocessors (MS Word old versions, OpenOffice) and DTP packages (Adobe InDesign), as well as orgcharters/flowcharters (Instant OrgCharting written circa 1991).

2015-NOV-21: Going to persevere with Scrivener. The 'fiction' template seems to have just objects in the panel on the left and the only difference between the objects seems to be the icon on them, which can be changed. Exactly what the relation would be between the objects I could not say. Unless there is some relation to them they are just a list of text documents, the text of which appear in the right hand pane. In which case, when it comes to compile the book into an ebook, how does it know what to compile in which position ? Not a great start.

2015-NOV-22: I may continue writing in texteditors then cut&paste into Scrivener and compile into ebook of some kind. This way I control everything and only the last stage is under the control of Scrivener.




MOZILLA THUNDERBIRD: If you have hit 'send later' and the email is in the \outbox\, when you need to edit the email, to add something, you cannot. There is no button for 'edit'. You have to hit 'forward', then edit the subject line out of the FWD, et cetera. Annoying.

MOZILLA THUNDERBIRD: Sends email in reverse order. It sends the newest mail first, which means that the emails you wrote first, arrive last. All backwards. It would help if you could right-click on emails in the \outbox\ folder in order to send them with a mouse click, that way if you want to send one important email first, then you can. But you can't.

MOZILLA FIREFOX: I notice the 2014 version has the special low visibility screen buttons. Ver 17.x did not. Sigh ....

MOZILLA THUNDERBIRD: Also, there is no 'force send' button when you highlight an email in the \outbox\.

GOOGLE EARTH: GPS co-ordinates and Google Earth have been a horror for me for about ten years. There are several formats of for Latitude/Longitude: The original degrees(180)-minutes(60)-seconds(60). Then with the advent of GPS, decimal degrees(180.100) and degrees-decimalminutes(180)(60.100) and even degrees-minutes-decimalseconds (180)(60)(60.100). This created confusion and difficulty when working in the different formats with, say, old maps, and a new GPS system. Furthermore, getting GoogleEarth to swall LAT/LONG formats has always been hard work. Even more difficulty could be had by reading from GoogleEarth, the GPS co-ordinates of a particular spot under the cursor. Partly because reading those co-ordinates off and giving them to some one with a GPS on the ground would hit difficulties with the different formats. All in all it was a total confusion and not worth the trouble. A specific location was better described by a snapshot from a satellite image and an arrow, so that it could be found using the local geographic features. In the last few weeks I have made some progress in squaring all this but frankly, it is still a labor-intensive mess and not worth the cost in time.

UPDATE: This is the best page

PINTEREST: Again, the HTML writers make it difficult to navigate. Press your own name. Now try and see which boards you are following. No clue ? Me neither. It is on of the three numbers at the top mid screen. The .HTML is so slick you cannot tell they are buttons.

SOFTWARE DEVELOPERS: The function of software developers is to make new. They only get paid when you pay them for new software. The function of web designers is to make new. They like doing that because playing with a new system adds interest to their job. Hence, 'the new' has to be inflicted upon us.

MOZILLA THUNDERBIRD: Why does the pane which lists \sent\ messages, when you hightlight an individual message say 'this is a draft message' , when it has already been sent ?

WEBMAIL: Way back when .... most mail clients indented the reply, which was in the terminal 'Courier' font, with the indent > symbol. All you had to do was hit 'Reply' and the email you were replying to came up indented, ready to be edited. Just in case, I had a texteditor program which I had programed to cut lines at 66characters and then indent with the > symbol. I could edit away. Then finally we advanced to the latest edition of all webmails and the indent '>' reply has disappeared, replaced with all sorts of garbage. So ... back with my 1980s texteditor program and a lot of cut and paste. Programmers... what are they for ?


MOZILLA THUNDERBIRD: Is a highly annoying program. There seems to be no way of editing emails once you have put them in an outbox. How could they make such a mess of the programming ? All they had to do was copy Pegasus, the long-time freeware email client.



2014-NOV-15 If you are dialing then use the URL which gives the non-specific country page for, ie



.MOBI READERS: I have used MobiReader.EXE for quite some time and it is has been satisfactory, despite, like many EPBU readers, its queer front end. What is wrong with Windows 3.x ? Just trying out Sumatra.EXE reader, which is better at reading corrupt .MOBI files than MobiReader.EXE, but there is no copy&paste function, so I cannot copy quotations from the text. OK for reading though.

Just tried FBReader.EXE but it is difficult to use. Perhaps the worse front end of the lot.


EXTENSIONS FOR GOOGLE CHROME : Avoid 'Do Not Track Me' (sometimes called 'Blur') because although it trumphets about privacy, it will read the email address that your browser is logged into and start sending you spam. It is difficult to follow who is talking about what in which order and when on the 'notifications' page, which appears to be be for personal messages: Please have a look at USENET threading in Forte's Free Agent software as a model. It has remained in the same format since to war written, right-first-time in version 0.9 sometimes in the early 1990s. Think about it. Confusing front end. When you go to your page, you just seem to get heaps of pages from nowhere. There is an app for your browswer to pin images, but finding the button to add images direct from you page was difficult. Also, finding your own pin boards was difficult. SIGNUP: Once you sign up, which his quick, you have to choose from a list of subjects, the nature of which is not exactly clear. What are they, what am I choosing ? Then you have to find and add and add-on button for your browser that adds a pin button so you when you mouse-over an image. Find an image on the web, press pin. This is easy. No problem. You have to fill in form which is self explanatory, but after that ... no clue. How you you view your own page ? Also you when you logon again, you keep getting this 'friends' button which blocks the screen, preventing you from doing anything. Don't these people test their software themselves to see what it is like to use it ?




FONTS - Font Navigator program is useful and light for managing fonts.





There must be a way of solveing the whole page numbering issue but each time I open the document or make a slight alteration something goes wrong with the page numbering. I took it to the printers, and opened it to print it. The different printer driver did not help and everything went haywire. Not enough time to fix it there. I will have to fix it back at the office. I am resolved to print to .PDF and then take the .PDF to the printers. A .PDF is set in stone. I cannot believe that MS Word is so badly designed. Also the total-page-number readout refuses to give the readout for just its own section, indicating instead the total page number for the document, which is wrong. I want the total page number for that section.


This is the best page on how to get around Microsofts abysmal design in MS Word 2007



YAHOO EMAIL ADDRESSES: When they work, they send you Yahoo spam. Their heuristic detection of account abuse/hijacking by spammers et cetera is as sophisticated as a brick. You have to treat the Yahoo accounts as temporary because they can stop working completly without warning.

Yahoo front end is poor, requiring a lot of clicking to get mail to reply in plain text and even then it does not >indent the reply for you. The mail interface hangs and jumps a lot. Avoid it if you can.

You can get trapped at the logon page, endlessly filling in the CATCHPA form, tens, hundreds of times in a huge loop. It is quite obvious that their heuristics and 'anti-abuse' procedures do not have clue. If they have you filling out CATCHPA forms by the hundred that means they are not going to let you. Do not just sit there wasting your one time by filling in more and more CATCHPA forms.

Twitter's heuristics are no better. And they show you a huge number of CATCHPA screens which quite obviously no human could ever read.

The problem with these people is that they do not test their own systems, otherwise they would know how abysmal they are.

What they really need on their forms is a 'comments' box where people can tell them what they think of their service while they are having their time wasted.


GMAIL EMAIL ADDRESSES: Gmail keeps ruining a good product in that there was nothing wrong with the 1.0 interface.


All of the webmail addresses, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail are bad a dealing with logons through TOR because their heuristics log geographically disparate logon attempts as a hi-jack of the account. So you have to help the webmail providers by logging on only once per day from a TOR network.


Webmail these days is more like a hot competition for last place, with managing to hold onto the crown of best webmail provider, but only thanks to the rest being abysmal.

They obviously have no concept such as a ratio of non-productive clicking and setting up of options VS quantity of email actually received and read. Because if they did, they would realise how bad their 'services' were.


For software developers, I would use a test whereby their ancient auntie has to use the software successfully. If she fails, then they are fired. This would focus their attention on writing usable software.

MOZILLA THUNDERBIRD AND YAHOO POP3 - Be aware that if you select the POP3 option in Mozilla where it keep all the mail on your machine and deletes it on the mailbox, it will delete all your read mail and put it in the \trash\ folder at the mail account. Also, it will not withdraw all the mail you put into \folders\ within Best procedure is to start with Thunderbird or to make sure you have a copy of everything you need before you start the transfer from to Thunderbird. You need to be an expert to achieve the transfer any other way.

Mozilla Thunderbird: Does not appear to be a way of editing an email once it is in the \outbox\ folder . Also, if you want to compose and send an email while working in offline mode, there is no button for 'send now'.



OK to the incoming mail side I just typed in the space for servername and blank for password. Still troublesome. They need an OFF button on each page. Also the File_Edit_Tools_Options menu just disappears and you have to know how to get it back each time you want to change something. Folks at Mozilla: The front end for MS Windows programs was settled in Windows 3.0. Use that. --- OK the problem seems to be that you have to change all the mail storage folders to 'local' and not the actual non existent POP3 / webmail box it thinks its using. If there was an OFF button for incoming, I would not have to do this.

Finally: Just add --- to all the boxes on the incoming mail setup for Thunderbird. Really, they need to add a uncheck box to the incoming side so you can turn it all off. You would think that ...

Big struggle to configure a copy of Mozilla Thunderbird while offline. When trying to configure the account, it tries to go online and will refuse to accept the details you type in, or remember them, unless it can go on-line and test. Now going on-line to see if there is a work-around for configuring Mozilla Thunderbird offline. I hate configuring email clients. -- Must have spend twenty minutes on this already. It is enough to drive you to strong drink. Hold on, that's an idea --- OK Mozilla Thunderbird is not happy about having an account configured for outbound only. This might mean I have to go back to using Pegasus. If the people who write this software were a bit less clever then it might be simpler to set up. Been using Koomail for may be ten years and it is really quick and simple to setup and use. --- Bingo ! Only took half an hour. Set up looks like a bit of a mess. Will take me a while to figure all this out. All I want it to do is exactly what Koomail does. --- OK further testing reveals that Thunderbird is not happy about saving as draft. Seems like the residual default settings for IMAP on the inbox side of the program which I 100% do not need or want is grabbing the whole show and trying to do something with the draft. Thunderbird still not happy about something. This is the longest setup I have done since I started in 1993 --- OK, does not seem to be a SEND MAIL button when you start Thunderbird --- Test seems to have gone, but how ? --- This software is hopelessly bad. If you work in 'offline' then there is no option to send the email 'now' --- Going to have to take a break from this now because otherwise it is going to ruin my evening ---

- UPDATE: The individual TO and CC lines are variable, but should be fixed, because otherwise it take a lot more clicks to set up an email. Annoying. Also, of you open an email already in the \outbox\ you cannot edit it unless you pres another button. Annoying and slow. If you do edit it, then it saves itself as a second email. So you then have two emails. Who writes this stuff ?

UPDATE 2014-JUN: Rest of it working OK when you have started an email, there does not seem to be any way of accessing the addressbook to pick an address. Still on the old cut and paste, which has its advantages.


MOZILLA THUNDERBIRD: Now difficulty with forcing Thunderbird to format new emails as plain text. The .html window is also very poor at sizing images. Again we are short of an 'OFF' button in the top left hand corner of any dialog box. What does it take ?

MOZILLA THUNDERBIRD: It appears you have to set up the folders \draft\ \sent\ \outbox\ yourself. Further, there is no way of forcing 'send now' when off line, which is annoying.

HOTMAIL: New front end is worthless. The original 1.0 front end was the best.

MOZILLA THUNDERBIRD: You cannot set a BCC: entry before you add a TO: entry. The last thing I do is set an TO: entry because it prevents the accidental transmission of an incomplete email.

MOZILLA THUNDERBIRD: Use the file-attach command to send .JPGs rather than dragging the files into an email. Not quite sure what format this creates when you drag the files in but I have had some strange results.

MOZILLA THUNDERBIRD: Once you have pressed the 'send later' button, there is no button for 'edit this draft'. You have to delete the email and start again. Groan ...

MOZILLA THUNDERBIRD: If you have pasted in to the TO: or CC: or BCC: field a huge list of email addresses (separted by commas) then Thunderbird converts them to individual lines in its drop-down TO: CC: BCC: fields. This means if you open a sent message and hit edit, you have to delete each one individually, rather than cut&paste over the whole field. It is quicker to just start a new email.

GOOGLE CHROME: To set the home page you have to go to 'settings' and click on the always show home page button. The option for home page will then appear. Which genius thought that one up ? There is a separate button to set the search engine page. To save settings you have to hit the cross at the top RH corner of the page to close the settings. What was wrong with a 'save' button. There is a noticeable drift from a clear layout which Windows 3.0 front ends had. The function of programmers and web designers is to create something knew, otherwise they would be out of a job. So you end up with 'new ' software all the time, the function of which is to be different fron the old software.

SEARCHPROTECTION: To remove the searchprotection virus / irritant use the following command lines from a DOS window. These will kill it but you will have to edit the registry to stop it loading at start time.

TASKKILL /F /IM CltMngSvc.exe

HOTMAIL.COM NEW FRONT END: Poor visibility. Lack of differentiation between the page and the buttons. Could easily be rememdied by using the original HMTL 1.0 Windows 3.x type front end on the original interface. Even the original interface, pre purchase by Microsoft, was better than this. New front end has very poor handling and legibility. Confusing.



2014: : If you look at the clarity and ease of use of the front end of your low-bandwithd hTML front endn and compare it to the cluttered front end and obscure functions of your present front end then you can see where you need to put your design back to.


2014: Google Chrome: If you delete all the default search engines and then try to add a new one it will not have it. If you try and edit an existing search engine, it will just ignore your edits and pop back to the dafault search engine when you close the page. You must add the https:// at the beginning of the www. if you are adding a search engine, not that adding a search engine will do you any good. There is now way of adding a default search engine, no way of removing the last search engine to remove he search engine you do not want. In brief: Do not delete default search engines unless it really sould not be there, like

2014: mail: There is no option in the options to make plain text (rather than rich text) the default for reading or writing email. All software seems to start well and go backwards.


SDELETE.EXE Beware, when using the -c option to wipe empty hard disk space, I have had some results which caused the computer to crash toward the end of the write. It appears that SDELETE.EXE writes one large file to the empty space and crowds out the ability of the OS to write its desktop.ini et cetera, which upsets the machine, causes it to crash and when you restart, your desktop is all skew. I would avoid using the -c option on system harddisk. Use Blowfish BFACS.EXE instead, or some other empty space wiper like Evidence Eliminator.

2014: An indicator that software is going to be bad (1) If you can change the appearance ("skins"). This means that the teenage kids which were working under the lead programmer were uncontrollable and spent time on something which was irrelevant rather than something which increased the software's functionality


2014: Mindjet Mindmanager 2012: Would benefit from a cleaner, simpler Win 3.x front end, but other than that pretty good. What you see labeled as a 'MindMap' in business is in fact a method of recording and arranging subjects in super-set , set , sub-set , which helps greatly when you are sorting out a subject which is new to you. Mostly as you reach a certain age, they are not, and it is project management software which is the most useful in achieving objectives. I was uncertain how software which produced a superset-set-subset would be of any use until I picked a subject which I knew nothing of and then attempted to thrash the problem into some sort of order.

2014 OCT: Google Chrome: Notice how you have to be a bit of a hacker to figure out how the Chrome download works, and where your download ends up. The downloading in Firefox is better but still not great.

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2014-OCT: MOZILLA THUNDERBIRD: Notice how when you write an email to the \outbox\ when you double click and open it, you cannot edit it.



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