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A - Anton

+ ABEBOOKS.COM Wikipedia - AbebooksLink - - The Advanced Book Exchange »built the modern world as we know it«. Before abebooks, you had to spend days scouring second hand bookshops for rare texts you had only ever heard of but never seen. The arrival of ABE in the mid nineties meant that all of those books could be hunted down world wide with a click of the mouse. It was a gold rush of unprecedented proportions.

With the increasing quantity of electronic books, large numbers of out-of-copyright books may be obtained in electronic format at Link - Gutenberg website.


+ Acción Mutante (1997) Wikipedia - Acción Mutante Link - Accione Mutante

Accione Mutante



- Useful Acronyms: WX (Weather); RTB (Return to Base); FOD (Foreign Object Damage); DNF (Did Not Finish); DRT (Dear Right There); CAS ; BAR-CAP ; HMFIC, PIREP/PI-REP (Pilot Report); MEDI-VAC / (DUST-OFF) ; NOTAM ; OF-LAG ; GU-LAG ; RTI (Resistance to Interrogation); ROD (Retired on Duty, applies to cops) ; E&E (Escape and Evasion); KZ (Conccentration Camp); WP (Wille Peter - White Phosphorus); API ; CONUS (Continental United States); O-CONUS (Outside Continental United States); CENTCOM ; ITCB (I Took Care of Business); SS&S (Shoot, Shovel * Shut-up) ; OPSEC (Operational Secret); MOMI (Methods of Military Instruction); MMFD (Miles & Miles of ******* Desert); KRTD (counter-revolutionary Trotskyist activity) ; (KRB) Counter-Revolutionary Activity ;VAP (Vehicle All Purpose) . NOFORN ; A classification indicating that no foreign power should see the document ; NODIS ; A classification indicating that the document is not to be distributed to other departments (ie outside the State Department); P5+1, which is the five permanent members of the UN Security Council, plus Germany; BARCAP ; DEFCON Wikipedia - DEFCON;

- Afghanistan; See Soviet-Afghan War

- After the Fox (1966)


+ AIR FERRY; Cross-Channel Air Ferry #

- Goldfinger (1959)

- Goldfinger (1964)

- That Riviera Touch (1966)





- Alps ; Alpine Rallys ;




- The American Bar , Savoy Hôtel, London ; The American Bar, Sir Noël Coward;


- American Graffiti (1973)


+ D'Annunzio, Gabrielle Wikipedia - Gabrielle D'Annunzio Wikipedia - Gabrielle D'Annunzio; Hero of the Great War, pilot, racing-driver, adventurer, womaniser, poet, writer,


+ Apocalypse Now (1979)







-- Automotive Engineering - Engine, gearbox, chassis, suspension, aerodynamics.



+ ARRI Wikipedia - Arri ; Arriflex


Arri Gigant 20Kw light 1952
ARRI's 20Kw Gigant light of 1952


- Association de Malfaiteurs (1987) Wikipedia - Association de Malfaiteurs Wikipedia - Association de Malfaiteurs Link - Association de Malfaiteurs  (1987)

- Atelier #

- Auspuffhorn

- Austin Powers Wikipedia -

- Autobahn Wikipedia -

Top - 1961 the M1 Motorway and the new E-type Jaguar.
Center - 1958 the Autobahn in the Schwarzwald.
Bottom - 1945 the A8 near München.

- Autoroute: 1980






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B - Bertha


- Kurdistan Wikipedia - ; The Caucasus Wikipedia - ; The Rio Balsas Wikipedia - Rio Balsas ; The Favelas Wikipedia - (See: City of God Wikipedia - ); Baluchistan Wikipedia - ; Helmand Wikipedia - ; Tajikistan Wikipedia - ; The Shan States Wikipedia - and The Golden Triangle Wikipedia - Golden Triangle (See: The Politics of Heroin in South-East Asia Wikipedia - The Politics of  Heroin  in South East Asia by Alfred McCoy Wikipedia - The Politics of Heroin in South-East Asia by McCoy Link - The Politics of Heroin in South-East Asia by McCoy - PDF version . No visit to the Indo-China could be complete without reading this book.)

- Anti-Bandit and Anti-Ambush procedures: Much doctrine was formed by the Portugeuse in Angola. #



- Barcelona during the Spanish Civil War: See Homage to Catalonia Wikipedia - Link - by George Orwell.


+ Bars ;

- The Sunny Bar, Hôtel Kulm, St Moritz ;

- Evangelo's Cocktail Lounge, Santa Fe, NM

- The Bar am Lützowplatz Link - Bar am Lützowplatz Berlin, Berlin ;

- The American Bar , Hôtel Savoy, London ;

- Woody Creek Tavern Wikipedia - Link - Woody Creek Tavern, Woody Creek, Aspen, CO ;

- The Cantina at the Mos Eisley Spaceport Wikipedia - Mos Eisley Spaceport;

- Lviv - Kiryjivka Link - Kryjivka, Lviv, A bar for Ukrainian Partisans. Whatever you do, do not say that you are a Russian.

- The Lost Mine Bar, Axturiax.





Zeichen: Sign: Danger, bat country, no stopping, by Ralph Steadman We cant stop here this is Bat Country


+ Battle of Neretva (1963)

+ Beat the Devil (1953)

+ Belt-Buckle Guns

+ Berlin

+ Beverly Hills Hotel




- Hôtel St George , Beirut ;



+ Biathlon





- Bizzarrini

- Black Park; See Pinewood Studios

- Blow Up (1966)

- Blue; Train Bleu



- Ed Rasimus Thunderblog Wikipedia - Link -

- Peter J. Grant 'Bayou Renaissance Man'Wikipedia - Link -


+ Blowing Town: The best scenes:

- Star Wars (1977) : The Millenium Falcon blasts off from the Mos Eisley spaceport leaving the planet Tatooine Wikipedia - Tatooine

Link - Star Wars (1977) The Millenium Falcon blasts off from the Mos Eisley Spaceport - The Millenium Falcon blasts off from the Mos Eisley Spaceport.


- Where Eagles Dare (1968): The Junkers Ju-52 lifts off the runway under enemy fire


Where Eagles Dare (1968) - Final Scene - Final scene in Where Eagles Dare (1968): The false-flag Junkers Ju-52 lifts off from Oberhausen airfield under enemy fire:

+ Blowing Town; Budapest 1944 ;

- Some of the last German infantry out of the pocket climbed aboard a Ju-52. The pilot yelled at them to ditch the tins of food they had looted but they refused. With the Ivans closing the pilot took off and banking hard, climbed and circled to gain enough height to overcome the Soviet flak batteries now encircling Budapest.

+ Blowing Town; Berlin 1944 ;

- After the Soviet ring closed, the Tiergarten was converted into an airstrip. Starting at the Brandbenburg Tor Ju-52 could take off and climb sufficiently to bank away from the monument that obstructed the end of the strip but a fully-loaded Ju-52 tried to take off on the last day of the war and crashed after stalling in an attempt to avoid the monument. You can see the wreckage on Soviet photographs taken days after the war.





- Blow Up (1966)


- The Blue Max (1966)


+ BODY ARMOR - Post 9-11 and the advent of the GWOT the body armor market has changed rapidly. Compare 1960s era Vietnam flak jackets to the current crop of Kevlar vests. - Flying commercially with body armor can be a major hazard. At the destination end some destinations suffering insurgencies ban body armor, night vision equipment and firearms. At the departure end, you have the dumb-as-a-plank TSA who, if they spot your body armor, will question you. If you work for a PMC then you should load up with paperwork and ID which 'legitimises' your possession of something it is not illegal to possess. If you are new to body armor (freelance journalist, stringer, fixer et cetera), bear in mind that a full set of the best will give you change from USD 10,000. - About ten years ago there was a rumor put out by body armor salesmen that armor effectiveness decreased as the armor became older and dirtier. Testing reveals this is not true. The salesmen wanted to sell more of their product by creating more churn in the market.

+ Bogner

- Bogner; Willy Bogner Sr Wikipedia - Willy Bogner, Senior Link -

- Bogner also supplied the ski-suits for the henchmen in the opening scene of The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)


+ BOND, James:

Link - James Bond Locations 007


- The Bonn Diplomatic Drivers Club Link - Bonn Diplomatic Drivers Club




Steve McQueen in front of the sign "Schweizer Grenze"



- Borsalino Wikipedia - Borsalino


- Boukreev, Anatoli.Wikipedia - Anatoli Boukreev ; "Mountains are not stadiums where I satisfy my ambition to achieve, they are the cathedrals where I practice my religion." - Anatoli Boukreev


+ Bow-tie : The best bow-ties I have found are made by Mikail at La Bowtique. I had not realised how ordinary (or sometimes deficient) even Jermyn Street sourced bow-ties were compared to ties hand-made in silk from Como. Mikail will manufacture ties to your own dimensions. Link -




»Pistols for two, breakfast for one «

- Wednesday July 16 1969 04:15HRS LOCAL, the crew of Apollo 11 Wikipedia - Apollo 11, Armstrong, Collins and Aldrin, breakfasted on steak, scrambled eggs, toast, and coffee.

- This is a typical USAF breakfast, suitable for men who were going into action.

- Breakfast for locomotive crews was bacon and egg cooked on the fireman's shovel while the locomotive was building steam.

With the advent of the Apollo program, Real Men preparing for Daring-Doo have the choice of either method of preparation. While a few wealthy individuals may have their own pizza oven in their own kitchen, I do not know any who have a steam locomotive parked outside in order to prepare breakfast in the approved manner. Obviously now there is a gap in the market, for a copper shovel, with a tin plate inner surface, which can hang with all the other copper kitchenware.

If you have an important day you need to start well, such as you are making a journey to pick up a Ferrari 250GTO Wikipedia - Ferrari 250 GTO you have just purchased, you can specify superior ingredients: The eggs, Khaki Campbell Duck Wikipedia - Khaki Campbell eggs; the bacon, oak smoked Gloucester Old Spot Wikipedia - Gloucester Old Spot; the steak, Kobe Beef Wikipedia - Kobe Beef ; the coffee, a single estate Arabica Wikipedia - Coffee Arabica, either Kenya AA from the Kitito Estate or Jamaican Blue Mountain Wikipedia - Jamaican Blue Mountain from the Wallenford, Mavis Bank, Old Tavern or Clifton Mount estates.


At Goldeneye on the North Shore of Jamaica, Ian Fleming's breakfast:

From Ian Fleming Miscellany by Andrew Cook, published by the History Press, 2015 :

   Reggie found him a live-in cook-housekeeper, Violet, a comfortable woman. Ian would get up early and swim. After an excellent breakfast of paw paw, Blue Mountain coffee, scrambled eggs, and bacon, he would read. At around midday, he swam and snorkelled and looked for lobsters for lunch. Ackee and saltfish, curried goat and grilled snapper were Violets repertoire, and he liked them all.


Asterix and Obelisk tuck into a snack
A typical light breakfast of roast wild boar for Asterix Wikipedia - Asterix and Obelisk

Desperate Dan tucks into a Cow Pie
Desperate Dan Wikipedia - Desperate Dan tucks into a small "Cow Pie".


- Link - Britalia Britalia - resorations, parts, racing




Survival is about a mantra called The Three Threes. »Three minutes without air: You die: Three days without water: You die. Three months without food: You feel peckish.«. The mantra should be The Four Threes, because, Three seconds without a firearm: You die. Most operations require wearing the correct attire but while you can escape naked if you have to, it is a much more serious affaire to have to escape barefoot. Two friends of mine who spent their inheritance and their youth on adventures of the flesh on the four continents of the world told me that they had a rule of survival: Whatever else they took off, they always kept their boots on. This saved their lives on many occasions, usually in the event of the unexpected return of irate husbands. In Little Dieter Needs to Fly (1997) Wikipedia - Little Dieter Needs to Fly, the documentary of the escape of a downed USAF aviator across Cambodia, they were held in prison camps in the jungle and at night their boots were taken from them and tied to a pole where the guards slept. The guards knew that escape through the jungle without boots was impossible.

Hence, footwear has an importance and a value only just below the Four Threes.

From being basic foot protection, boots have evolved and subdivided into specialisms. For much of the twentieth century, men were lucky to be equipped with boots of any kind and any specialization in the function of the boot was academic.


If you walk a long distance at speed, as on a forced march, the weight of the boot becomes critical. A boot is a reciprocating weight which must be accelerated and decelerated with every step. Like a piston, the lighter it is, the faster it can be reciprocated. There is a long-distance march held in the Netherlands every year and the boots that one would use for this are the lightest possible. Preferably not boots at all but soft sports shoes.

Armies having become more mechanized, the performance of the boot in a march has decreased in importance to the amount of protection the boot will give.


Heavy leather boots with a high leg are for protection against impact and abrasion: Mud, rocks, horses, brush, falling equipment, falling masonry, snakebite. Many work boots also have steel toe-caps which protect the toes should machinery fall upon the boot. Some have metatarsal protectors. If you have ever run into something which struck your metatarsals, you will know how painful it is. I have managed this twice and on both occasions only just avoided being crippled.


For marching, the boot must articulate at the ankle and do so well, any resistance in this area showing up as a decreased rate of march. In mountaineering, only the toe of the boot or the side of the boot is in contact with the mountain. With a soft flexible boot, flexible both in the sole and at the ankle, the leg would press the heel down onto the mountain, another five centimeters lower at each step. The edge of the boot could not be used as a blade edge, to grip rock protrusions. Mountaineering boots had a stiff sole with no flexure at all and very little movement in the ankles. Walking on flat ground in mountaineering boots is an experience. The hard soles have a rounded profile from front to back, to allow them to »roll« when the wearer is walking along flat ground. Walking in a boot with neither a flexible sole nor a flexible ankle can be experienced by wearing ski boots.

Mountaineering boots usually had better weather protection than the classic toe-cap ankle boot. They were made from a single piece of hide, stitched only behind the ankle, and the tongue was folded inwards eliminating the toe-cap and the stitching, which admitted water. The hide was used with the waterproof interior side facing outwards.

Boots with a sunken tongue, and no toe-cap last longer when used in brush because the brush gradually eats at the stitching which holds the edge of the boot uppers onto the instep of the boot behind the toe-cap.

- High Altitude

- Plastic shelled mountaineering boots came in during the late 1980s perhaps around the same time as Gore-Tex. The plastic sheel did not admit any meltwater and in the same manner did not allow perspiration to make its way out of the boot. Insulative liners could be added which meant that they were an improvement for high altitude mountaineering. As you reached high altitude 6000m, 7000m, 8000m, you had to don insulative over-boots (Thinsulate) which added further protection against low temperatures. These required special oversize crampons. This was the situation until perahps 2005 when manufacturers of mountaineering boots, aided by the popularity of pay-expeditions (to Everest) began to manufacture plastic shelled mountaineering boots with integral Thinsulate uppers which reached up to to top of your calves. These were similar to the old Ostfront Heer issue leather boots which had an integral thick felt upper boot. The advantage of the integrated high altitude boot was that there was less kit to haul up to the last camp and less kit to put on in a morning, plus, your regular crampons fitted onto the boots. Extra kit weighs several times the weight at high altitude and the oxygen-starved brain has a reduced ability to cope with what were once simple actions like putting on boots and crampons.

- The problem with oxygen-starvation, hypoxia Wikipedia - , is that it sets in gradually as altitude increases, and therefore you do not see it coming, and fail to trim-in a compensation to the controls. It is a bit like when you are steaming drunk and suddenly have to act sober. This MO is most commonly required in teenage boys. If you can remember what you would do or say if you are stone-cold sober, then you can add that back into the trim controls and bring the ship back straight and level. Except teenage know they are steaming drunk, but those suffering from hypoxia do not. It is most commonly observed as the 'route-finding quandery' at around 4000m to 5000m, where one is presented with two routes ahead. You cannot see which is the correct route, and both have an obstacle, such as a crevasse jump, or a wall of ice to climb. If you have to remove kit or add kit from your pack to tackle either of the obstacles then this will increase your quandery. You stop to consider the problem, either-or, and slowly turn between either choice, going nowhere. You enter a slow, waking, day-dream, where one's mind wanders, then returns to consider the choice of problem, then drifts away again. You can do this for may be half an hour before you realise you are doing it. Mostly it is benign but in serious circumstances it could get you killed. This phenomena has a lessor cousin which sets in as the air becomes thin. Naturally, you feel 'out-of-breath'. There is a temptation to 'rest'. Sometimes there is insufficient oxygen to continue and you have to stop. I have attempted to ascend directly huge shale-face, where the shale was the size of saucers, by moving at the speed of a 'jog'. This meant that instead of the shale giving way under your feet, during a walk, and the boot returning almost to where it started, the shale seemed to 'bind' and you could take a full stride. The problem with this was that the oxygen-draw by the muscles was so great that unconciousness was setting in rapidly and I could take only around four 'strides' before the light started to go dim. Normally, low-oxygen and feeling 'out-of-breath' just sets in during a straight climb. The hazard of stopping is that the day-dreaming cycle sets in and you just do not get moving again. The way to deal with this is count. You count to ten, one for each step. Then you stop and count to five. Then you take ten steps, counting them off. Repeat. If you rest, you do not feel any less tired when you get going again, so I just do not stop. Whether on the march, running or climbing. The route-finding-quandary has to be controlled by recognising it. You make express the two routes, describing them to yourself. Then you chose a route and proceed immediatly. If it is the wrong route, it is faster to take it and return than it is to remain in the loop. Thus, anything which sheds weight and simplifies activity, such as integral boots for high altitude, is a good thing.

- Now (2013), most of the manufacturers have their own line of high-altitude boot and so I will not mention any specific ones here unless I have tested them.


- Winter Conditions:

-- Cold air is much easier to keep out than cold water. Thus, temperatures from five degrees Celcuis above freezing to five degrees Celcius below freezing are the most difficult to deal with. There is plenty of cold and freezing water sloshing around your boots or being driven into your face. Your kit needs to be water-resistant, like Gore-Tex or sometimes just water-proof (as in not breathable at all). Cold air on the other hand is easy to keep out. Once below minus ten degrees Celcius then water is frozen and dry. The air is cold but dry and down to around minus twenty, these conditions are ideal. Below minus twenty, then it becomes inadvisable to take off your gloves to perform some task. Below these temperatures were enter the realm of Gulag inmates and the High-North (above sixty degrees Latitude). Even so, it is still easier to keep out very cold air that it is to keep out cold water. Good preparation would be a read of The Gulag Archipelago , as well as the tales of explorer Mikael Stranberg's crossing of the Kolyma in winter.

-- Once we enter temperatures lower than minus twenty degrees Celsius, then there are two choices of types of clothing. (1) The old-style thick furs and tough canvas outers. Eskimos used to use it. Some military, like the Swedes, still use it. The Soviets would have done but their meager budgets never really stretched to it. (2) Modern goose-down filled insulative gear. Goose-down offers a lighter weight for the same degree of insulation. However, the thick fur jacket/parkas and the goose-down belay jackets or camp jackets used by mountaineers are designed toward different objectives. If I had to brave driving blizzards then I would want one of the thick animal skin coats, now the goose-down mountaineering gear.

-- The problem with goose-down or indeed any mountaineering clothing is that is not resistant to abrasion and requires added resistance to strong wind, such as a cotton over-suit. By the time it is minus twenty and there are strong winds, you will be looking for shelter or aiming to complete the remainder of your journey to shelter. In general, you will be pursuring a single speciality, such as high-altitude mountaineering or crossing (Ant-)Arctic ice, which does not require abrasion resistance and does benefit from light weight. If you are hunting, or engaged in military operations in the High-North then you will benefit from abrasian resistance and wind-proofing. Unless you are hunting seals, Reindeer or polar bears, then the animals you are hunting are not stupid enough to live in the extreme conditions which (Ant-)Arctic explorers and high-altitude mountaineers inhabit, which will grant you some lee-way. The advantage of a speciality, is that you can tune your equipment for that speciality, and optimise it for those conditions, without having to worry about meeting other conditions and thus becoming a generalist. As a generalist you have to carry more kit and more weight. If you are sipping a Martini at the bar and suddenly see the Bat-Signal in the night sky over Gotham City, then as you run to change into your kit and scamper up the ramp of the C-130, unless you have an idea which continent and which latitude you are going to be HALO dropped onto, you are going to be carrying a lot of kit. About the only common denominator will be that, like James Bond, in the opening scene of Goldfinger (1964), underneath it all, you will be wearing evening dress.

- Hunting in the High-North: In short, check local customs. All the basics apply, but with additional measures for the High-North.

-- Several Hunting Guides have stated that when they see the client get off the float-plane carrying a Weatherby, their heart sinks.

-- Over-whites. In addition to any kit you are wearing, hunting and military operations sometimes require over-whites if there is a lot of snow-cover. Most of the NATO over-whites are adequate. Some over-whites such as the Bundeswehr issue have a pine frond camoflage pattern which may not be optimum for the High-North but works well in the northern forests. Some hunters in the Rockies just use square white sheets which they drape over their back to break up their outline. Check with your hunting guide for best practice. The beauty of over-whites is that you can disappear. They really work well.

- Gloves and Mitten.

-- For operations below minus twenty degrees Celcius, you need a two-glove system. You need regular Thinsulate gloves which you use above twenty degrees so that you can work on any gear, but your gloved hand needs to go inside a large mitten. If you are ice-climbing then the mitten needs to be close-fitting enough that you can still manipulate your kit. If not, then you can afford a more spacious and thermally insulative fit. Most mittens available are intended to be used as the sole protection for your hand. This means that they fit too tightly. It is over-mittens which are required for operations in low-temperatures. The problem with allowing your hands or feet to become cold is not discomfort but the fact that you are on a glide-slope to death. Once cold, they will get colder and then the circulation will cease and your hands will stop working. In the remote huts which dot the High-North in Alaska, Canada, Sweden and Norway, it is custom to leave the box of matches closed with several matches sticking out of the box. This is because a hunter might happen upon the hut after an accident and may be so cold that his hands are not working. He can grip the box of matches between his two wrists and then strike the matches which are held by the box, thence light the stove and save his life. In addition to over-mitts I would desire hand-warmer pockets in my outer jacket so that if my mitts are lost, or become wet, then I can still get my hands into operation in the hand-warmer pockets. One thing you do not see on jackets is under-arm zips which allow air-flow to the armpits. These would be useful in the event of your hands becoming inoperative because you can place your hands inside your armpits and bring them back to temperature. I have had a paramour whose understanding of what constituted manly duty included making available my warm armpits for the warming of her chilly hands. I was nearly rendered permanently cross-eyed after this episode.

-- Operation of kit in low temperatures.

-- The problem with operating kit in low temperatures is that you have to take off your over-mitts and perhaps even your gloves. Rifles designed for use in the High-North have a removable or hinged trigger-guard so that a mittened hand may operate the trigger. If you are working on machinery then you have to keep as thin a pair of gloves on your hands as will allow you to perform your task. The most common operation of kit will be adjustment of clothing. The problem with closing clothing is that the closures are designed to be closed using bare fingers. During mountaineering you can pull-over and fiddle with the closures on your jacket or hood but when downhill skiiing you may have to do this on the move. A jacket with large velcro closures will be much easier to close than a jacket with poppers or buttons. Velcro can stop working if it becomes iced so there needs to be two methods of closures. Having to repeatedly refer to a compass, altimeter or worse, a map, will mean repeatedly fiddling with gear and adding/removing your gloves. Your gloves and mitts need to be on lanyards or ribbons which are strung around your wrist in order to prevent them being dropped and lost.

- - The same applies to feet and boots. Once you have cold hands or cold feet you have to pull out of the line of march to get them warm again. On one occasion I failed to do this and for several years afterwards one big toe was numb. Normally, the feeling does not return, but I was lucky.

- - It is worth noting that if you have scars on your hands or fingers, then the circulation will be reduced in these areas and if you find yourself becoming frost bitten then it will be these areas of scaring which you lose first. Fingers are particularly susceptible.

- Military Boots

Prior to the late 1980s, military boots were leather ankle boots and had been for a hundred years. They took months blend to the shape of your feet before they stopped giving you blisters, and no matter how much polish or other wax was applied, they let in water, even if you were just walking across dew-covered pasture. Wet feet and misery. Frost-bite. The only way to avoid it was to wear rubber over-boots like the US Army issued in WWII, or the rubber Wellington boot. Then came Gore-Tex and in a stroke there was at last a free-lunch for military boots. You could have boots that acted as though they were water-tight and yet they still breathed freely when the time came to shed perspiration. Shortly after Gore-Tex came Thinsulate, the thin insulating synthetic liner and as if by magic, military boots like the Danner Fort Lewis, the Matterhorn Fort Bragg, and the Pro-Boot, kept your feet warm, dry and comfortable. I remember taking my first pair to Russia in the winter. It was January and we were driving along about fifty miles West of the Volga. Snow ice and mist were everywhere. Suddenly in front of us there was what looked like drifting pack-ice, as far as we could see, which as not very far. It was flowing slowly across where the road must have been. There seemed to be a river on the map but could this be it, and why was it flowing across the road ? How deep was it ? In the end, I stepped out of the 4x4 and onto the ice. I put my boot into the water and the road was still there below. I moved across the ice-flow to the front of the vehicle and pushed an ice-berg out of the way, down stream, bidding the 4x4 come forward as I did so. With my boots I could step onto the flooded ice and push the bergs down stream out of the way, the 4x4 coming in behind me. Back in the safety of a Wodka bar my boots were hailed by my comrades as miracle-boots, for I could walk not only on water but through it, and still keep my feet dry. My first act as Pope would be to beatify both Mr Gore and Mr Tex, for they know not what wonders they have bestowed upon the 'Poor Bloody Infanterie'.






- - Wikipedia - Link - Casa Fagliano - Casa Fagliano

Casa Fagliano

-- Wikipedia - John Lobb, Bootmaker John Lobb, Bootmaker

-- Wikipedia - Link - Ducker - Ducker & Son



- - Barracks Creepers are any type of boot you use which "looks right" for moving around the barracks. Suitable for walking-out. I like black Corcorans for this kind of duty. They have the smooth-edged jump sole which works well on pavement.


- MOTORCYCLE BOOTS Wikipedia - Motorcycle Boots

- - France is blessed with long sections of unasphalted roads which snake through the mountains and forests. In the late 1970s / early 1980s this produced a breed of off-road motorcycle with a large V-twin engine and a rider who wore classic Moto-Cross boots, like the Axo Link - Vintage Motorcycle Boots - Motocross . This style crossed-over onto the roads and sports bike riders who were riding race replicas while wearing full race leathers would wear Moto-Cross boots with the full race leathers. Not the modern ones with the molded soles but the old style black leather like the Axo Norstar Trans-Am, with the full welted sole and the leather straps over the shin-guard.

- - Axo Link - Axo Boots NorStar Trans-Am Boots Link - Axo NorStar Trans-Am Link - Axo NorStar Trans-Am boots

Axo used to run an ad campaign for their boots in motorcycle magazines showing the boot stepping off the peg onto the ground with just the multi-lingual caption "Axo: Mucho Macho"




Grand Prix (1966)
1960s racing boots, From Grand Prix (1966)

Grand Prix (1966)



- Link - Marcel Cerdan vintage boxing boots - 1930s and 1940s vintage boxing boots


- - Converse Wikipedia - Converse shoe company makers of the All Star All Star training shoes.

Torino: Piazza Palazzo de Citte: Michael Caine and Camp Freddie in blue overalls wait for the location to be set up
The Italian Job (1969): Piazza Palazzo di Città: Michael Caine and Camp Freddie. Michael Caine wears black Converse All Star training shoes for this long action sequence. Converse All Star were available only in black until 1971. I had several pairs of Converse All Star in black at around the same time as The Italian Job (1969). In 1966 Converse has eighty percent of the US training shoe market and for some time after this they were the only training shoe available.

'The Italian Job' (1969): Torino: Palazzo della Regina: The drivers briefing: They wear Les Leston two-piece racing overalls and Converse 'All Star' gym shoes
At the Palazzo della Regina: The drivers' briefing: They wear Les Leston two-piece racing overalls and Converse All Star gym shoes. In this particular frame 00:54:43 you can see the circular rubber ankle bone covers on the shoes which are not visible in other frames.


Torino, Palazzo Caringnano: The crew anxiously await their getaway while the doors are rammed by the transporter
The Italian Job (1969 Pallazzo Carignano: The crew wearing their blue overalls and Converse All Star gym shoes.

Torino: Piazza Palazzo di Citta: The gang wear Converse All-Star training shoes
The gang wear Converse All Star training shoes for the heist


The gang wear Converse All-Star trainers along with their blue overalls
The gang wear Converse All Star training shoes


- - Converse All Star gym shoes are on the Mitteleuropa approved list of boots for use in Gold Heists, along with Redwing ST, Corcoran Jump Boots and Clarks Desert Boots.

- - Another big user of Converse All Star was Hunter S. Thompson who wore them all his life.

Ralph Steadman's portrait of Dr Hunter S. Thompson
Thompson wore a Tilly Hat, Hawaiian shirts, Chuck Taylor All-Star low-cut sneakers by Converse and smoked Dunhills from a cigarette holder.




- Corcorans Wikipedia - Corcoran Jump Boot Link - Corcoran - Makers of military boots, including the famous Corcoran jump boot. You can see Corcoran jump boots being worn by the infantry in Kellys Heroes (1970).


Corcoran Jump Boots
Corcorans Link - Corcoran.


- Link - QMFashion Blogspot on US Army paratroop boots Corcoran WWII - WWII US Army Paratroop Jump Boots


US M43 boots
In the above frame from Kellys Heroes (1970) you can see the boots closest the camera are US Army issue M43 Wikipedia - US Army M43 combat boots . Clint Eastwood toward rear of frame wears Corcoran jump boots Wikipedia - Corcoran Jump Boots Link - Corcoran. You may identify other GI gear here Link - German Militaria

Marilyn Monroe alights from a US Army helicopter during her tour of the front in Korea, 1952
Marilyn Monroe visits troops during the Korean war. She has been issued with GI M43 boots Wikipedia - US Army M43

US Army issue M43 boots.
There were some Chinese made replicas in the mid 1990s which were of poor quality. The buckles disintegrated and the suede wore through quickly. Avoid them. There are an increasing number of replica WWII uniform items available. Like all replicas you need to find the opinion of others before you purchase. I have to admit that I never imagined I would see any replicas of Allied WWII kit because there seemed ot be an endless supply of it as surplus.




- Danner Wikipedia - Danner Boots Link - Danner - Makers of military boots


Predator (1987) frames from the Blueray DVD
From Predator (1987) : Dillon looks like he is wearing Danner Wikipedia - Danner Footwear Link - Danner Fort Lewis Fort Lewis boots. You can see regular GI issue jungle boots Wikipedia - Link - in the upper right of frame.


- Matterhorn Wikipedia - Link - Matterhorn - Makers of military boots

- Scarpa Wikipedia - Link - ScarpaLink - Scarpa - Makers of mountaineering boots.

- Redwing Wikipedia - Red Wing - Makers of industrial workboots for activites such as logging where extensive protection is required. Some of their lines are still American-made. Check before purchase.

- Lowa Wikipedia - Link - Lowa Boots - The Lowa 6000 Wikipedia - Link - Lowa 6000- The Lowa 8000 Wikipedia - Link - Lowa 8000-


- Ducker Wikipedia - Link - Ducker and Son, Bootmakers - Traditional bootmakers. If you require expedition boots making to your own specification or copies of original boots used by famous explorers then Duckers are the makers to use.

- Schneider Wikipedia - Link - - Makers of riding boots

- Lobb Wikipedia - Link - John Lobb, Bootmakers - Traditional bootmakers. Lobbs hold the royal warrant.

- Alberta Wikipedia - Link - Alberta Boot - Makers of the Mountie Boot Link - Mountie Boots

- JG Riding Boots Link - JG Equitation. They also make the riding boots with the lace-up ankle and lace-up front. The lace-up ankle riding boot was popular with the Royal Artillery between the wars.

- Riffraff Leather Link - Riffraff Leather Link - Life Time Gear Blog - This bootmaker makes boots for Lemmy Kilmister of Mötorhead Wikipedia - Mötorhead , who owns a large collection of boots all to his own design.

A selection of cowboy boots from the collection of Lemmy KIlmister
A selection of cowboy boots from the collection of Lemmy Kilmister, made by Riff-Raff Leather.

Workshop of Riffraff Leather, with a pair of boots for Lemmy Kilmister under construction
Workshop of Riff-Raff Leather, with a pair of boots for Lemmy Kilmister under construction.

Cowboy boots and their makers are a subject in themselves and another 'minor religion'.

- Replica Boots Link - Replica Boots - A magnificent collection of replicas of boots from movies, the military, showbusiness, rock music, period & costume ; Including - Mad Max's boots Link - Motorcowboy Mad Max Boots

Arnold Schwarzenegger, smoking a cigar, polishes his collection of cowboy boots
Arnold Schwarzenegger, smoking a cigar, polishes his collection of cowboy boots. Several pairs are boots which he wore in his movies.

Dark of the Sun (1968)
From The Dark of the Sun (1968) Peter Carsten's magnificent high-leg lace-up 'snake' boots. You can see photographs of Lowell-Thomas wearing this pattern of boot during his time with T.E.Lawrence in Damascus. The Lowell-Thomas building, which is the clubhouse of the Explorers Club in NYC, is named after this Lowell-Thomas. When I was a boy we called boots of this type 'snake' boots because the high-leg leather was meant to protect you from snake-bite. Willard Price in his series of adventure novels for boys set between the wars mentions that the two protagonists wore 'snake boots' during their African adventures.

US Army M31 calf height lace-up boots
US Army M31 Boots


- Boot sizes Wikipedia - Boot SizeLink - Boot Size Conversion

- Boot leather Link - Horween Leather - Suppliers or fine leathers, including horsehide.



- Bullitt (1968) Wikipedia - Bullitt

+ Bullshot Wikipedia - Link -



- Burton, Richard :

Hellraisers - The Life and Inebriated Times of Richard Burton, Peter O'Toole, Richard Harris and Oliver Reed
Oliver Reed once drank one hundred and twenty six pints in twenty-four hours. He celebrated by performing a hand-stand on top of the bar. Richard Burton, while filming Night of the Iguana once drank twenty-one tequilas in succession. In later life during an operation, the surgeons were surprised to find that surrounding Burton's spine was a layer of crystalised alcohol. Oliver Reed was banned from all the local pubs. One of Reed's pub games was 'headbutt' where the two contestants head-butt each other until one surrenders or becomes unconscious Richard Harris would be become both violet and drunk, and was known to rush into the road an attack passing cars. He broke his nose eight times. ./p>


The story goes that during one performance, Richard Harris was so drunk that he tripped over some stage furniture and fell flat on his face. The audience booed him, at which he rose to his feet and said "If you think I'm drunk, wait 'till you see O'Toole".

A second story goes that Peter O'Toole was drinking at lunchtime in the Coach and Horses public house in Soho. He struck up a conversation with another drunk and together they entertained each other. Finally they decided they could go and see a show or catch a movie. They arrived in the theater. Half way through the performance, Peter O'Toole nudges his friend and says, "You'll like this bit, I'm on next", at which he suddenly realised he was meant to be on stage.

Another not quite so celebrated team was Graham Hill, Jim Clark and Jackie Stewart.


+ Burton; Sir Richard Francis Burton Wikipedia - Sir Richard Francis Burton ;


Tomb of Sir Richard Francis Burton, Putney, London, GB
The tomb of Sir Richard Francis Burton in Mortlake, London GB, circa early 1990s. It is interesting that unlike German churches, English churches are not locked.




+ Budapest, Hungary :

- Otto Skorzeny ;

- Alfred Neubauer and the pre-war Mercedes-Benz land speed record attempts, south of Budapest;

- Adolf Eichmann and the entry of the Soviet Army. 1945


+ Byron ; Lord Byron ;

Lord Byron's plumed helmet from the Greek War of Independence
The Greek helmet Byron Wikipedia - Lord Byron had made for himself to wear during the triumphal entry into Athens during the Greek war of Independence Wikipedia - .

Byron's plumed helmet



C - Ceaser




- Campbell ; Lady Colin Campbell :

Entry for Who was Who:

CAMPBELL, Lady Colin, (Gertrude Elizabeth): yd of Edmond Maghlen Blood, Brickhill, Co Clare, Ireland, m 1891, Lord Colin Campbell, ys of 8th Duke of Argyll; obtained a separation from him on grounds of cruelty, and became a widow in 1895. Educ: Italy and France: Publications: 'David Blake: A book of the running brook': 'A miracle in Rabbits': author of 'A Woman's walks' in 'The World', of which paper she was the Art Critic, etc. Recreations: fencing, swimming, riding, singing, painting, reading. Address: 67 Carlisle Mansions, Victoria, SW. Died 1 Nov 1911.

Lady Colin Campbell was born in 1858, painted by Giovanni Boldini in 1892. Portrait hangs in the National Portrait Gallery, London, GB.



+ CAMERAS: No point me writing about the subject of cameras, however: Remember that the output of a battery is inversely proportional to the temperature. The colder it gets, the less amperage the battery gives. This will affect how long you can use your camera, or if you can use it all all. Secondly, lubrication on mechanical cameras will freeze into grease, just like it does on the action of a firearm. For sub-zero or polar use you need to have the camera de-lubed by a workshop. Non-grease lubes are generally particulate such as silicone lubes, Teflon lubes or graphite lubes. In the mechanisms of firearms, hydro-carbon based lubes are usually substituted with these dry lubes but you cannot use particulate based lubes in a camera, at least in a film camera. Take professional advice on this subject before making a decision. If in doubt, use no lube at all - both cameras and firearms. Thirdly, moisture, water-vapor and perspiration will freeze into ice inside a camera causing it to seize. Polar scientists leave one camera outside in the 'porch' at ambient sub-zero temperature and keep a second camera inside the hut, for interior use. Inside the hut the humidity is high and it will quickly fill the body of any camera which then seizes. The same applies to firearms. A friend of mine had to shoot a leopard seal which having attacked the Zodiac and attempted to eat them, followed them all the way back to the station and all the way into the door. When he opened the door it was still there. Mikael Standberg, while on the banks of a Siberian river, was hunted by a brown bear. Mikael is from the High North (Sweden) and is an accomplished hunter. He raised his rifle (Blazer in .308 Winchester) aimed and squeezed the trigger. Nothing. He reloaded. Nothing. The lube had frozen around the firing pin which was refusing to drop. The bear was closing. Mikael banged the breach with his hand, aimed and shot the bear in the head. I ribbed him about this incident because no self-respecting Swede from the High-North should have made that mistake.
    Remember your place in the food-chain and accept no challenges.

Ronald Reagan announces foreign policy: Go ahead, make my day,  while holding a Smith & Wesson .44 Magnum in a pose after Clint Eastwood's pose as Dirty Harry

Ronald Reagan echos Dirty Harry holding a Smith and Wesson Model 29 .44 Magnum "Go ahead, punk, make my day."

© copyright copyright ©

- Cameras; Important Cameras:

-- Leica: The camera which recorded the Second World War

-- Nikon F4: The camera which recorded the Vietnam War

-- Hasselblad: The camera which recorded Earth from Space

-- Minox: The camera which recorded the Cold War

-- Half-Plate and Full-Plate




- This is what happens of your E&E and RTI fail you.

- See Reported to be Alive by Grant Wolfkill.

- Mad Mike Hoare in The Seychelles Affaire



- IN FILM: The French Connection; Bullitt (1968); Goldfinger (1964) ; O.H.M.S.S (1968); Magnum Force (1974); Mad Max (1979);Ronin (1998); The Blues Brothers (1981) .

- IN LITERATURE: Casino Royale (1953); Moonraker (1955).


+ Caribbean



- Casino Royale (2006)




+ Carl, Elden ;




Ian Fleming occupied the entire front row with his party of friends. Back at his house at Victoria Square, Fleming, using some huge winnings from the casino at Le Touquet, had bought a mountain of caviar from Paris dealer Petrossian Link - Petrossian - Paris caviar dealers which he offered to his guests.

From The Life of Ian Fleming by John Pearson published by Jonathan Cape, 1967, Pearson tells of Anne's suggestion that the Flemings should host an after-party after the premiere of From Russia with Love (1963):

   One of the few occasions when he did was the première of the second James Bond film, From Russia, With Love. It took place in October 1963, and he and Anne felt that perhaps they should hold, after the performance, a separate party at home for their own friends. Anne afterwards regretted suggesting a menu called From Russia, With Love, with only caviar to eat. The idea appealed to Ian Fleming, who had just won £500 at Le Touquet, and to Anne’s dismay he insisted on spending the whole sum on the best Beluga imported to Paris. They went from Le Touquet to Paris, arriving rather late and uncertain where to find the finest caviar. They telephoned Nancy Mitford; she told them to go to Petrossian’s in the boulevard de la Tour Maubourg; and next day Anne was given the job of bringing two extremely large containers back to England – he was flying the car from Le Touquet.
   ‘What happens if they try charging me customs duty on it?’ she asked.
   ‘Tell them it’s for James Bond,’ he replied.
   But at the party not even £500-worth of caviar could make Ian Fleming into James Bond; and there was a terrible contrast between the young superman whom everyone had just seen on the screen, potent, violent, battling with Donovan Grant aboard the Orient Express, and the man who once dreamt it all. Haggard and unwell, he received his guests, declined his own caviar, and made off to bed soon after midnight. The refrigerator at 16 Victoria Square was full of the stuff for weeks.





Cocktails in Movies, Fiction, Motorsport




- La Colombe d'Or Wikipedia -  Link - La Colombe d'Or  Link - La Colombe d'Or, St Paul de Vence Wikipedia - Saint Paul de Vence Wikipedia - St Paul de Vence, Provence

- Coppa di Dolomiti ; The trans-Dolomites rally.

- Coupe des Alps Alpine Rally



+ COBRA ; Shelby ;



- Gumball , from Gumball Rally (1976). The codeword was the signal to assemble for the trans-continental race.



Bedouin Coffee pots circa 1960s, Jordan
Bedouin coffee pots circa 1960s. Note how in the absence of any firewood, the pots are heated on a stove. The Bedouin in this photograph were members of the Howeitat tribe, who were assembling to work as Bedouin for David Lean, who was filming Lawrence of Arabia (1962)

Bedouin coffee pots, circa 2000s
Bedouin coffee pots next to roasting coffee beans. If a Bedouin tribe were sufficiently surprised by raider, or Turks, that they had to depart leaving the coffee pots still on the fire, then this a matter of much disgrace over which they would suffer the derisive comments of other Bedouin.




- Link - Vintage Chainsaws - Vintage chainsaws

- Link - Vintage Chainsaws - Vintage chainsaws



- The CHAP Magazine Link - The Chap Magazine - Dress and other matters of concern to English Gentlemen

The Chap



- Bravo Two Zero Wikipedia - Link -

- One of the great frauds of all time. All three of the authors lied about what happened on the mission and what happened to them in captivity in order to add publishability to their texts. All three were exposed by Michael Ashe who subsequently visited Iraq and re-traced their steps. But it was too late. They had already built a career in publishing fictional action stories. They join a series of authors who saw action of some kind but needed to persuade publishers to accept their manuscript. Papillon Wikipedia - Link - , The Long Walk Wikipedia - Link - , Official Assassin by Peter Mason Wikipedia - Link - . More than likely there are others. #



- The Chase (1966) Wikipedia - The Chase (1966)

- Chimes at Midnight (1965) ;


- Chuck Norris Link - Chuck Norris


+ Churchill, Sir Winston, S. :

- Honeymoon, The Italian Lakes ;

- The World Crisis 1911-1919 by Winston S. Churchill published by Odhams Press, London, 1939, Second Edition.

- Winston S. Churchill Volume II Young Statesman 1911-1914 by Randolph S. Churchill published by Heinemann , London 1967

- Winston S. Churchill - 1914-1916 Vol III by Martin Gilbert published by Heinemann , London

- Cigars

- Luggage

- Death, 1965-JAN-24

- Funeral, 1965-JAN-30





- Cinque Terre, La Spezia, Italia Wikipedia - Link -


+ Cinema Retro Wikipedia - Cinema Retro Link - Cinema Retro Magazine Link - Cinema Retro Twitter Feed Magazine - Without doubt the finest journal dealing with cinema of the Fifties, Sixties and Seventies.


- 'Climate Change' ; See Global Warming


+ Clarkson, Jeremy

- Fired from Top Gear

- Top Gear in the Italian Lakes

Jeremy Clarkson: Lion Passant Guardant d'Or


The Stig: Some say he masterminded the Ultimate evil: Jimmy Savile, Jeremy Clarkson and Adolf Hitler
The Stig Wikipedia - Link - : Some say he masterminded the Ultimate Evil.



+ Close-Protection (Bodyguards)

- If by virtue of your position you have been allocated close-protection, bodyguards, how do you know if they are any good or not ?

(A) Have they attended either of the two training establishments mentioned on these pages ?;

(B) If they have attended neither of the two establishments, have they received training from any person who (a) was declared to hold the rank of "Shooting Master" by LTC Jeff Cooper ? (b) Held a position as instructor under LTC Jeff Cooper at Gunsite Ranch, (c) Received training at Gunsite Ranch under LTC Jeff Cooper ("Orange-Gunsite") or at Gunsite Ranch under Buz Mills ?

- If the answer is (A) or (B) then you are in safe hands. If not, procede to (C).


(C) The Four Rules:

(1) All guns are always loaded

(2) Never let the muzzle cover anything you are not willing to destroy

(3) Always keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on your target

(4) Always make sure of your target.

Remember that there is no such thing as an 'accidental discharge', only a 'negligent discharge'.

If the individual in question does not know these rules or violates any one of them, then dimiss them from your service before they kill someone.



- The London Lounge Link - - Invaluable resource for those seeking fine cloth.



- Clothing for Expeditions: Mountaineering clothing is specialised: It is light in weight, particularly for climbing above 5000m because everything weighs a lot more above that altitude. When mountaineering, you perspire voluminously while ascending, then stop on a belay in sub-zero temperatures while covered in sweat. This means that clothing must breathe freely while ascending, but then needs to be supplimented immediately (with at least a belay-jacket) while on belay. Mountaineering clothing is not tough because except for the knees, you do not roll about in abrasive materials, such as scrub, or push through belts of elephant grass. Military clothing is tough because in the military you must do exactly this. Military clothing is made from poly-cottons which resist abrasion and above all do not make a noise when the two surfaces are rubbed together, like mountaineering clothing does. Clothing for hunting is very similar in requirements and specification. Military clothing, unless backed with Gore-Tex, does not keep out water. Breathability and water-resistance or water-proofing are inversely proportional. Gore-tex attempted to square this circle with quite some success but if you are producing a lot of perspiration such as when you are Langlaufing uphill while carrying weight, then you need to remove your Gore-tex layer. A Scuba diving dry-suit is 100% waterproof but does not admit any perspiration. You would die quickly from heat exhaustion were it not for the cooling effect of the seawater. Clothing for the High-North, above sixty degrees of Latitude, or the Poles may well be constructed from the same materials as mountaineering clothing but is cut differently. In mountaineering, you need free movement limbs and do not want anything to catch on your crampons. In the High-North, you can afford to cut your jacket or parka long to give protection from wind-chill. The extra weight does not matter when you are on the flat. Some military clothing designed for the Arctic (Swedish, Canadian, Soviet) uses heavy poly-cottons or heavy canvas backed with fur or sheepskin. The Swedish military M1909 parka is just such an item and it weighs around five kilograms. Four kilograms more than most goose-down filled jackets or parkas. Of course it is a lot tougher and stronger than a goose-down jacket. Battle-dress or hunting requires military specification clothing in order to resist abrasion from trees, rocks, brush or the ground. You find belt buckles from WWII German uniforms that were worn flat missing the raised decal completly because the wearer had done some much reconaisance under the wire.

Korean War B-29 air crew
Korean War B-29 air crew. From Link - N-2A jacket with fur hood, L-1 flightsuit, A-1 flight boots, A-11C flying pants



The most important diseradata in selecting clothing will be

(A) Are you going to be moving to and from vehicles and buildings

(B) Going to be spending twenty-four hours exposed to the elements.

Moving during daylight and carrying weight is a lot warmer than being stopped for the night several hours ago and now exposed to a high wind and driving snow, as if posted on sentry duty. Your body is no longer generating much heat and the weather is doing its best to rob you of what heat you have.

During the Spanish Civil War, George Orwell writes of his time in the trenches on the Aragon front in Catalonia in Homage to Catalonia, Chapter Three:

For days together clothes, boots, blankets, and rifles were more or less coated with mud. I had brought as many thick clothes as I could carry, but many of the men were terribly underclad. For the whole garrison, about a hundred men, there were only twelve great-coats, which had to be handed from sentry to sentry, and most of the men had only one blanket. One icy night I made a list in my diary of the clothes I was wearing. It is of some interest as showing the amount of clothes the human body can carry. I was wearing a thick vest and pants, a flannel shirt, two pull-overs, a woollen jacket, a pigskin jacket, corduroy breeches, puttees, thick socks, boots, a stout trench-coat, a muffler, lined leather gloves, and a woollen cap. Nevertheless I was shivering like a jelly. But I admit I am unusually sensitive to cold.

Typically you will already be in a bivvy bag or tent, inside a down sleeping bag, with your goose-down parka pulled over the top of you and some of your other heavy clothing pulled over your head and legs. It is usually then that someone thinks they hear a bear, or the wolves start rooting around the camp. Moving between vehicles and buildings does not require as high a specification in equipment as does walking or skiing across the Poles or across Siberia and furthermore weight will not matter. I have used military issue Arctic clothing during vehicular operations in the Soviet winter: NATO aircrew issue survival trousers, which are insulated and covered in pockets. The matching jacket is relatively plain because aircrew cannot reach their jacket pockets because of the survival vest and life-jacket, plus, it is only waist-length, like all aircrew jackets. Thus, on the torso I wore a Swiss Army issue field jacket M70, which is covered in pockets, front and rear, which at that time were filled with film canisters, compass, brandy flask, notebook, pens. On top of this went the Swedish Army M1909 arctic parka, to keep out the driving snow.

In cold weather, when choosing boots, it is circulation, not insulation, which is the name of the game. Heat needs to circulate with your bloodstream and strapping your boots up tight will reduce the circulation. Mountaineers tend to tighten their boot laces because they need the boot to place accurately for climbing. This can be avoided when on the flat in order to increase circulation. Mountaineering boots tend to be not much larger than the foot becauses they need to flow force down the leg and not have the edge of the boot deflect. On the flat, boots or over-boots can be large and wide because they are not required for climbing. For 'sit-hunting', which is hunting from a hide, and ice-fishing, you can purchase ice-fishing boots which keep the feet warm during inactivity. In either of these activities, you can easily place both feet in a sack filled with straw to keep them warm.

-- Profit Margins: One of the effects in the market of mountaineering clothing is 'longshore drift' where by manufacturers start by producing good quality mountaineering and expedition clothing before realising that there is no margin in it because mountaineers and particularly explorers are always broke. Downhill skiers on the other hand, are always big spenders. The profit margins tend to be in downhill ski clothing. The competetive advantage in downhill skiing clothing is dependent on 'brand' and by how good the garment looks, by how closely it matches the image in the imagination of the purchaser of conqoring hero or downhill speedster. Garments then tend to be designed to look good in the shop, where they are bought, rather than work well in an ice-storm. This means that jacket closures, such as large 30mm wide velcro straps, which are easy to grab and close with a large mitt on your hand do not feature on jackets because they look large and 'industrial' in the sportswear shop.

-- Sponsorship: Beware of looking at equipment which guides, explorers or which 'professionals' use. The reason is that most explorers rely on sponsorship and therefore enter into promotional deals with manufacturers who give them free gear in return for publicity. Commonly, manufacturers give away their own gear to ski guides because it generates advertising for them. In firearms there is perennial disucussion over which lube is the best lube. One armorer for a large training center said that the best lube was free lube, because manufacturers were always sending them free samples, enough that they never had to buy any lube.

-- Budgets: In hunting, as soon as makers of rifles or cartridges realise that a hunter is going to Africa, prices go up four-fold. It costs no more to make a magnum-length Mauser bolt action than it does a standard-length Mauser bolt action. The bolt is half an inch longer, that is all. But manufacturers know that hunters heading for Africa are wealthy, so anything 'African' costs more money. With the advent of guided expeditions to haul clients up Everest in the 1990s, anything 'Everest' costs money because they know that any one who can afford the guided expedition is very wealthy. Mountaineers are always broke and subsist, like Explorers and junkies, on 'the next hit'. The best gear is cheap gear, as far as they are concerned. But the good news is that with the 'Everest' circus, some manufacturers make equipment which is cost-no-object, and, like Victorian explorers, you can at last order what you want.

-- And if proper dress for dinner with General Winter sounds like a lot of effort, wait until you have an invitation from Marshall Mud Wikipedia - Marshal Mud.

Homage to Catalonia Wikipedia - "Homage to Catalonia" by George Orwell, Chapter Three:

Some of the militiamen habitually defecated in the trench, a disgusting thing when one had to walk round it in the darkness. But the dirt never worried me. Dirt is a thing people make too much fuss about. It is astonishing how quickly you get used to doing without a handkerchief and to eating out of the tin pannikin in which you also wash. Nor was sleeping in one's clothes any hardship after a day or two. It was of course impossible to take one's clothes and especially one's boots off at night; one had to be ready to turn out instantly in case of an attack. In eighty nights I only took my clothes off three times, though I did occasionally manage to get them off in the daytime. It was too cold for lice as yet, but rats and mice abounded. It is often said that you don't find rats and mice in the same place, but you do when there is enough food for them.

- Marshall Mud;

-- As soon as the Rasputitsa set in on the Ostfront, the casualty rate in the German army because no-one wanted to throw themselves down in all that quagmire. While many armies had specialist winter issue gear, none had specialist mud issue gear, including the Soviets, who just used to stop fighting during the Rasputitsa. Like most bad weather gear for use by the military, anti-mud gear needs to go over your regular BDU because when not knee-deep in mud, you will be in a vehicle, a dug-out or a billet. The best anti-mud gear would have been waxed-cotton overalls which fastened and opened at the sides towards the rear, so that the front formed a continuous front.


- Mud on the Ostfront during the retreat of 1944 Link - - The Rasputitsa, mud bogged roads during the German retreat in Russia - This was a good day on during the Rasputitasa: Sometimes the mud was deeper, water-logged and there was driving rain.







+ CLUBS: The Explorers Club Wikipedia - ; The Alpine Club Wikipedia - ; The Frontline Club Wikipedia - ; The Travellers Club Wikipedia - ; The Dracula Club Wikipedia - Link - Dracula Club Link - Dracula Club Kulm Hôtel Link - Classicdriver; The Bonn Diplomatic Drivers Club Wikipedia - ; The Drones Club Wikipedia - ; The Diogenes Club Wikipedia - ;


- Col de Turini ; Famous stage of the Coup des Alps Rally.


+ The Combat Masters

The Weaver Stance in the 1960s
The Combat Masters. Missing is Jeff Cooper

SWCPL The Combat Masters: Elden Carl
The SWCPL: The Combat Masters: Elden Carl




+ COMMUNISM: The Soviet Union ; Things you did not hear about within the Soviet Union, 1917-1989

- Poverty: Any of the Warsaw Pact countries did not really move forward from their inter-war standard of living

- Decay: A lot of the original large country houses of the nobility remained but were in disrepair and were occupied by as many families as there were rooms. 1989 presented huge opporuntities to those who wanted to purchase country houses from the Baltic to the Adriatic. Owning country houses and maintaining them is one of the world's most expensive hobbys. Ask the German nobility.

- Social Division: The Gipsys and the Roma were kept exactly where they had always been.




- Hells Angels

Hells Angels motorcycle jacket colors - Sons of Silence Illinois Hells Angels Luxembourg Hells Angels Berlin Barbarians Britain Gremium MC Germany Hells Angels England
Hells Angels motorcycle jacket colors: Sons of Silence, Illinois; Hells Angels, Luxembourg; Hells Angels, Berlin; Barbarians, Britain; Gremium, Germany; Hells Angels, England.


- Los Angeles County Country Street Racers

LA County Street Racers gang colors from "Two Lane Blacktop" (1971)

This is roughly what the gang colors would look like in layout. The logo consists of a copcar chasing a drag racer from a stop-light.


- USN Aircraft Carrier Deck Crew

- - #

Shooter - the title of the leading yellow jacketed aircraft carrier deck handling crew. He gives the signal to fire the steam catapult. The font used is either USAF Stencil.ttf or Browning.ttf
'Shooter' - the rank of the yellow-jacketed US Navy aircraft carrier deck crew who gives the instruction to launch the steam catapult.





- Angels Wikipedia - Angels Link - Angels

- Bermans Wikipedia - Link - LA Times - Berman's

- Cosprop Wikipedia - Link - Cosprop

- Peruzzi Wikipedia - Costumi d'Arti - Peruzzi Link - Costumi d'Arte Link - IMDB Peruzzi - Costumid'Arti - Makers of prop uniforms. They supplied Ridley Scott for The Duellists


+ Côte D'Azur ; The Persuaders! (1971) ; Goldeneye (1995) ; Ronin (1998) ; Alpine Rallys ; See also Monaco


+ COUTURE ; Haute Couture ;

- Marlene Dietrich

- Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953) ;


+ Como ; Lake Como;

- Benito Mussolini

- Top Gear, race between a Gibbs Quadski and a Alfa Romeo 4C

- Casino Royale (2006) ; Villa del Balbianello ; Villa La Gaeta ;



Corrida de Rejones Corrida de Toros



- Great Crimes: The Metopesa at the Parthenon Wikipedia - :

- - Three elevations of the Parthenon's Metopesa had already been removed by Greek lime burners who reduced them in kilns to make lime mortar for building ; The spread of Christianity across the Roman Empire and the destruction of the shrines Wikipedia - : Arguably the greatest crime ever committed and certainly the greatest crime in the world of the arts. After the advent of Christianity across the Roman Empire, many of the shrines to the Greek and Roman gods were destroyed and their statuary broken up or defaced. What remains to us are but fragments ; #

- Logging of the Old Growth Sequoia trees on the Western Seaboard of the United States in the 19thC

- - When colonists arrived on the West Coast of North America in the middle of the 19thC they found the ancient old growth forests of Sequoadendron Gigantia ('Wellingtonia') and Sequoiasempervirans which had been maturing for three thousand years in some cases. The wood of the mountain redwood Sequoadendron Gigantia is brittle and so many trees splintered into shards when they hit the ground, even if felled into a trench filled with branches. The wood had no value as building material and most it went for matches, picket fences and paper pulp. It will take another three thousand years for those trees to grow again.


- War Crimes: See posts by author 'funkraum' in USENET Wikipedia - USENET newsgroup soc.history.war.wwii Link - soc.history.war.wwii for a definitive guide to the Nuremberg Trials Wikipedia - Link - and the Zone Trials Wikipedia - Link - .



- WWII SS-issue cyanide container



CH - Charlotte



D - Dora

- A Dandy in Aspic (1968)

- Danube ; The Danube Road, Linz to Vienna ; The Danube at Enns and the Enns Bridge ;

- DDAC Durchfahrtspläne fur 150 deutsche Städte, 1939

- Death Cards Link - Death Cards



- Destinations

Destinations - London Paris New York Tokyo Berlin Vienna Geneva Zurich Bern Salzburg Rome Lago Italia Como Cote d'Azur Monaco Munich





+ DENARD, Bob ;

- #


- Dien Bien Phu ; See: Hell in a Small Place by Bernard Fall ; The Devil's Guard by George R. Elford



+ Design:

- Design, Ubquity; Junkers Ju-52, London Routemaster Bus, DC3, VW Beetle, BMC Mini, JEEP ;

- Design, Aesthetics; Century Series Fighters Wikipedia - ; Giotto Bizzarrini Wikipedia - Giotto Bizzarrini, Giorgetto Giugiaro Wikipedia - Giorgetto Giugiaro and Leonardo Fioravanti Wikipedia - Leonardo Fioravanti, Marcello Gandini Wikipedia - Marcello Gandini ; Jean Louis Wikipedia - Jean Louis William Travilla Wikipedia - Travilla , Adrian of Hollywood Wikipedia - Adrian of Hollywood ; Oleg Cassini Wikipedia - Oleg Cassini , The Supermarine Spitfire Link - ; The RMS Queen Mary Link - ; The RMS Queen Elizabeth Link - ;


+ Dietrich; Marlene Dietrich (1891-1992);

- Filmography ;

- - Destry Rides Again (1939) ;

- - The Devil is a Woman (1935) Wikipedia - The Devil is a Woman (1935) ;

- - Pittsburg (1942) ;

- - Rancho Notorious (1952) ;

- - Scarlet Empress (1934) ;

- - Stage Fright (1950) ;

- - Monte Carlo Story (1957) Wikipedia - Monte Carlo Story ;

- - Knight without Armour (1937) Wikipedia - Knight without Armour ;

- Marlene Dietrich's luggage train

- Smoking cigarettes ;

- At Link - The Last Goddess Blogspot The Last Goddess BlogSpot - Marlene Dietrich

Marlene Dietrich
Marlene Dietrich in The Devil is a Woman (1935) Wikipedia - The Devil is a Woman (1935)


"I'm worth more dead than alive. Don't cry for me after I'm gone; cry for me now."

- Marlene Dietrich




- Don Quixote (1992) by Orson Welles


+ DOSIMETER Wikipedia - Dosimeter

- While a dosimeter is piece of equipment which should be in your survival kit for the more serious situations, it should be included for travel to some locations. The former nuclear test sites in Soviet Central Asia or, in my view, anyhere in the Soviet Union. Post-1989 scrap dealing was big business and much radioactive material entered the supply chain in less-than-controlled circumstances. Furthermore, there were businesses set up in the West which offered to 'process' radioactive material in the former Soviet Union, their stated comepetitive advantage being that it was 'cheaper' to process material there. I think we both know what really happened. Most of these businesses seemed to fold but that does not mean the practice stopped. Most of the airports in Soviet Central Asia have scanners which detect radioactive material on both inbound and outbound passengers, which shows that dangers which sufficiently high that the authorities actually did something about it.
    Maintaining dosimeters and Geiger counters Wikipedia - Geiger Counter is maintenance intensive because they have to be calibrated regularly. This limits how effective your preparation can be. A dosimeter is one of those colored badges which scientists wear on the lapel of their white coat. The card changes color according to the dose received. The military use similar dosimeters but they are in a small plastic disc on a wrist-strap and are read by machine. The general objective is to give the doctors who treat you as much information as possible. The best policy is to purchase dosimeters in pairs. Leave one at home as the 'control', then take the other one (always the same one) with you on the journey. Regardless of the state of the dosimeter when you purchased it, the difference between the two will provide useful information to the hospital. Purchase a pair of dosimeters of any type, whenever you can and use as many pairs as you can. The Soviet Union had less interest in the safety of its citizens during nuclear testing and it is beneficial to give careful thought to risks when visiting locations, finding drinking water, swimming in lakes (especially Lake Issyk-Kul Wikipedia - Lake Issyk Kul) or buying local food.

NATO wrist-mount dosimeter
NATO wrist-mounted dosimeter. The strap on the right is a normal watch strap.


- Downhill Racer (1969)


- Dracula Club, St Moritz Link - Dracula Club Link - Dracula Club Kulm Hôtel Link - Classicdriver (members only) , founded by Gunter Sachs

Flag of the Dracula Club
Flag of the Dracula Club


- Driving for real:

- The Bonn Diplomatic Drivers Club Link - Bonn Diplomatic Drivers Club

- Armed Vehicle Operations Link - Armed Vehicle Operations


- Dr No (1962) Wikipedia - Dr No



"The Earth is two-thirds water: The rest is Drop Zone."

- Texel #

- Base Jumping #




- The last duel fought is one of these hardy perennials which never seem to be satisfactorily resolved. I was once told that in the 1960s in Italy, Field Marshall Montgomery had made some accurate but unwelcome observations about the fighting performance of the Italian Army in World War II. An officer in the Italian Army took umbrage at the Field Marshall's remarks and sent a note challenging him to a duel. The Field Marshall laughed it off (in addition it was forbidden under King's Regulations) but an officer accompanying him accepted the invitation on his behalf. The duel was fought to first blood, which the British officer won. Later this story was subsequently published in a letter to an English sporting magazine in perhaps 1989 and so the name of the officer could be discovered.


+ DUTY ; See Hiroo Onoda Wikipedia - Hiroo Onoda

Hiroo Onoda 1922-2014





E - Emil

- The Eagle has Landed (1976)

- Editors Guild Magazine Link - Editors Guild Magazine

- The Eiger Sanction , novel by Trevanian

- Enemy at the Gates (2001)

- Enns Bridge ; The entrance to the Soviet Zone at Linz, on the Danube, Austria.



Equipment and Technical


+ E&E

- Escape & Evasion.

- - Little Dieter Needs to Fly (1997) Wikipedia - Little Dieter Needs to Fly, the documentary of the escape of a downed USAF aviator across Cambodia.

- - Route Pack IV ;

- - Singen Route Wikipedia - Singen, Bavaria;

Stalingrad 1950s NATO Escape Map
NATO escape map Volga, Stavropol region, circa 1950s



- Oktoberfest

- Villa d'Este

- Pebble Beach

- Venice Film Festival

- Cannes Film Festival

- Goodwood Revival




- Existentialism ; See Rutger Heuer's final speech in Bladerunner (1981) ; Tool's "darkness of the soul" speech at the tattoo parlor in The Expendables (2010)


- The Expendables (2010)

- The Expendables 2 (2012)

- The Expendables 3 (2014)

- The Expendables 4 (####)



- Mikael Strandberg Wikipedia - Mikael Strandberg Link - Mikael Strandberg Link - Mikael Strandberg's Blog Link - Mikael Strandberg Blog #2 walked across the Kolyma from Magadan to the Arctic Sea. At first the river was passable by canoe then only by sled. One night after they have pitched the tent on the forested frozen river bank they had gone to sleep when they were awakened by the sound of a distant bang, like a rifle shot. There considered what it might be. There was nothing for a hundred miles in any direction. Eventually they dismissed it and went back to sleep. A second bang awakened them. A longer discussion took place as to what it might be. Could it be hunters ? Could it be a bear ? Some kind of huge animal, like a mammoth ? Could be it a military base ? Some kind of military operation ? Something like the Tunguska event ? A meteorite ? A downed aircraft burning ? The blackness of the night played tricks with their imagination but eventually sleep returned. Another thirty miles that day and they pitched the tent again. There was the same exploding sound out in the forest. This time, they had to investigate. Eventually they found it: A tree-trunk split right down the middle. It was tree-sap freezing, causing the tree to burst open. As a boy I had heard of this effect from German PoWs returning from Siberia. Gradually over the decades I stopped believing it was possible. It was just a tale. But now, after Mikael's testimony, I knew it to be true: Siberia was so cold that sometimes the trees would crack open with the cold. As they approached the north, every few days they would find abandoned Gulags, barbed wire and wooden huts still intact. Mikael's photographs of the barbed wire against the snow haunted me in nightmares for days afterwards. I was not the same man after that experience. Among living explorers, perhaps only Sir Ranulph Fiennes Wikipedia - Sir Ranulph Fiennes ranks with Strandberg.

location of Gulags in the Soviet Union
Map of the Gulag system in the Soviet Union. The Kolyma is to the right, from Magadan north to the Arctic Sea.

- Mikael Strandberg in Siberia Link - Mikael Strandberg Link - Mikael Strandberg in Siberia Link - Mikael Strandberg in Siberia Link - Mikael Strandberg Link - Mikael Strandberg

- Karamojo Bell Wikipedia - Karamojo Bell. Bell had the immense good fortune to be born at a time when it was possible to reach Africa but the interior was not yet open. To give you an example of the distances involved: You can follow adventures in Europe (usually wartime) on topographic maps between 1:25,000 and 1:100,000; You have to use NATO TPC 1:500,000 air charts to follow T.E.Lawrence over Arabia, but to follow Karamojo Bell in his adventures across Africa, you have to use the NATO ONC 1:1,000,000 air charts.

- Bertram Thomas Wikipedia - Bertram-Thomas , Arabia Felix

- Java, Komodo, Papua New Guinea: See Sir David Attenborough's 1955 unsupported expedition by land sea and air. He published a report of his adventures in Zoo Quest for a Dragon including the Quest for the Paradise Birds by David Attenborough published by The Companion Book Club, London, 1959. Previous edition 1957. 1959 printing is expanded, and should be the edition you obtain.

Sir David Attenborough tells a story about one of his later expeditions to Papua New Guinea in the 1970s. He was been taken back up country to the base camp in a helicopter along with supplies. He describes helicopter operations as "a combination of shouting and barely surpressed panic". After flying around in circles for too long, the pilot announced that he would have to deposit the payload, including Sir David, on a sand bar in the middle of the river, then take-off again and locate the camp without burning so much fuel. As Sir David heard the noise of the helicopter engine disappear and silence descend he realised that this could be the last of him. Papua New Guinea still had unvisited valleys at this time and there were tribes who were at war with each other, as well as tribes who did not even realise that there were other tribes, so remote were their valleys. Finally the helicopter returned and collected Sir David and the supplies.

- Neville Shulman Wikipedia - Neville Shulman

- Link - Luxury Rogue - at Link - Luxury Rogue at - Remote countries, little-traveled Overland routes, trans-continental distances.

- Explorers Club Wikipedia - Explorers Club, NYC. Where you can find yourself seated at a dinner table where there are more people who have summited Everest than who have not, a couple of them who have done the Seven Summits Wikipedia - Seven Simmits and two of the Apollo 11 Wikipedia - Apollo 11 astronauts.

Still life for Nikon 1984 - Nikon Camera Kodachrome film, map of Burma, cigarettes, glass of whiskey, climbing rope


- Eye Protection - Whilst riding a motorcycle once, I was struck on the knee by what felt like a slow moving .22 caliber bullet, more like a .22 caliber air rifle pellet, which will penetrate flesh. What struck my knee must have been a small stone which had been accelerated by being caught at the edge of an automobile tire. This was before full face helmets. Had I not been wearing eye protection and had that projectile struck me in the eye I would have been blinded. Eye protection, goggles, hats are similar: You cannot have enough of them and you need at least one set for every occasion. Eye protection: Use it.





F - Friedrich

- Die Falscher (2007)


+ Fallschirmjäger ;

- Fallschirmjäger equipment; - parachute and harness ;

- Gran Sasso and the rescue of Mussolini ;

- Replica FG42 Wikipedia - FG43 Link - 100% Replica FG42, exact copies. Get one while you can.


- Falstaff ; Falstaff - Chimes at Midnight (1965), by Orson Welles

- Faraday House

- Fat Vlad from Volgograd

+ Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1971), the novel by Hunter S. Thompson


- Ferrari Factory, Maranello, Modena, Italia;

- Ferrari Daytona ; See Gumball Rally (1976) ;


+ Feind Hört Mit



- Neuro-Linguistic Programing Wikipedia - Neuro-Linguistic programming

- OODA Loop Wikipedia - OODA

- "First, I smile, act friedly, bring them closer. Then, I kill them." - Tak Link - Tak Link - Brothers In Arms: A Memoir of War and Friendship in the SAS, in the early days post the US invasion of Iraq Link - Tak in Iraq



- If you enjoyed the 1950s then a great way of re-visiting them is to take a trip to some of the former Soviet Union's satellites and stay in hotels in their capital cities. They plush ones have a 1960s televizor, 1950s bakelite telephone, and still have the Soviet-era Babushka floor manager sitting at her desk at the end of every corridor. It is heart-warming. The best example I ever came across was the Hôtel Bishkek in Bishkek. This was the late 1990s so they may have upgraded to transistor televizors and multi-lingual prostitutes by now.




- The Deep (1977) ; #

- The Expendables (2010) ; In the tunnels underneath the rebel base.

- From Russia with Love (1963); On the Orient Express with Red Grant / Robert Shaw

- Macao (1952) ; Final fight scene in the bar is one of the largest in movie history.





+ FINLAND: See: Sibelius ; Year of the Hare (1977) Wikipedia - "Year of the Hare" (1977) ; The ice lake scene in Dr Zhivago (1965) ;



- LTC Jeff Cooper Wikipedia - - The subject of firearms is dominated by this one man. Read everything he wrote.

- - Jeff Cooper Bibliography Link - Fr Frog's Jeff Cooper Bibliography

- FR Frog Link - FR Frog - Superb technical reference on firearms and ballistics. Destroys many of the myths surrounding ballistics.

- The subject of firearms is a large subject and one in which those within it typically send their entire lives studying it. Those who have an interest in firearms per se can be served by the colossal quanity of material in print and on the internet. Those who find themselves in need of self-defense should refer to the entry on this page upon that subject. Given that the subject of firearms is a large one I shall list important reference works or individuals whom dominate their subject matter. Again there is a big difference beteen 'firearms' and 'firearms training'. They are not the same thing. If you have a requirement for self-defense, you need 'firearms training' not a firearm. If you are around people who are carrying firearms but have no training in their use, you are far more likely to be killed by them, in a negligent discharge , than you are by your enemies.

- Link - - Terminal ballistics testing.



- A handgun is both a general-purpose device and a safety mechanism. Therefore, every one needs one.



- A rifle is and should be a general-purpose device, therefore every one needs one.



- A shotguns is a specialised device as opposed to a general-purpose device. They have multiple specialities but they are still a specialised device. You do not need a shotgun unless you know what its specialities are.

- - Shotguns: See The World's Fighting Shotguns by Thomas Swearengen published by TPN, 1978, or any reference work by the World's greatest authority on the employment of the shotgun, Louis Awerbuck Link - Yavapai Firearms Academy.


- A sub-machine gun ("SMG") is a specialised device. You do not need a SMG unless you know what its specialities are.

- Link -

- The ArmaLite AR-10, by Sam Pikula published by Regnum Fund Press (1998), ISBN 9986-494-38-9 Link - .



- Every one needs one of these. George Adamson, the naturalist and game-warden was in Abyssinia during WWII and he mounted a captured Italian heavy machine gun on the porch of his ranch house, which he used to shoot rats, from his rocking chair.

- The Machine Gun by George Chinn Link - iBiblio. The work of Anthony G. Williams (below) is more accessible:

- Rapid Fire: The Development of Automatic Cannon and Heavy Machine Guns for Armies, Navies, and Air Forces by Anthony G. Williams Link -


- For employment of the sub machine-gun, you need to attend Gunsite Ranch's Link - Gunsite Ranch Automatic Weapons Course, usually held the week after the Gunsite Alumni Shoot weekend. The Gunsite Ranch Foreign Weapons Course is also relevant.

- Handguns: The subject of handguns is inseparable from the subject of firearms-training so therefore you need to refer to the entry on firearms training. If a handgun is not for self-defense it is an ornament. If you break down self-defense into its components the training is far more important than the handgun. Deploying your handgun is like deploying your reserve parachute. If you have to deploy your handgun then several things have already gone wrong and you are down to your last plan, 'Plan Z'. If this goes wrong, things will start to look a bit thin. If you have to employ your handgun it means you were surprised, because you were too far away from your rifle. If you were surprised, then your tactics and your planning have already failed you. You are now attempting to recover the situation and may have to use up one of your nine lives.


+ Firearms in the Movies:

- Contact Thell Reed Wikipedia - Thell ReedLink - Thell ReedLink - IMDB Thell ReedLink - Thell Reed (one of two surviving Combat Masters Wikipedia - from the SWCPL Wikipedia - the other being Elden Carl (2014) ) or my friend Bob Munden Wikipedia - Bob Munden Link - Bob Munden. It does not take much to get it right.



- Gunsite Ranch Link - Gunsite Ranch

-Yavapai Firearms Academy Link - Yavapai Firearms Academy


- Motion Pictures are a visual medium and that which conveys well visually has a value over and above that which does not. This means that certain types of firearm and certain methods of deployment receive a high profile in motion pictures. For example the Isoceles stance is used instead of the Weaver. This is because the Weaver stance begins to obscure the facial features of the actor, whereas the Isoceles leaves them clear. Ironically, the point-shooting stance, where the elbow is held at the hip, which was ubquitous in movies up to the 1960s was often the stance which was used and even taught for most of the previous decades of the Twentieth Century. Similarly, automatic fire from the hip, using SMGs is ubquitous in war movies, because it is visually impressive and the actor frames well while performing. The good news is that criminals and police forces both use these movies and similar TV cop series as training videos.

"Political power can only be earned by guns" - Chairman Mao



+ Flags:

Flagge: Left-to-Right: Gadsden, Confederate, Confederate Navy Jack, Imperial Reichskreigflagge, Fiume under d'Annunzio, Nazi-era Reichskriegflagge, East Prussia Ostpressuen, Landowners of East Prussia, Gorlag Rebellion 1953, Kengir Rebellion 1953, Osborne, Motorhead, Gunsite



- Link - Flags of the World Flags of the World

- Link - Annin & Co Wikipedia - Annin & Co Annin & Co, oldest maker of flags in the US

The raising of the flag on Iwo Jima


- The flag of the Kengir Rebellion Wikipedia - Kengir Rebellion


The flag of the Kengir Rebellion



- The Dracula Club Link - Dracula Club Link - Dracula Club Kulm Hôtel Link - Classicdriver

Flag of the Dracula Club


- The Flag of the 26-MAY Wikipedia - Link - in Cuba

Cuba: The Flag of the 26-MAY


- The Osborne Flag Wikipedia - Osborne Bull ;

Osborne's Bull



+ Fleming; Ian Lancaster

- Berlin ; Pre-WWII, post-WWII West Berlin

- Chamonix: 1962 vacation

- Istanbul: During filming of From Russia with Love (1963)

- Jamaica

- Kitzbühl: Tennerhof finishing school, post Eton

- Kitzbühl: 1963: Last visit

- Montreux: 1963 Montreux Palace Hôtel + Interview with Simenon

- Final tour of Europe in his Avanti 1963

- Fermor ; Patrick Leigh-Fermor, friendship with ;

- Novels

- St Moritz: Alpine Motor Trials of 1932

- Public House: Favorite public house the Duck Inn Wikipedia - Link - at Pett Bottom, Cantabury, England

- RMS Queen Elizabeth: Fleming crossed the Atlantic to NYC on the RMS Queen Elizabeth in 1956.

- Venice: Vacation of 1962




- Flight to Tangier (1953)


+ FLYING; commerical airline travel;

- Link - - pick your airline seat and avoid bad ones This site contains seating diagrams for all aircraft which allow you to choose your seat in advance.

- - - Flight planning navigation software. This software allows you to see the air route between two points on the globe, and gives distance and time. Presently there is no facility which allows one to input airspace to avoid, such as North Korea, Eastern Ukraine (2013), et cetera. The software is most useful when you want to envisage flights which will take you over the poles or above the Arctic or Antarctic circles.

- TSA procedure: Take with you a pillow case and a sock. When you come to TSA inspection take off your wrist-watch and insert it into the sock, then place the sock in the pillow case along with your wallet, cigarette case, coins, and any other metallic item. The pillow case then goes into the plastic tray and then into the scanner. The TSA have operatives who are so bold in their pursuit of theft that they will lift cash from your wallet if you become separated from your belongings, so retain line-of-sight to your belongings at all times. If you are selected for the secondary shake-down, then some TSA operatives will attempt to take the tray from the desk in front of you in order to 'put it through the scanner again'. Stop them doing this and tell them that they can put it through the scanner after they have finished the second pat-down. Gur GFN: Gubhfnaqf bs Fphz naq Nffubyrf

- Flying ; Jet-Set ;

- - Pan-Am First Class ;

- - - Swan - The Legends of the Jet Society by Nick Foulkes published by Wikipedia - Link - Assouline Publishers ISBN 978-1614281283 - A superb work lavishly illustrated and diligently researched detailing the high society of the Jet Age from the 1950s to the 1980s.


- Flying ; Ideal Type ;

- - Private Boeing 707 ; SAM 86970


   THE shuttling command post was a US Air Force Boeing 707 called SAM 86970. (SAM stood for the Special Air Missions unit of the Military Airlift Command; 86970 was the tail number.) It had been used on occasion as Air Force One by Presidents Eisenhower and Kennedy; it was used as Air Force Two by Lyndon Johnson as Vice President.3 By 1974 it was the third-ranking plane in the Presidential fleet. Like a once-rich family that had seen better days, it obscured its reduced eminence by the pride of its superb crew and the spick-and-span appearance of an upholstery that was not refurbished in the years I used the plane. Its Air Force personnel took loving care of it; they and my team became good friends.
   [FOOTNOTE: 3. J. F. terHorst and Colonel Ralph Albertazzie, The Flying White House: The Story of Air Force One (New York: Coward, McCann & Geoghegan, 1979). ]
   The first object to strike one’s eye as one entered the plane from the front was a large electronic console served by two sergeants. It was the hub of a communications network that connected SAM 86970 with every part of the world in a matter of minutes by coded teletype and — if necessary — telephone, though I used the latter very infrequently. While airborne I received through this machinery all necessary telegrams from the State Department or White House; I sent out over it all instructions to the Department, or backchannel messages to the White House Situation Room. In some capitals where we had no embassies — or where I wanted to keep the exchange with Washington from the local embassy — we used it as a communications center even on the ground. Since I chose to remain in charge of State Department business even while traveling, an enormous volume of cable traffic poured in, handled by the aircraft’s skilled communications personnel, annotated by my own staff, digested by me and my colleagues, and sent out again over the same system. This small, rather exposed area was in effect the heart of the entire enterprise. Without it shuttle diplomacy would have been impossible.
   Farther back, the passenger area was divided into four compartments. The first, on the starboard side, paralleling a passageway, contained two sofas along the side wall that made up into beds; opposite them were a foldout table and two easy chairs. This was my personal compartment, work area, and retreat. Here I read the briefing books, met with colleagues, and took an occasional nap (rarely on the way to a negotiation, when I devoted my time to reading briefing papers). The next section was a conference room occupying the width of the plane. Its distinguishing feature was a kidney-shaped table bordered on three sides by sofas in undistinguished but restful bluish-green. The fourth side was an outsized chair built to accommodate Lyndon Johnson. An electric switch controlled its movements in any conceivable direction and some I had heretofore considered inconceivable. The table had a hydraulic movement of its own; owing to the nature of the species it was less versatile than the chair; occasionally an unwary neophyte found himself trapped between a rising chair and a lowering table. The conference area was supposed to be kept clear for the purpose its name suggested. In fact, it usually seated a number of staff aides; it was piled high with bookbags and briefcases and an occasional trunk. When I was closeted in my cabin, exhausted staff members stretched out on the sofas and even the floor. The conference area served a multitude of other purposes. There, I briefed the journalists accompanying me, conducted occasional staff meetings, and frequently took meals with my associates.

Years of Upheaval by Dr Henry Kissinger, 1982






+ FONTS (typeface)

- TTF font license alteration software

- - This software allows you to embed fonts when creating .PDF files, Adobe Illustrator .AI files, et cetera.

- Font ; Search Engine ;

- -

- FontMoose font identifier engine Link - Font moose font identifier engine


- Amarillo USAF

- - The stencil used on the fuselage of USAF aircraft, named after its inventor.


- Bembo Wikipedia - Bembo typeface font

- - Like Times Roman, used in print book publishing. #


- Berthold Akzidenz Grotesk Wikipedia - Berthold Akzident Grotesk typeface font

- - Frequently on offical documents and signage throughout German Mitteleuropa. In some implementations is similar to DIN 1451.


- Caracteres L2 Wikipedia - Caracteres typeface fonts

- - French Autoroute signs. White letter on blue background.

Cote d'Azur roadsign in font 'Caracteres L2'


- Courier New ; Wikipedia - Courier typeface font

- - Invented in 1955 by IBM for its range of typewriters, it became so ubquitous that most people must have imagined that it was invented with the typewriter. Courier New was used by the State Department and many arms of government. Courier New and Futura were used on the Apollo Space Program documentation, in the flight manual for the SR-71. See also On the Typography of Flight Deck Documentation by Asaf Degani , NASA, 1992 Link - Flight Deck Documentation

- -

- -


- Clearview Wikipedia - Clearview typeface font

- - US interstate signage. White lettering on green background.

Monument Valley road sign in font 'Clearview'


- DIN 1451 Wikipedia - DIN 1451 typeface font #

- - Ubiquitous throughout the German speaking world, in engineering, official signage, road signage, offical documents.

Hannibal Brooks (1969)
1969: DIN 1451 signage 'Transportkommandantur'

Steve McQueen in front of the sign "Schweizer Grenze"
1963: Fussen

Kleine Scheidegg roadsign in font 'DIN 1451 Engschrift'


License Plate Austria Osterreich Tirol DIN 1451
Austrian license plate


- DIN #

- - #


- DIN #

- - #


- FE Schrift Wikipedia - Font FE Schrift

- - Font designed for use as West German license plates after the Baader-Meinhof terrorst atrocities. Prior to this event, the universal DIN 1451 font was used Wikipedia - Font DIN 1451.

Ski-Drive Deutch German license plate FE Schrift German license plate font


- Fraktur Wikipedia - Fraktur typeface font

Werfen Bahnhof


- Frutiger Wikipedia - Typeface Frutiger #

- - Swiss Autobahn road signs. White lettering on green background.

Zurich roadsign in font 'Frutiger'


- Futura Wikipedia - Futura typeface font

- - Futura was used on a lot of documentation for the Apollo space program. You also see it on aircraft dashboards and control systems.

- - -

- - -

- - -


- Gill Sans Wikipedia - Gill Sans typeface font

- - Invented by Eric Gill. You can see this on many WWII and post-war British government signs and documents. What became British Railways in 1945 used Gill Sans until 1965.


- Helvetica Wikipedia - Helvetica typeface font

- - Used in official US Government documents such as military manuals and most famously the Suregeon General's Warning or packets of cigarettes. I find that HelveticaLTStd-BoldCond.otf is closest.

Surgeon General Warning: Emulating the feats of Hunter S Thompson can lead to serious injury, death, jail or a seriously good time. Font: HelveticaLTStd-BoldCond.otf


- Johnston Underground Wikipedia - Johnston Underground typeface font

- - The font used on the London Underground (Metro Subway system) signs and maps.


- MICR Wikipedia - MICR typeface font Magnetic Ink Character Recognition - used on bank checks.


- Mil-Spec 33558 #

- - Designed for use on aircraft instrumentation. Most fonts are aesthetic but some fonts are functional. Fonts used in the body text of print books must be easy to read for many hours, hence Times Roman. Modern road signage needs to be read at speed. Aircraft instruments need to be as legible and unambiguous as possible under the most arduous of circumstances.

- - If you do not think that designing legible instrument faces is that important then try designing an altimeter face for use in night parachute drops.


- OCR-A Wikipedia -OCR-A typeface font & OCR-B Wikipedia - OCR-B typeface font #

- - Developed as a font which could be read by nascent computer technology #


- Parisine Wikipedia - Parisine typeface font used on the Paris Metro

- - Used on the Paris Metro, replacing the older Art Deco signage.


- SNV #

- -


- Sutterlin Wikipedia - Sutterlin

- - #


- Transport Wikipedia - Transport Typeface UK road signs

- - Font invented for use on six-lane highways in England. Prior to this, the A-roads (two lane blacktop) all had their own local versions. At the speeds reachable, legibility of signage was not a priority. You can see all the old signage in old movies such as the Ealing comedies. In remote country areas you can still see the old signage. There is a slightly different font used in the main motorway (six lane highway) signs called Motorway Link - ########## and a font called Road Surface used for printing the letters on the surface of the highway itself.

- - - UK Highway fonts

M1 Motorway road sign in font 'Motorway'

Sign Cat and Fiddle in font 'Transport'

Old road sign Ely in font 'Old Road Sign'

Zeichen 'Western Approaches' in font 'roadsurface' used for marking British road surfaces




- Univers Wikipedia - Univers typeface font used on Olympic posters

- - Font used as the official Olympic font. Some implementations of Univers look just like some implmentations of Berthold Akzidenz Grotesk.


- Veglia Borletti

- - Used on Veglia dashboard instruments #

Alfa Romeo racing car dashboard, showing Veglia instrumention - engine coolant temperature, tachometer, fuel pressure, benzine pressure, oil pressure, olio pressure, and Veglia font
Alfa Romeo cockpit dashboard, with Veglia instrumentation. Inset are the numerals used on the Veglia tachometer, and for comparison are numerals in mil-spec 33558 font, which is the USAF instrument font


- Waffen-SS Runes

- - Nazi era German typewriters manufactured for government and Wehrmacht use had the SHIFT_F5 keystroke installed as the SS Runes double lightning strike. This .ttf font allows you to insert the double lightning-strike into word-processed documents. The double lightning strike you see on these pages is a small image, sized to fit into the line of text.


- Westminster Wikipedia - Westminster typceface font bank check cheque; Typeface used on OCR printing on bank checks






- For Your Eyes Only (1981)



- Forbidden Planet (1956)


+ France;

- Autoroute: 1980

- French Riviera: Côte d'Azur, French Riviera


+ Free Web Hosting Wikipedia - Free Web Hosting Link - Free Web Hosting Link - Free Web Hosting

This site used to use, but it was very poor at serving pages, especially these pages which have a large quantity of images in them. We now use

For the details of this site's use of webhost see this page.

For those interested in manufacturing a website I earnestly recommend a weblog. If that is not good enough then use an image host like Picasa or Flickr to host your images and use a freewebhost to host your HTML, which links to the image host. This means that the free webhost does not have to suffer its bandwidth being used up by serving your images. Certainly, your larger images should go to an imagehost and not to the freewebhost. There is the added advantage that at an imagehost, they have the facility to link your photograph to the place on GoogleEarth where the photograph was taken.

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Should you wish to reduce administration to the minimum then I think the best value in being able to redirect your readers to the new site would be a Twitter account. They can monitor your Twitter feed with great ease.




- WWII: German counterfeiting Operation Bernhard / Operation Andreas

- WWII: Sir William Stephenson, Station M, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation: Could reproduce the imprint of any typewriter on earth.





   "Officials. The ones who understand nothing but addition, division - and silence. The useful ones."

- Ian Fleming in Thunderball, Pan Books 1963, page 9.1


From The Richard Burton Diaries by Chris Williams 1972-JAN-30: Burton describes how to handle waiters, a subject upon which he has considerable experience:

Mara and E came into the bedroom last night when they all got back from Sara's bungalow with some tale about the condescending rudeness of the room service manager as they had waited for over an hour for the food to come [...] I wasn't sure of what exactly went on. I'll get it straightened out this morning. [...] Once the waiters get their knives into you you might as well pack up and move to another hotel because they can make your life very uncomfortable. They can forget the sauce for the steak and the dressing for the salad and a million little inconveniences and since Sara relies on the room service to an unprecedented degree the waiters must be kept sweet. [...] I remember Ivor and I once in the Negresco [Hotel Negresco, Promenade des Anglais, Nice.] being so fed up with the lousy waiter's lousy service combined with a fuck you attitude that Ivor poured a bowl of chips over his head and while he was shouting and bawling I sketted him with a carafe of water.9 We had the police an all. Syb was pregnant pregnant with Kate at the time and while I had been at work apparently this waiter had been giving Gwen and Syb a rough time because they spoke no French and he didn't know who they were. Just two plain ladies from Wales I suppose he thought they were. We sorted him out alright. He was fired by the management for calling the police but, having withdrawn his charges I against everybody's will insisted that he was reinstated and that he continued to serve our suite. He became devoted to everybody and indeed used to send us postcards for a time until, not getting any back, he fell away.


From Live and Let Die Wikipedia - Live and Let Die (Novel) Chapter One , by Ian Fleming. Bond arrives in the United States at Idlewild:

From the moment the BOAC Stratocruiser taxied up to the International Air Terminal at Idlewild, James Bond was treated like royalty.
   When he left the aircraft with the other passengers he had resigned himself to the notorious purgatory of the US Health, Immigration and Customs machinery. At least an hour, he thought, of overheated, drab-green rooms smelling of last year's air and stale sweat and guilt and the fear that hangs round all frontiers, fear of those closed doors marked PRIVATE that hide the careful men, the files, the teleprinters chattering urgently to Washington, to the Bureau of Narcotics, Counter Espionage, the Treasury, the FBI.



- Viking Funeral #

- Space Burial #

- - At some point millions of years from now the Sun will engulf the earth and destroy it. All that remains will be destroyed. While "There is no Glory except that which lives in the minds of men" the only burials which will survive will be 'space burials': Those whose remains are propelled into space. Book yourself a container from your favorite metals, have the surface engraved with a message and some information of the origin of what remains within, and make haste for your favorite star system. Speed is unimportant - because you have got forever to get there.


+ Furs in Film Link - Fur Glamor



G - Gustav

+ Ganadería Wikipedia - ; Ganadería Miura Wikipedia - Ganaderia Miura; Ganadería Perelta Link - ;

+ Wikipedia - Link - Gandamack Gandamack Lodge Hôtel

+ Garage Mirement Geneva Link - Garage Mirement on the Avenue Mirement. I use the services of Monsieur Roullier for most of my vehicles except for rare occasions when specialist work is required. It is not easy to find spaces to park in Geneva and Garage Mirement has off-street underground parking which eases this problem. With one automechanic in Genève and one in München, the Grand Tourer is best positioned to provide himself with mechanical services and storage on either side of the Furkapass, the North-South Swiss Alpine Divide. Good, trustworthy mechanics are hard to find and recently a garage which served three generations of my family has closed due to the retirement of both mechanics which leaves me having to build a new relationship with new partners. I can recommend Monsieur Roullier at Garage Mirement without reservation.

NATO ONC F2 section Alps - transit Switzerland Pennine Alps, showing backbone of the Alps
NATO air chart ONC F2 Schweiz Link - University of Texas NATO air charts section Pennine Alps - transit Switzerland winter along the Pennine Alps, showing the backbone of the Alps and the divide of Switzerland at the Furkapass in winter.


- Garden of Allah (1936)



- 1960s Geneva can be seen on the opening credits of the TV series The Champions Wikipedia - The Champions but it is little changed today.



- Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953) Wikipedia - Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953)



- Girard-Perregaux


- Global Warming : Rebranded as 'Climate Change' ;

- - Link - Checks climate change papers for scientific integrity

- - - Press articles from the 1970s Global Cooling 'next Ice Age' scare

- - - Press articles from the 1970s Global Cooling 'next Ice Age' scare

- -

Global warming temperature graph for the last 4000 years
Graph of global temperature for the last 4000 years. Not the 'Late Medieval Warm Period' and the 'Little Ice Age', both of which had temperatures respectively warmer and colder than today. The IPCC has decided that the 'Late Medieval Warm Period' and the 'Little Ice Age', "have to go" because the disprove the link between human activity and temperature change and demonstrate that the Earth can be both colder and warmer.





- Nazi Gold ; The Reichsbank Gold Hoards at Garmisch-Partenkirchen.



- Goldeneye (1995)

- Goldfinger (1959) by Ian Fleming

- Goldfinger (1964)


- Gorky Park (1983)




- La Grand Bouffe (1973) Wikipedia -  La Grande Bouffe




+ GRAND TOUR ; The Grand Tour, Amazon Original, by Clarkson Hammond and May (succeeding the old Top Gear)

The Grand Tour Logo Amazon Original Clarkson Hammand and May

- - #

- - #

- - #




- Burton ; Richard Burton #

- Burton ; Sir Richard Francis Burton #

- Lime ; Harry Lime #

- Mahler ; Gustav Mahler #

- von Manstein ; Generalfeldmarschall Erik von Manstein #

- Peiper ; Jochen Peiper #

- Seaman ; Richard Seaman

- Wittmann ; Michael Wittmann

- #

- #

- #

-- Find a Grave Link - Find a Grave




- Grand Prix (1966)





25 Pfennigs stamp, 1944

- Gruau, Rene Wikipedia - ##########

- Gstaad ; Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton ; Gunter Sachs ; Bernie Ecclestone ;

- Gumball Rally (1976) Wikipedia - Gumball Rally Link - IMBD Gumball Rally locations





- The Gulag Archipelago by Alexander Solzhenitsyn Wikipedia - Gulag Archipelago ;

- A Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich (1962) Wikipedia - ;

- Kolyma Tales Wikipedia - ;

- The Kengir Rebellion Wikipedia - Kengir Rebellion ;


GULAG - Moving out
»Moving out«. Lots of the more elderly or weaker prisoners who had survived the rail transports died on the first forced march to the Gulag.

»A step to the right, or to the left, will be considered an attempt to escape. The convoy will fire without warning - March !«

This was the famous mantra which was read out before the work gangs moved out from the Gulag every day. You can hear this order in A Day in the Life of Ivan Denishovich (1962) Wikipedia - . To understand the Gulags, you need to understand the difference between the criminal classes Wikipedia -  Thieves in Law , and the Politicals. The authorities used the criminals in the camp system to control the Politicals, who were weak and badly organised, by comparison.

- Mikael Strandberg Wikipedia - Mikael Strandberg Link - Mikael Strandberg Link - Mikael Strandberg's Blog Link - Mikael Strandberg Blog #2 walked across the Kolyma from Magadan to the Arctic Sea. At first the river was passable by canoe then only by sled. As they approached the north, every few days they would find abandoned Gulags, barbed wire and wooden huts still intact. Mikael's photographs of the barbed wire against the snow haunted me in nightmares for days afterwards. I was not the same man after that experience.

- Mikael Strandberg in Siberia Link - Mikael Strandberg Link - Mikael Strandberg in Siberia Link - Mikael Strandberg in Siberia Link - Mikael Strandberg Link - Mikael Strandberg

Alexander Solzhenitsyn in the GULAG
Alexander Solzhenitsyn in the GULAG

A Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich
Tom Courtenay Wikipedia - Tom Courtenay in A Day in the Life of Ivan Denishovich (1962) Wikipedia -

Stalingrad: German POW's file into captivity
Stalingrad Wikipedia - Stalingrad: German POW's file into captivity and the Gulag. Only around ten per cent lived long enough to return to Germany.

Stalingrad: A German POW is marched into captivity by a Soviet Infantryman carrying a PPSh
Stalingrad: A German POW is marched into captivity by a Soviet Infantryman carrying a PPSh Wikipedia -


+ The Kengir Rebellion Wikipedia - Kengir Rebellion - Beyond Stalingrad, there was Kengir. The Kengir Rebellion was the most significant events in the history of history.

- Link - Gulag Memories: The Kengir Rebellion - The Kengir Rebellion at the Gulag Memories website

The flag of the Kengir Rebellion
The flag of the Kengir Rebellion





H - Heinrich

- Halda Wikipedia - Halda - Tripcomputers

- - Halda Speedpilot - Rally Timer - Link - Halda Link - Halda Speed Pilot at Vintage Rally . There is also a vintage-look dimensionally identical replacement with digital mechanism called the 'Gaugepilot'

Heuer Monte Carlo chronograph dashboard mount and Halda race timer Sports Special and Twinmaster
Dashboard mount: Heuer Monte Carlo chronograph dashboard mount and Halda race timer Sports Special and Twinmaster




- The Hangover (2009)


+ HAUTE COUTURE ; Haute Couture ;



- James Locks, Hatters Wikipedia - James Lock - Suppliers to James Bond and Sean Connery in Dr No (1962).

- Indiana Jones

- Headgear for flight

- Headgear for driving

- Headgear for skiing

- Link - combathelmets blogspot - Combat Helmets Blogspot




+ HELLS ANGELS Wikipedia - Link - Hells Angels


- Hells Angels by Hunter S. Thompson

Support your local 81 Hells Angels
Support your local Hells Angels






- Gorky Park (1983)

- Billion Dollar Brain



- Hercules in New York (1969)

- Heroism: See HMS Birkenhead Wikipedia - HMS Birkenhead; Guy Gibson Wikipedia - Guy Gibson; Leonard Cheshire Wikipedia - Leonard Cheshire; Robert Falcon Scott Wikipedia - Robert Falcon Scott; Hans-Ulrich Rudel ; Mallory and Irvine Wikipedia - Mallory and Irvine Link - Mallory & IrvineLink - Mallory, Irvine & Saville Row ; The SS Pueblo Raid Wikipedia - USS Pueblo by the 12th TFS Link - 12th TFS .


+ Hemingway, Ernest Wikipedia - Author and adventurer Earnest Hemingway;

- In Austria ; Galtur ; Montafon ;

- In Switzerland ; Gstaad ;

- In Bimini: Islands in the Stream

- In Cuba: See Islands in the Stream

- On the Cote d'Azur ;

- Paris ; Liberation of the Hotel Ritz in World War II

- In Venice ;

- Spain ;

- Vienna ;


- Heuer Race Timing


- Heydrich ; Reinhard Heydrich, Assassination in Prag in Operation Anthropoid, 1942;



- Hill-Climbs in Europe



- Holman-Moody

+ Horns ; Automotive horns ; See



Hotels in Motion Pictures, Fiction, Motorsport


- Michelin Guide Wikipedia - Michelin Guide - Definitive guide to the quality of Hôtels.

- Hôtel Adlon, Berlin ;

- Hôtel Albergo Italia Link - Hotel Albergo Italia, Grand St Bernard Grand St Bernard, Italia

- Hôtel Les Belles Rives, Juan-les-Pins ; Also featuring in That Riviera Touch (1966)

- Hôtel Bellvue des Alps. Kleine Scheidegg, Jungfrau, Switzerland.

- Hôtel Beverly Hills ;

- Hôtel Bristol, Vienna ;

- Hôtel Campo Imperatore, Gran Sasso, Italia;

- Hôtel du Cap Eden Roc, Antibes ;

- Hôtel Carlton, Cannes; Racing the Train Bleu ; Cannes Film Festival ;

- Hôtel Carlton and Carlton Grill, London GB

- Hôtel Casta Diva, at Blevio, Lake Como ; Filming for Top Gear Series 21 Episode 02 ;

- Hôtel Cataract, Aswan, Upper Egypt.

- - From Years of Upheaval by Dr Henry Kissinger:

   At 11:00 P.M. I finally arrived at my lodging, the New Cataract Hotel, a high-rise modern structure located at a picturesque bend in the Nile. Nestled beside it was the old Cataract Hotel, a superb sandstone relic of a vanished time, with huge fans rotating from high ceilings; shuttered windows made the musty atmosphere appear slightly mysterious. It looked like the setting for an Agatha Christie novel — as indeed it had been — but it had now gone to seed along with the colonial pretensions of Great Britain, the aristocratic taste of whose ruling class it reflected. The New Cataract Hotel bespoke the values of a newer imperialism — that of the Soviet Union. Its only concession to aesthetics was the unavoidable view across the older namesake toward the Nile and beyond it the white marble mausoleum of the Aga Khan. Inside the hotel all is functional and shoddy, as if a concession to personal comfort would acknowledge an individualism that the Communist system is determined to transcend. Fahmy was keen to test our endurance by inviting my party and me to a late supper in the deserted dining room. On Saturday morning the Egyptians made a gesture to humaneness. They arranged some sight-seeing before I went back to negotiating. I saw at last the monumental High Dam in Aswan, violating one of my cardinal principles of sight-seeing when on official travel: Never visit in a foreign country what you would refuse to see in your own. This rule had enabled me to avoid steel mills, oil refineries, and other wonders of modern technology all with the common feature that their mechanism is as obscure as their architecture is uninteresting. But the Egyptians seemed to want to make some subtle political point by taking me there — whether to needle the United States or the Soviet Union was not clear. So I attempted to look fascinated as engineers explained the operation of the huge turbines and was in fact engrossed by the tremendous man-made lake forming behind the dam’s sullen gray walls. Next we visited a place I would have gone to see anywhere. We took boats to the spectacular Philae temples that were in the process of being rescued from the rising waters of Lake Nasser (as the area inundated by the barrier of the High Dam was called). We saw this engineering feat at an early stage. Two tremendous pylons that marked the entrance stood out from the swirling waters — defying the elements as until now they had withstood time. “Before we are through here,” I joked to an accompanying newsman, “we will see it all.” I was not far off the mark. During the negotiations of 1975, I paid another visit to Philae. A cofferdam was holding back the waters from the site, by then fully drained of water and dry in the summer sun. We toured the magnificent structures on the lake bottom before the process of moving them to higher ground had begun. Five years later the temples stood fully rebuilt and resplendent on a nearby island.

- - From Years of Upheaval by Dr Henry Kissinger:

   Just after 5:00 P.M. that afternoon, the Egyptian and American working groups met in a curtained-off corner of the cavernous dining room of the New Cataract Hotel. The Egyptians were not happy with Sadat’s decision. Fahmy said so volubly; Gamasy showed his unhappiness in icy reserve. But they were both superb professionals. Now that Sadat had made the decision, matters moved rapidly.


- Hôtel Crinan Link - Hotel Crinan , Scotland ; From Russia with Love (1963), the motorcruiser chase ;

- Hôtel Cristallo, Cortina D'Amprezzo Italia; The Pink Panther

- Hôtel Danieli Wikipedia - Hotel Danieli , Venice. A palatial Pallazzo converted into an hôtel in 1824. At the outbreak of the Great War in 1914, Gabrielle d'Annunzio Wikipedia - Gabrielle D'Annunzio arrived in Venice to join the armed forces and checked-in to the Hôtel Danieli. See The Pike by Lucy Hughes-Hallet for a good biography of D'Annunzio.

- Hôtel Dreeson Wikipedia - Rheinhotel Dreeson, Bad Godesberg ;

Hotel Dreeson , Bad Godesburg: Hitler and Rohm
Hôtel Dreeson


- Hôtel Fontainebleau Hilton Resort Wikipedia - Fontainebleau Hilton Resort Link - , 4441 Collins Avenue, Miami Wikipedia - Miami. Used as the location in Goldfinger (1964).

- Hôtel Four Seasons Istanbul Link - Four Seasons Istanbul Sultanhamet Sultanahmet, formerly Sagmacilar Jail Wikipedia - Sultanahmet Jail in which the protagonist was incarcerated in the story Midnight Express (1978) Wikipedia - Midnight Express  (1978) has been converted into a luxury hôtel . I almost had the displeasure of a stay in this prison some thirty years previously. Almost. So it was with no small sense of relief that I could both stay inside and then leave any time I liked. Address: 1 Tevkifhane Sk, Cankurtaran, Istanbul.

- Hôtel de France Wikipedia - Hotel de France, La Chatre sur le Loire, Le Mans Link - Hotel de France, La Chatre sur le Loire, Le Mans Link - Hotel de France Porsche 962 drive on public roads 20 Place de la République, 72340, La Chartre-sur-le-Loir 35km South East of Mulsanne and 48km South East of Le Mans center. ; Long association with many of the big names of the Le Mans 24 Hours. Steve McQueen stayed here while scouting for the movie Le Mans (1971) (but during filming he was billeted at a chateau). John Wyer based the Aston Martin team here when campaigning for them in the 1950s. Ford tried to move in during the chaotic early part of the GT40 campaign but found that the entire team would not fit.

Le Mans: La Chartre sur Loire Hotel de France Carroll Shelby and two GT40s license plate MRC741K and WKX337E
Le Mans 24 Hours: La Chartre sur Loire the Hôtel de France: Carroll Shelby and two GT40 license plates MRC741K and WKX337E. The final letter on the license plate 'K' is the letter for 1972, and 'E' is the letter for 1967.


- Hôtel Schloss Fuschl

- Link - Gandamack Hôtel Gandamack Lodge, Kabul, Afghanistan ; - My favorite hôtel in all the world. Kabul in the Noughties is just like Saigon was in the Sixties. Do not miss it. You can fly into Kabul without concerning yourself with the dangers which you will encounter in the rest of the country. In the south you need to move in Battalian strength but in Kabul, you can just fly in as if you were a normal tourist, take a taxi from the airport direct to the Gandamack. No extra security precautions are necessary but you would be best advized to purchase some Afghan clothes as soon as possible. Bear in mind that traveling around the country outside of Kabul is highly dangerous and that traveling to Kandahar is impossible because the Taliban control the road at night.

- Hôtel St George , Beirut, Lebanon ; Original a club for officers of the French Army, it became an important hôtel after the departure of the French. It's bar became the unofficial headquarters of every displaced regime in the Middle East and a hot-bed of intrigue, intelligence gathering, spying. Periodically Hôtel St George has closed and re-opened because of damage caused by fighting in Beirut so check to see if it is open or not before attempting a visit.

- Hôtel Gstaad Palace, Gstaad, Switzerland ; Lamborghini Miura Owners Club ; Richard Burton Diaries ;

- Hôtel Grand, St Moritz ; Ian Fleming in 1932 ;

- Hôtel Imperial, Vienna; Used by Adolf Hitler on his visit to Vienna; Used by Otto Skorzney and Benito Mussolini after Mussolini's rescue from the Gran Sasso. Göring preferred to stay at the Hôtel Bristol.

- Hôtel King David Wikipedia - King David Hotel, Jerusalem, Jerusalem. Henry Kissinger used to stay there during his days of shuttle diplomacy in the early 1970s.

From Kissinger: A Biography by Isaacson:

   Though Kissinger the refugee from Frth did not need to be taught about the holocaust, some in Israel believed that Kissinger the secretary of state might. "What do Israelis think of me?" he asked Steve Strauss, his favorite masseur at Jerusalems King David Hotel. "A lot of them," he replied, "think you have forgotten who you are and where you came from."

From Kissinger: A Biography by Isaacson:

   Likewise, on his final shuttle mission in August 1975, after a day that had included meetings in Alexandria and Damascus, Kissinger hosted a midnight birthday party for the Washington Posts Marilyn Berger in his suite at Jerusalems King David Hotel. By one A.M. most of the correspondents had drifted off to bed. But Kissinger continued to hold court on the couch, reminiscing about Assad and Sadat and then Zhou and Brezhnev. "Kissinger doesnt play golf," James Anderson of the UPI once said. "His hobby is talking to us."4

From Years of Upheaval by Dr Henry Kissinger:

   In my suite on the sixth floor of the King David Hotel, the three of us reviewed where we stood. Dinitz and Eban, violating the fundamental Israeli principle of treating every concession as if it were only Israel's due, confessed their astonishment that so much progress had been made in so limited a time.

From Years of Upheaval by Dr Henry Kissinger:

   After four hours of sleep, we awoke to snow. The temperature had fallen sharply; the storm had turned into the first blizzard in Jerusalem in several decades. All movement in Jerusalem stopped. I could gaze out the window of my sixth-floor suite in the King David Hotel and see the stone buildings and wall of the Old City of Jerusalem with the Mount of Olives behind in an eerie white blanket against a gray horizon. It was a spectacular scene, one of utter peace.

From Years of Upheaval by Dr Henry Kissinger:

   I arrived on Thursday, May 2 [1974], in an Israel in turmoil. In January I had been hailed as a messenger of peace. Three months later signs spelling my name in Arabic — as if I were an Arab representative — welcomed me. Begin’s Likud Party organized street demonstrations; they blocked the street on which Golda Meir’s house was located, so we usually met in the Prime Ministerial office. The abuse came from a minority; most of Israel yearned for both peace and the physical security of territory and it could not decide between its longing and its fears. Israeli schizophrenia was well exemplified by the masseur in the King David Hotel (where I stayed with my party) who gave me a rubdown with a violence that belied his goodwill. He was praying for my success, he allowed, pounding me with apparent affection; all of Israel was counting on me. How many kilometers on the Golan was it safe to give up? I inquired if only to gain a temporary surcease.
'Give up? Kilometers? On the Golan? You must be crazy!' shouted my tormentor, returning to his task with a redoubled vigor.

From Years of Upheaval by Dr Henry Kissinger:

   Before my departure for Damascus, Golda scheduled a ceremonial lunch on Sunday honoring me in the appropriately named Blue Room at the King David Hotel. The start had to be delayed several times because my talks with the Israeli negotiating team ran on; it finally took place at 3:00 P.M. We hungrily gulped down our food because there was not much time left before we had to rush to the airport to make our scheduled arrival in Damascus. There was an atmosphere of near-despair that we would probably fail so close to our goal and yet of hope that all the sacrifices that had been made must not prove futile when success was almost palpable. Golda delivered a very moving speech about how my shuttle had helped Israel's understanding of the Arabs, which was, after all, the key intangible:

From Years of Upheaval by Dr Henry Kissinger:

   After weeks of frantic nonstop effort, my colleagues and I had nothing left to do. We sat in my suite at the King David Hotel overlooking the Old City of Jerusalem. The golden Dome of the Rock, one of Islam's holiest mosques, gleamed in the mellow sunlight of spring. What passion had other, less beautiful hills evoked these past weeks! Dinitz called periodically to inform us that the cabinet was still meeting.


- Hôtel Lancaster, Paris ; Orson Welles ; Marlene Dietrich ; Noël Coward ;

- Hôtel Majestic Budapest;

- Hôtel Maison Rouge, 4 rue Francs-Bourgeois, Strasbourg, France. Ian Fleming has Bond stay at this hôtel during the preparation for the assault on Piz Gloria in On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1963). Michelin reports a particularly fine interior.

- - In Chapter 24 :

At the Maison Rouge, a fine room had been booked tor Bond. He was greeted with exaggerated courtesy tinged with reserve. Where didn't the freemasonry of the Union operate? Bond, obedient to the traditions of the town, made a simple dinner off the finest foie gras, pink and succulent, and half a bottle of champagne, and retired gratefully to bed. He spent the next morning in his room, changed into his ski clothes, and sent out for a pair of snow-goggles and thin leather gloves, sufficient to give some protection to his hands but close-fitting enough for the handling of his gun. He took the magazine out of his gun, pumped out the single round in the chamber and practised shooting himself in the wardrobe mirror with the gloves on until he was satisfied. Then he reloaded and got the fitting of the stitched pigskin holster comfortable inside the waist-band of his trousers. He had his bill sent up and paid it, and ordered his suitcase to be forwarded on to Tracy at the Vier Jahreszeiten. Then he sent for the day's papers and sat in front of the window, watching the traffic in the street and forgetting what he read.

Michelin Guide France 1999 page 1306 Strasbourg
Michelin Guide France 1999 page 1306 Strasbourg. Entry for Hôtel Maison Rouge is top right.


- Hôtel Mamounia, Marrakech ; Between 1935 and 1959, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill visited Marrakech no less than six times. It is, he reportedly said, the most lovely spot in the world. Usually at the Mamounia Hotel, his mornings were spent penning his memoirs and afternoons were devoted to painting, his favourite hobby.

- Hôtel Mint † featured in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1971)

- Hôtel Palácio Estoril, Estoril, Portugal

- Hôtel de Paris Wikipedia - Hotel de ParisLink - Hotel de Paris, Monaco, Monaco ; The Persuaders! (1971); Die Falscher (2007); Monte Carlo Story (1957) Wikipedia - Monte Carlo Story (1957) ; Grand Prix (1966); That Riviera Touch (1966) ;

- Hôtel Pera Palace, Istanbul ; Used as the terminus of the Orient Express. During WWII the Pera Palace was the center of foreign intelligence services and the Soviets attempted to assassinate a German official in the foyer of the Pera Palace using a sophisticated plot which would also eliminate the two Bulgarian assassins they were using. The details of the plot became known to Ian Fleming and he re-used the plot in his first novel, Casino Royale (1953)

- Hôtel La Provençal Wikipedia - Hôtel La Provençal , Juan-les-Pins ;

- Hôtel Royal Lancaster, London

- Hôtel Ritz - Paris.

- - Hemingway: The Hôtel Ritz was famously liberated by Ernest Hemingway during the Second World War. British troops had already occupied the Ritz and set up a command post when Hemingway arrived. He might have been first but he and directed his Jeep convoy to stop at a bar during the journey. Hemingway was in one of the faux uniforms worn by irregular auxiliaries such as journalists and bluffed the existing British officer that he held a higher rank than he did, and that the Ritz had already been assigned to American units. The British officer was taken in and the most important objective of World War II, fell into Hemingway's hands.

- - In Fleming's novel From Russia with Love (1957) Bond is being held at gunpoint by the assassin Nash in a compartment on the Orient Express: Nash tells Bond:

   I've got a date at noon tomorrow - Room 204 at the Ritz Hotel, making my report to Rosa. She wants to get the kudos for this job. Then I turn into her chauffeur and we drive to Berlin. Come to think of it, old man,' the flat voice showed emotion, became greedy, 'I think she may have the Order of Lenin for me in her bag. Lovely grub, as they say.'


- Hôtel Savoy Wikipedia - Hotel Savoy , London, England : in Night of the Demon (1957) ; The American Bar, Sir Noël Coward; Aristotle Onassis lived at the Savoy after he made his first fortune and was studying the shipping industry, where he made his second fortune.

- Hôtel Schloss Labers, Meran, Vinschgau, Italia/Austria.

- Hôtel Shepheards †, Cairo ; T.E.Lawrence ; This is the old Hôtel Shepheards, which was burnt down and destroyed in the 1950s. Nina Salman wrote a history of the hôtel which was the center of Cairo social life through two world wars and hosted anybody who was anybody during this time. See the book by Nina Nelson on Shepheards.


- Hôtel Sheraton, Cairo ;

   That evening at ten o'clock, Fahmy took my party to the Sheraton Hotel for a late dinner - but mainly to see Nagwa Fuad Wikipedia - Nagwa Fouad, Egyptian Belly Dancer Link -  Nagwa Fouad, Egyptian Belly Dancer, the famed belly dancer. Looking like a somewhat ripe younger Rita Hayworth, she put on an awesome display justifying her reputation as the top dancer in the Middle East. Despite the late hour and their perennial complaints of exhaustion, my staff showed vigor and indeed ruthless dedication in elbowing their way to the edge of the dance floor. The journalists accompanying me for once found a subject worthy of their intellectual and cultural interests. Richard Valeriani of NBC wrote a detailed pool report describing in lavish and expressive prose Miss Fuad's movements as well as the nervously dignified reactions of my staff. 3 Our hosts were achieving several purposes in addition to the simple goal of showing their guests a good time. The appearance of the Egyptian Foreign Minister at a nightclub signified that there was no crisis, the peace process was on course. Even more deliciously, it lent itself to a little dig at Gromyko. He had been so incautious as to demand ahead of time the same treatment accorded to me. He would soon be invited to the top floor of the Sheraton Hotel along the Nile, just as I had, to see the undulating Miss Fuad. How he would explain such an excursion in his puritanical capital or to some of his equally puritanical radical friends in the Arab world was left to him. (I do not know if he went.)

Years of Upheaval by Dr Henry Kissinger, 1982., writing of events during the post Yom Kippur War Shuttle Diplomacy of late 1973.


   I arrived in Cairo late the same night. After I met briefly with Sadat at 10:00 P.M., Ismail Fahmy conceived the idea that Nancy's knowledge of the Middle East would be incomplete without exposure to Nagwa Fuad, the renowned belly dancer whom I had seen perform on the last shuttle. So he and my entire party repaired once again to the Sheraton Hotel - the only hitch being that Nagwa Fuad was at that moment in Alexandria, about three hours away. Fahmy was nonplussed. Some telephone calls were made; Nagwa Fuad drove all the way back herself, changed into more appropriate costume, and treated us all to another show at two o'clock in the morning. Miss Fuad proved her professionalism by sublimating her resentment in spectacular gyrations. Fahmy beamed proudly, puffing on his Cuban cigar. He must have calculated that for us to get to bed one night before 3:00 A.M. would have had the same risk as decompression for a deep-sea diver. But if he thought it unwise to break the nocturnal routine that diplomacy had imposed, at least he made it more tolerable. We owe Fahmy (and the talented Nagwa Fuad) the most relaxed evening of our thirty-four-day odyssey.

Years of Upheaval by Dr Henry Kissinger, 1982., writing of his 1974 visit to Cairo during the Damascus-Tel Aviv shuttle diplomacy


- Hôtel Türken, Obersalzburg ;

- Hôtel Vier Jahreszeiten , Kitzbühl.

- Hôtel La Voile D'Or Link - Hotel La Voile D'Or, Cap Ferrat , Cap Ferrat, used extensively in the Episode 01, Overture, of The Persuaders! (1971)

- Hôtel Victoria Jungfrau Wikipedia - Hotel Victoria Jungfrau, Interlaken, Interlaken; One of the world's great Hôtels, with a view of the Jungfrau. The Hôtel Victoria Jungfrau was the epitome of the Grand Tour Hôtel, in that while it was in Switzerland, dress&manners were entirely English, in order to reflect the dress&manners of its clientéle. Even up until the late 1950s, the Hôtel Victoria Jungfrau maintained the now archaic practice of requiring chauffers to dine in the servants' quarters, not with their passengers the hôtel guests.

- Wikipedia - Historic Hotels of Europe Historic Hôtels in Switzerland and Europe.

- Link - Historic Hotels of Switzerland Historic Hôtels of Switzerland.


- Hôtels in Intelligence and Espionage:

- - A universal tendency among employees of the major intelligence organisations is, when in the field, to stay at the best hôtels and dine at the best restaurants. This tendency is exaggerated in proportion to the poverty of the capital city in which they are staying. Hôtels in these capitals tend to be the center of ex-patriot social life and thus any new arrival is unlikely to remain anonymous. During WWII the Hôtel Pera Palace in Istanbul was used as the center of intelligence operatives of both sides. The Soviets decided to assassinate a visiting Nazi minister and organised two Bulgars to throw a bomb. The method including all the details were repeated in Ian Fleming's novel Casino Royale (1953). The explosion blew the windows of the hôtel into the street and killed both of the assassins. Both sides were summoned by the Turkish interior ministry and told that the remainder of the stay in Istanbul would be a short one if this sort of thing did not cease immediately.
   In Madrid, Horcher's restaurant, run by the Horcher family Wikipedia - Horcher's Berlin of Berlin restaurateurs, was the watering-hole for intelligence operatives. The Cold War, with its many proxy wars in Third World capitals accentuated this tendency. Intelligence operatives were always on generous expenses and never saw any need to provide themselves with cover by adopting a low-rent persona.

The CIA and the KGB were particularly poor at HUMINT for entirely different reasons. The CIA field operatives were highly conspicuous by their 'foreign' characteristics, typically because Americans are highly visible, if only by their height. The KGB were also very poor at HUMINT due to their operatives being highly conspicuous. Russians were boorish and fish-out-of-water in the West. Soviet infantry upon reaching German cities unscrewed light-bulbs in order to take them home to light their homesteads. They assumed flush lavatories were a mechanical foot-washer. KGB expense allowances were paltry and even their budgets for entertaining potential spies were miserly. A joke told by KGB operatives against themselves was

   "How do you spot a KGB agent in Berlin ?"
   "He is the one who closes one eye when he drinks his tea."

This is because Russian tea was served with the spoon still in the cup. Russian dress and customs meant that KGB operatives looked as out of place as CIA operatives did in Third World capitals. Markus Wolf, Cold-War head of the East-German Stasi relates many similar tales in his memoirs. The CIA had the advantage that they did not need to be good at HUMINT, because their surveillance was so all-encompassing. The KGB had the advantage that there were many collaborators in the West who would work for them. The Cold War may be over but the tendency for field operatives to stay in the best hôtels and dine in the best restaurants makes new arrivals in Third World capitals easy to spot.

- Hôtel Laundry ;

- - As a matter of policy I avoid using them unless I have to. They 'loose' too many items. If you wear shirts with detachable collars, them make sure you take a plastic cable tie and attach the collar to the shirt before you place it in the laundry. The laundry seems to be better at losing small items than larger items, so hand-wash in the basin if you can. Remember that in countries were the hired labor is paid nearly nothing, they will steal anything they can, including your clothes. Posting letters and post-cards can be hard work because they just steal the stamp and bin the letter the moment your back is turned. Your letter has more chance for arriving if you post it not at the hôtel. To guarantee arrival you would have to use a signed-for service or better still Fed-Ex. With respect to security and hôtels, always plan for the worst.



+ Humphrey Bogart ; See Passage to Marseilles (1944) ;



- Quote Link - Quotes from Hombre (1967) from the script of Hombre (1967) Wikipedia - Hombre (1967)

Audra Favor: I can't imagine eating a dog and not thinking anything of it.
John Russell: You even been hungry, lady? Not just ready for supper. Hungry enough so that your belly swells?
Audra Favor: I wouldn't care how hungry I got. I know I wouldn't eat one of those camp dogs.
John Russell: You'd eat it. You'd fight for the bones, too.
Audra Favor: Have you ever eaten a dog, Mr. Russell?
John Russell: Eaten one and lived like one.
Audra Favor: Dear me.


From Kolyma: The Arctic Death Camps by Robert Conquest published by Oxford University Press , 1976 :

   The physical and mental deterioration is reported with horror by all survivors. Hunger produces strange behaviour. Half-mad, the hungry look like normal people. If famine hasn't entirely consumed them they defend their rights with fury. Eternal quarrellers, desperate skirmishers, they fight continuously. Discussions arise on the most petty pretext. . . . The small ones try to trip their adversaries up, the big ones to knock them over by sheer weight. The bodies hit and bite each other . . . often only trying to show off to an audience which never separates the combatants. 28 And again, 'In those days one often saw people in camp who stood on all fours, growling and rooting about in the filthy garbage near the tents and> especially near the kitchen^ looking for anything even remotely edible and devouring it on the spot. They had become semi-idiots whom no amount of beating could drive from the refuse heaps.'


- The Ostfront Wikipedia -

- The Holodomor Wikipedia - .

- Calorie burn during mountaineering: Calorie consumption during wartime; Physical changes during low calorie intake ; Psychological changes during low calorie intake; 

"Hunger is the best sauce and the poor they have no shortage of it" - Cervantes Wikipedia -


+ Hussein, Saddam ; 250 Iraqi dinar banknote. This particular note was in a large billfold on a corpse just outside Baghdad. The other notes were covered in blood and bullet holes. This was the most presentable of the wad.

250 Dinar Iraki banknote Saddam Hussein

250 Dinar banknote Saddam Hussein, reverse


I - Ida


- Wikipedia - Battle of Ia Drang Ia Drang Valley, Battle of ; Landing Zone X-Ray to Landing Zone Albany: It took a lot to make it between the two.


- Ice ;

- Ice Skating ;

- Ice Racing - Driving automobiles around a circuit laid out on the ice. It does not matter if you come off. Motorcycles can be fitted with ice tires which allow the motorcycle to be banked over until the motor touches the ice ;

- Ice Climbing ;


- Ice Roads

-- Ice Roads of the High North

-- Soviet Union

-- Norway


- Iditarod Wikipedia - Iditarod Link - Iditarod ;


IMAX logo



+ Illustrators

- Downton, David; # Wikipedia - Link - - Has produced a magnificent volume of portraits of the world's most beautiful women.

- Gruau, Rene # Wikipedia - Link -

- Moore, Christian David # Wikipedia - Link -




- First Indo-China War: Viet Minh + Chicom versus French Army and French Foreign Legion

-- The Quiet American by Graham Greene

-- The Devil's Guard by George Elford

-- Hell in a Very Small Place by Bernard Fall published by Da Capo Press

-- Street withouth Joy by Bernard Fall published by Da Capo Press

-- The Politics of Heroin in South-East Asia Wikipedia - The Politics of  Heroin in South East Asia by Alfred McCoy Wikipedia - The Politics of Heroin in South-East Asia by McCoy Link - The Politics of Heroin in South-East Asia by McCoy - PDF version ;


- Second Indo-China War: NVA + Viet Cong + Chimcom versus US Army, Australian Army and ARVN.



+ The Ipcress File (1965)


+ The Italian Job (1969)

- The Italian Job (1969) - Script drawn from subtitles


+ INSURANCE - If you are a mountaineer, explorer or skier, typically the best deal on medivac insurance is through your Alpine club. Typically, medivac insurance does not cover Greenland and both Poles because there is no way of rescuing you from there, dead, alive or wounded. Exclusions will also, commonly, cover war zones and may cover areas listed a State Dept no-go areas. Again, they cannot evacuate you from there. This means that if your are a freelance journalist or adventurer, you are not insured. There are specialist insurers who cover these risks. If you require this kind of insurance then I suggest your talk to my friend John D. McHugh. He was so seriously wounded in Helmand province that the army medic who got to him while they were still under fire blurted "Oh dude I can see inside you !" McHugh was successfully medivaced back to civilization, repaired, and several years later is as good as new. He was insured through a specialist syndicate at Lloyds of London. If you work for the media majors then your department will arrange and fund the whole cast-of-thousands security circus required to get you up-country. Compare and contrast Sir David Attenborough's 1955 expedition to Java, Komodo and unexplored parts of Papua New Guinea, with what it takes to get a news anchor into somewhere relatively safe like Kabul. Insurance should always be viewed positivly because as you lie there with a broken femur and a smashed pelvis, screaming for your mother, the seconds turning to hours, and regreting the fact that you did not spend your entire life propping up a bar, then it will be insurance which gets you back somewhere with qualified medical personel and fresh clean bed-sheets.

I have never called on my insurance (which is lucky because in the early days, during the most danger, I never had any) but there were some nasty moments when I had to crawl back to civilization 'on one engine'.

Be aware that if you purchase annual travel insurance through a major travel insurance provider they will conceal the fact in the small print or conceal the fact completely that their policy will renew itself automatically and take another year's fee directly off your credit card without your approval. Even supposedly reputable companies like American Express (AMEX) have done this to me. The practice is called 'interia sales' and it seems to be common practice with insurance sales via credit card. I have even see it tabled on a slide of presentations as part of a business model, so it is evident that these companies fully intend to run these scams. Any one who has ever dealt with budget airlines over websites will be aware of the scams which these companies run. They are vermin.

»There have been joys too great to be described in words, and with these in mind I say, Climb if you will, but remember that courage and strength are nought without prudence, and that a momentary negligence may destroy the happiness of a lifetime. Do nothing in haste; look well to each step; and from the beginning think what may be the end.«

- Chapter XXI The First Ascent of the Matterhorn, Edward Whympher Wikipedia - Scrambles amongst the Alps, p369


+ Irvin Wikipedia - Leslie Irvin Link - Irvin Link - Eastman Leather : Flight jackets. Wikipedia - Flight Jackets



J - Juda



Grand Chasse - Jagen


Notice how artistic license requires that the cross-hairs are aimed at a position on boar too far to the right and too high. The heart, in nearly all game animals, is positioned immediatly behind the front leg bone and down on the sterum of the rib-cage.



- Johnny English (2003)



K - Konrad


+ Kabul


+ Kaffee - There are few things as important as Kaffee - only Ammunition.

- von Karajan, Herbert Wikipedia - Herbert von Karajan - conductor, racing yachtsman, and sports car enthusiast.

- Aleksandr Karelin Wikipedia - Alexander Karelin. Wrestler and Philosopher.

Alexander Karelin - Reverse Body LiftAlexander Karelin - Reverse Body LiftAlexander Karelin
Left and center, Karelin demonstrates the move he made his own, the reverse body-lift.


- Karte


- Kelly's Heroes (1970) Wikipedia - Kellys' Heroes

Cinema Retro special edition on Kelleys Heroes
- - Cinema Retro Wikipedia - Cinema Retro Link - Cinema Retro Magazine Link - Cinema Retro Twitter Feed magazine special edition on Kelly's Heroes (1970) Wikipedia - Kellys' Heroes



+ Kengir: Beyond Stalingrad, there was Kengir: The Kengir Rebellion Wikipedia - Kengir Rebellion;



- The industry of kidnap is to the Third World what Corporate Finance is to the G6: It is the most desireable industry to work in because each deal earns you a lot of money. Politically motivated kidnap by terrorists owns almost 100% of the media column inches on the subject of kidnap which obscures the industry from the view of the world.


- Kidnap: Emergency Transmitter ;



- Killy ; Jean-Claude Killy Wikipedia - Jean-Claude Killy;

- - Rolex

- - Mustang ; Ford Mustang Shelby GT500

- - Skiing

- - Thompson ; with Hunter S. Thompson



- Kinski, Klaus Wikipedia - Klaus Kinski; For raw power it is impossible to beat Kinski. The star he was born under ordained it. His character both mercurial and volatile. Should a new metal be discovered which is both strong, but brittle and sharp, glows with a dull red glow in pure darkness, when struck against other metals produces long dancing sparks of plasma, and without warning can spontaneously become an unstable explosive liquid, even at room temperature, then this metal should called Kinskium.

Klaus Kinski
Death claims all regardless. But in the case of Kinski, the loss seems worse, because his body of work was large, but should have been ten times greater. Why, why is death no respector of Art ? This I could never forgive.

- Link - A Kinski Blog Dudumesau - A Kinski Blog


- Klagenfurt: Extensive scenes shot in Five Branded Women (1960) Wikipedia - Five Branded Women (1960) Link - youtube Five Branded Women (1960) , shot entirely in and around Klagenfurt.



- Knight without Armour (1937) Wikipedia - Knight without Armour

- Knives: Randall Wikipedia - Randall Knives ; Bowie knife fights Link - Bowie Knife Fighting ;

- Knives and their manufacture are similar to gunleather in that they are not so much a subject but a minor religion. Again, like handguns, almost 95% of the material in print is on technical aspects of their manufacture, rather than their deployment. While there is written subject-matter on the use of the handgun for self-defense, there is little on the use of the knife (or short sword) in self-defense because why would any one take a knife to a gunfight ? The only worth-while material is in the books of Paul Kirchner Wikipedia - Paul Kirchner on the subject of knife-fighting. There is a great deal of writing on knife-fighting which is charletonism. There are courses on fighting with knives but again the majority of them are given by charletons. The best foundation for fighting with knives would be training for fencing, for use of the epee. If your handgun comes to pieces in your hand, and you have to pull out your Bowie knife, but it snaps at first contact, then you are going to be reliant on your training as a boxer. If your enemy evades your punches and closes into arm's length you are going to be reliant on your training as a wrestler, and 'take it to the ground'. After that, only your Gods can save you.

- Knives: Selecting one: While Randall make the best knives, there is a raft of very good makers of knives below Randall. Many will be fit for purpose, which in this discussion is survival. One of the mistakes which knife aficionados make is to seek a knife that is as sharp as possible. This means that they choose alloys which are brittle rather than tough. A dull knife will still cut but a broken knife will be half way to useless. In knives, there are several very hard and brittle alloys, which give excellent sharpness and edge retention, but the toughest alloy, the alloy least likely to break under shock-load, is the alloy used in sword manufacture, which is spring steel 5160 or 9260. Again, with any kit selection, you can short-cut the selection process by purchasing what the military are using, which is in this case the Ka-Bar or perhaps the excellent M9 bayonet Wikipedia - M9 bayonet . The M9 is designed to be used in compression, and utilises a tang which is cylindrical and threaded onto the blade. This means that it has reduced usefullness a pry-bar, but still adequate. Bayonets get used for a lot of levering jobs, such as opening crates and gaining entry to buildings. The M9 also enjoys the screw-driver / pry-bar ended scabbard, a saw-back, a wire-cutter and a sharpening stone. It is not ideal, but it is most of what you need.

- The primary purpose of a survival knife is to kill something which is trying to kill you, to demolish something which is in your route of escape or to repair and fashion objects which will speed your journey to safety. If you have time, then you can refer to the toolkit for a tool which will perform the job in hand. That could be repairing broken down vehicles, and continuing your journey to safety, or it could be butchering a carcass, which can be done with purpose built butchering knives and saws, carried in the tool-roll. The knife you carry is there in case your pistol malfunctions. The knife is to fight your way to your pistol, to fight your way to safety. To regain time and regain control of the situation. Your knife needs to be able to do that. When you have recovered the situation, then you can refer to a specialised tool for the job in hand. With a Ka-Bar or M9 Bayonet, an SAK or a Leatherman, you a well-equipped to handle any emergency.

There are knives which may be slightly superior to the M9, but may be deficient in some other aspects of performance. Any increase in performance would be an incremental increase, not a material increase. If you are short of time and just need tools to equip you for adventure, then there is nothing wrong with the M9. If you wish to spend time studying knives and attempting to gain those incremental increases in performance from your survival knife you may do so. How much time spent and how much of an increase that will buy you is for you to judge.

- SAK / LEATHERMAN: After your bayonet/survival knife, you need a Swiss Army Knife ("SAK") or a Leatherman tool. This will allow you to repair broken down equipment or to disassemble something which is in your path of escape. It is a general purpose tool and can be superceded by a specialist tool when this is possible.

SAK: There are two official manufacturers of SAK for the Swiss Army. Under Swiss law, sourcing must be done in both French speaking and German speaking Kanton, therefore there are two manufacturers. Chose either, and choose the largest.

-- The False God of Sharpness ; #

-- Knife as jewelry ; It is possible that knives are similar to watches and to some extent firearms. Whereby a knife like a watch, ceases to be a tool and becomes a piece of jewelry. A 'safe queen' in firearms terms. The knife in question becomes 'too good to use and too valuable to risk the loss of'.

- Link - US Army M9 Bayonet US Army M9 Bayonet


+ Kreta - Crete, Greece



- Krieg, with adventure ; D'Annunzio Wikipedia - Gabrielle D'Annunzio Wikipedia - Gabrielle D'Annunzio at Fiume ; Spanish Civil War ; Mau Mau Insurgency and Henderson in the Aberderes ; With Mad Mike Hoare in the Congo ; Rhodesian Bush War ; South America's proxy wars ; The California Drug Wars of the 1980 and 1990s ; The Gulf of Aden ;

Poster: Join the Rhodesian Army: Be a Man Among Men


- The Kremlinaires Link - The Kremlinaires - Soviet Swing Jazz Ensemble

- Kalashnikov Vodka Link - Kalashnikov Vodka Link - Kalashniknov Vodka Link - Kalashniknov Vodka Link - - The vodka brand of Comrade General Kalashnikov Wikipedia - Mikhail Kalashnikov himself and favored sustenance of the The Kremlinaires Link - The Kremlinaires. Comrade General's name, Kalashnikov, is one of the world's most recognized brands, along with Rolex, Coca-Cola and Mercedes-Benz. Comrade General Kalashnikov has never received so much as a rouble from any one for the hundreds of millions of times that his name and his design, the Kalashnikov assault rifle Wikipedia - AK-47, has been used all over the world - until now. The vodka has been banned by the EU for using images of Comrade General's most famous design of firearm as its brand, and so it falls to you, Comrades, to renew your revolutionary spirit by seeking out, purchasing and consuming Kalashnikov vodka as a revolutionary duty in the struggle against the bourgeois revanchist neo-fascism of the Eurocratic oppressors. Having a strong interest in both Kalashnikov Vodka and the Kremlinaires, I thought it natural an introduction should be made, the result being sponsorship of the Kremlinaires by Kalashnikov Vodka Link - Kalashnikov Vodka sponsorship.

Kalashnikov Vodka

Comrade General Kalashnikov and his second most important design - Kalashnikov Vodka

The Comrade General toasts your good health
»Prost ! Comrade General !«

Vodka Kalashnikov presenation box

Kalashnikov Vodka US advertising campaignKalashnikov Vodka US advertising campaignKalashnikov Vodka US advertising campaignKalashnikov Vodka US advertising campaign

Kalashnikov Vodka US advertising campaignKalashnikov Vodka US advertising campaign


+ Kodachrome Wikipedia - Kodachrome - The film stock which dominated professional photograph in the 20th Century and became part of it. Kodachrome seemed like it would be here forever. Now we have to talk about it as history. Soon, chemical photography will be described only in history books. This is beyond me.

- The big advantage which digital photography has given us over chemical photography is that if you had to use a lab to process your exposed film, there was the danger of either theft of the entire reel (happened to me), theft of the images by copying (happened to me) or interception of what is on the images by a third party (happened to others).


L - Ludwig




- Diamonds are Forever (1956)

- Diamonds are Forever (1971)

- Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1971)

- #

- #



+ Lakes ; The Italian Lakes - Lago Italia


- Last Year at Marienbad (1961)



+ Leston ; Les Leston ; After a career in motor racing Leston ran a motor racing supply business which supplied most of motor racing with its apparal. You can see Les Leston kit in the following motion pictures:

- Grand Prix (1966)

- The Italian Job (1969)

- 1968 catalog at Mk1 Performance


+ LEATHER ; Gunleather ;

- Gunleather is not so much an artform but a minor religion. Like knives and custom firearms (especially handguns) gunleather is produced by single craftsmen working from their own workshops usually with a small team of artisans. Waiting lists are long and it is rare that production continues after the demise of the master of the workshop. Most participants in firearms use see firearms use as a sport, to which self-defense is subsidiary. Those who suddenly find themselves exposed to danger and needing to master self-defense have great difficulty navigating the huge areas of worthless swampland which surround what is quite a small area of useful information. The situation is similar to that with action wrist-watches in that the actual facts are obscured by ten times as much myth. The situation is made worse by the fact that most men think themselves excellent at three sports: Shooting, Driving and Sex. This means that they are reluctant to abandon any pre-conceptions because it would mean temporarily abandoning a portion of their social identity. In effect, social suicide. No man is going to admit that he cannot drive, could not hit the side of barn from ten paces and is hopeless at sex. Worse still, most men (including some police departments) take what they see in movies as actual firearms training doctrine. Some one who does not know anything about firearms or self-defense is in a good position to start learning. Sadly the journey they are about to undertake seems to them impossibly long and confused. If you find yourself in this situation contact me and I will suggest to you a range of options to suit your requirements. According to your situation you will receive advice on self-defense which may or may not include the purchase and employment of firearms.



- Andy Langlois Link - Andy Langlois's GunleatherLink - Andy LangloisLink - Andy LangloisLink - Andy Langlois

- Milt Sparks Link -


+ Gordon Davis Link - Gordon Davis Leather: Fast-draw champion Bob Munden used Gordon Davis leather

- Replica Western movie gunleather from Gordon Davis Link - Gordon Davis replica Western movie gunleather



- Alfonso Pineda of Hollywood Link - Alfonso Pineda

- Arvo Ojala Link - Arvo Ojala Link - Arvo Ojala Museum - Secrets of Fast Draw -Arvo Ojala worked in Alfonso Pineda's leather shop before starting out on his own.

- Andy Anderson Link - Andy Anderson replica leather Link - Spaghetti Western Replicas Link - Andy Anderson Replica Holsters -Andy Anderson made rigs for Clint Eastwood, Steve McQueen, John Wayne, and for all the characters in Sergio Leone's westerns. Fast Draw specialists Bob Munden and Thell Reid also used his rigs. Clint Eastwood used Andy Anderson Walk&Draw holster (in roughout leather, not smooth), in the Sergio Leone Westerns ; - Wikipedia - IMFDB Firstful of Dollars Internet Movie Firearms Database on A Fistfull of Dollars (1964) Wikipedia - A Fistful of Dollars  (1964)

- Ed Bohlin

- El Paso Saddelry: El Paso made a shoulder holster for John Wesley Hardin in 1895. Still in production Link - El Paso.

- Berns-Martin: Made the Lightnin Triple-Draw holter used by James Bond as specified by Ian Fleming.

- Holster ; James Bond ;




+ Leigh-Fermor, Patrick:

- Crete; SOE and kidnap of General Kriepke

- Europe ; Crossing Europe on foot before WWII.

- Greece, Mani Peninsular

- Fleming, Ian; Friendship


+ Leone ; Sergio Leone ;

Cinema Retro special edition on the Sergio Leone Dollars Trilogy
Cinema Retro Link - Cinema Retro Magazine special edition on the Sergio Leone Dollars Trilogy


Sergio Leone's westerns have that curious, powerful harmonic note which is composed of the loneliness and desolation of the 1860s, a chord stuck together with the 1960s, when they were made in Almeria in southern Spain, with the events of "The Sixties" going on all around it.

+ Le Mans (1971)


+ Letter Headings

Letter heading of Chateau Marmont, 8221 Sunset Boulevard Hollywood California 90046 Telephone 323 656 1010
Chateau Marmont, Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood

Stationary and letter heading of the Club Automovilistico de Cuba
Stationary and letter heading of the Club Automovilistico de Cuba





- Liberty and Freedom are not synonyms. Freedom exists out there in the universe but Liberty is a condition which exists as an component within a structure, the structure being the Rule of Law. Liberty is a right which is granted by those who hold the power to impose the Rule of Law to those subject to that Rule of Law.

Oxford English Dictionary:

liberty n. (pl. -ies) 1 freedom from captivity etc. 2 right or power to do as one pleases. 3 (usu. in pl.) right or privilege granted by authority. at liberty 1 free. 2 (foll. by to + infin.) permitted. take liberties (often foll. by with) behave in an unduly familiar manner. [Latin: related to *liberal]

- The problem with most of the activites on these pages is that they require either Freedom or Liberty to undertake them. The activities on these pages are usually the first to be restricted when they are undertaken within a jurisdiction of a Rule of Law.




+ LICENSE PLATES Wikipedia - License plates; registration plates number plates

- Link - La Malle Pour Tous La Malle Pour Tous - Accessories Auto

- - A splendid shop which will make you any license plate you want, any material, any period any letter/number. Automobile, motorcycle or moto. The motorcycle size plates are particularly useful for mounting on the front of mid-engine sports cars.

Accesoires Autos La Malle Pour Tous - License plates made to order, any country, any style, any size, voiture, moto
'La Malle Pour Tous' License plates made to order, any country and style, any size, automobile or motorcycle.


- Registration Plates of the World by Neil Parker, John Weeks, Reg Wilson published by Europlate. ISBN 0050273554 . The definitive reference work and a monumental act of scholarship. The book is 45mm thick.

- If your country allows personalized plates, then it may be possible to select a combination of letters and numbers which are the exact pattern of a foreign country's license plate pattern. Using the services of a plate-maker such as the one above, you can have a plate manufactured in the pattern, material and colors of the foreign country, using your own alpha-numeric. The alpha-numeric is legal in your own country and any country, but the foreign plate pattern will have the authorities, especially computer driven automatic cameras, looking in the wrong country for your license plate. Furthermore if you do a lot of cross-border travel in the Alpine countries then a plate which makes you look like one of the locals can be a great advantage. Of course, not as big an advantage as diplomatic plates. A friend of mine who lived in Verbier in the mid-Eighties had an American registered convertible with diplomatic plates which meant that he could drive too and fro across the borders purchasing his 'Turkish' cigarettes in France and bringing them back into Switzerland. The most interesting section in Registration Plates of the World is the section on the Sovereign Order of Malta Wikipedia - which is unique among nation-states in that it exists as a sovereign nation but is in fact land-less. It's offices are in Vatican City, which itself is a nation-state within Rome. The SMOM used to be the Knights Templars and in their last incarnation operated out of Malta. This means that the SMOM has its own license plates which are diplomatic plates. There is an opportunity in there somewhere.

- Fonts/Typefaces for use in license plates ;

- - Various countries use different types of fonts for different reasons. West German plates like most official documentation and signage were in DIN 1451, until the advent of the Baader-Meinhof Gang, when a new font was designed called 'FE Schrift'


Registration Plates of the World - Parker and Weeks


- ; Fonts used in license plates, world-wide.

- Link - Cactus 2000 license plates - License plates in Europe


- - License Plates; A Osterreich Austria ;

- - License Plates; DE Deutschland Germany ;

- - License Plates; F Francais France ;

- - License Plates; GB Great Britain United Kingdom ;

- - License Plates; I Italia Italy ;

- - License Plates; US United States of America ;




French license plates 4711 EA 62
Goldfinger (1964): The French license plates on the Aston Martin DB5 4711 EA 62


Aston Martin DB5 with Swiss license plates LU 6789
Goldfinger (1964): Aston Martin DB5 showing Swiss license plates LU 6789


Aston Martin DB5 showing English license plates BMT 216 A
Goldfinger (1964): Aston Martin DB5 showing English license plates BMT 216 A


Aston Martin DB5
Aston Martin DB5 BMT 216 A (1964)

Flama magazine: James Bond at Estoril

Mercury Cougar
On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969): The Divine Teresa in her Mercury Cougar. The Cougar has license plate which is French issue, silver letters on red background, which indicates temporary export plates.




+ Light : - Photographers' ephemeris Link - Photographers Ephemeris - Software for determining the quantity and angle of daylight at any given location and time.




- Tolkien, JRR ; Burgess, Anthony ;


+ LINKS - Links to the Mitteleuropa site:









- Mini Coopers

- Harry Palmer Movie Site





































- Wiki - List of James Bond Gadgets Wikipedia List of James Bond Gadgets

- Movie Tourist Blogspot Link - Movie Tourist

- Link -

- Forum Dubna Link - Forum Dubna

- The Errol Flynn Blog

- Link - GPZ Zone Forum


- Link - Toyota Supra

- Link -

- The BMW Mini forum Link - Mini2 Forum (German language).

- Link - Deightondossier Blogspot - The Len Deighton website.

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- Link - - High Alpine Touring

- Link - Minicooper Forum - The Mini Cooper Forum on the locations used in The Italian Job (1969)

- Link - Swiss Geo site - Swiss geography site

- Link - The Mini Forum -The Italian Job (1969)

- Link - Luxury Rogue

- Wikipedia - Riva Aquarama - Wikipedia on the Riva Aquarama

- Link - - WK2 history forum

- Link - - Making of Grand Prix (1966)

- Link - - On Where Eagles Dare (1968)

- Link - Colleurs de Plastque - Wittmann on Michael Wittmann's last mission

- Link - Monument Valley Monument Valley (Korean language blog)

- Link - - WWI WWII watches - Military Watches

- Link - Nikon Historical Society

- Link -

- Link - Reddit thread on Grand Prix on Grand Prix (1966)




+ Links for use in London


- Locomotives ; LNER Gresley Pacific Wikipedia - Gresley Pacifics no. 2549 Persimmon, King's Lynn to Ely ;

- London ; Big Ben ; Tower Bridge ; London Bridge ; Tower of London ;

- Loose Lips Sink Ships

Keep mum she's not so dumb
»Keep mum she's not so dumb !«
»Careless talk costs lives«




- Luggage ; Full-length wardrobe trunks: Marlene Dietrich in Monte Carlo Story (1957) ; Victor Mature in After the Fox (1966) ;


M - Martha

- Mad Mike Hoare

- Magnetogorsk Wikipedia - Magnetogorsk

- Mahle ; Kolben.

- Mahler: Mahler's gravestone has only the word »Mahler« carved upon it. Those who knew would know. To those who did not, it would not matter.

Mahler's Ninth Symphony

Mahler's Ninth Symphony


+ Man Hunt in Kenya by Ian Henderson, 1953. Henderson led the counter-insurgency during the Mau-Mau Rebellion.



- Naval Architecture


- Management Theory ; Management Theory is largely charletonism. The best management theory text is The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli.



+ Mani - Sparta, Greece


- Mannequins : What we now term fashion model or photographic model were termed mannequin up until the 1960s. The most significant mannequins of their day, listed below not exclusivly, were as prominent as the cult of celebrity which began to surround some prominent models during the late 1980s.

- Anne St Marie

Mercedes-Benz 300SL 1955 at L'Etoile, Paris
Mercedes-Benz 300SL at L'Etoile Wikipedia - , Paris, 1955. Left Barbara Goalen Wikipedia - wears a Tweed Dress by Jean Patou Wikipedia - , right Anne St-Marie Wikipedia - a Suit by Lavin Wikipedia - . Photographed by Irving Penn Wikipedia - .

- Barbara Goalen

- Suzy Parker Wikipedia - Suzy Parker

- Wenda Rogerson Wikipedia -

- Capuccine Wikipedia -

- Dorian Leigh Wikipedia - Dorian Leigh

- Dovima Wikipedia - Dovima

- Anne Gunning Wikipedia -

- Lisa Fonssagrives Wikipedia - Lisa Fonssagrives

- Sunny Hartnett

- Tania Mallet

- Veruschka

- Babe Paley Wikipedia - Babe Paley

- Jean Patchett Wikipedia -

Barbara Goalen models a coronation robe gown photographed by Elsbeth Juda for Ambassador Magazine, Grand Hotel, St Moritz, 1953
Barbara Goalen, Queen of Mannequins, models a coronation robe gown photographed by Elsbeth Juda Wikipedia - Elsbeth Juda for Ambassador Magazine Wikipedia - Ambassador Magazine, Grand Hôtel Wikipedia - , St Moritz, 1953 Link - BBC footage 1953 Grand Hotel St Moritz. The collection and materials of Elsbeth Juda is now in the Archive at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, England.



- von Manstein ; At the Berghof ; At Schloss Klessheim ; At Zell, Bavaria ; Quotations ;


+ Maps - Link - in Chicago,IL and Link - in London ; DDAC Durchfahrtspläne fur 150 deutsche Städte 1939 ;

+ Marchal ; Marchal headlamps.



Marker Bindings



+ Matrimonio All'Italiana (1964)

+ Mauser C96 Broomhandle Wikipedia - Mauser C96 Wikipedia - Mauser C96 ; From Russia with Love (1963) ; Knight without Armour (1937);

Oliver Reid in Sitting Target carries a Mauser Broomhandle
Oliver Reid in Hard Target


+ McQueen, Steve ; In motorsport ; Le Mans (1971) ; In wristwatches ;

+ Mifune: Toshiro Mifune Wikipedia - Toshiro Mifune

- Mind; The best text I have ever read on the mind is The Mechanism of Mind by Edward de Bono. Investigaters, scientists, detectives, and motion picture location hunters all deal with the mind as their primary tool and while a very powerful tool it has some quirks which need to be understood in order to get the best performance from it.


+ MIGHT HAVE BEEN; What Might Have Been:

- If Where Eagles Dare (1968) had been shot as the first Bond motion picture, and with Sean Connery as Smith, or Bond as it would have been.

- If Where Eagles Dare (1968) had had a sequel, with Richard Burton repreising his role as Smith and Clint Eastwood as Schaffer.





+ MIL-SURP ; Military Surplus ;

- - Military Surplus as a term originates from the large post WWI and WWII sell-offs as well as pre 1960s US government costs-plus porcurement contracts. There were large sell-offs of items numbering in the hundreds of thousands. The same occurred after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Nowadays it refers to government sell-offs of any military gear. Some of it used but some of it might be new. The Swiss Army holds a large auction of Swiss military vehicles at Thun, annually. Some military surplus clothing can be very useful and I list my favorites here:

- Swiss

- - Swiss Army M70 camouflage jacket (smock) plus suspender trousers (bib)#


- Swedish

- - Arctic Jacket m1905, m1909, m1913, m1960. Swedish terms for these jackets is 'Livpäls' 'Livpäls'. They were issued mainly to troops in the Arctic. Most armies which have or do operate in the Actic issue a similar coat. The Soviet Army and Navy do issue on and the Heer and Luftwaffe used to issue them. They are made from thick canvas outer and lined with either sheepskin or goatskin. Sometimes the fur is all the same color, sometimes, like the one I own, it is brown furs and white furs. Supposedly they are so warm that you only wear them when static, like a goose-down belay jacket, but I have had to wear mine on the move many times.

- - These jackets are useful for any operations in the High North, or in sub-zero temperatures, blizzards.

Soviet Navy Arctic jacket in animal skin - Soviet cruiser docked at snow covered port
Soviet Navy issue animal skin coat


- US

- - M65 jacket#


- British

- - #


- Bundeswehr

- - #


- Austrian

- - #


- Italian

- - #


- Soviet

- - #


+ Mini Cooper: The Italian Job (1969) ; Steve McQueen ;

+ Mitteleuropa



+ Mole-Richardson Wikipedia - Mole Richardson ; Set lighting.



Pinewood Studios
In the above photograph, the set of Goldfinger (1964), the lights being used are the huge Mole-Richardson Wikipedia - Mole Richardson »Brute« Link - Brute arclights, which will give the effect of bright sunlight.

Stoke Park
On location at Stoke Park filming the golfing scenes.


Pinewood House
Pinewood House (Heatherden Hall) standing in for SPECTRE headquarters in From Russia with Love (1963). Mole-Richardson »Brute« are used to illuminate the gardens after the target »Bond« has been killed by Red Grant

Mole-Richardson are a family-owned company who make the lights for most of the film industry. The Brutes were the mainstay of movie lighting because their great power, greater than an anti-aircraft searchlight Wikipedia - Searchlights Link - , enabled the engineers to provide enough light both on the set and on location to allow the slow-speed films of the day to gain enough light for them to provide the correct colors. After the production of The Third Man (1949) Carol Reid lent the city of Vienna his Mole-Richardson Brutes to illuminate St Stephen's Cathedral Wikipedia - St Stephen's Vienna for its re-opening subsequent to its repairs after wartime bomb damage.

On location at the bridge scene
A Mole-Richardson on location of Where Eagles Dare (1968) at the scene where the bridge was blown up.



- Monaco ; Monte Carlo Story (1957) ; Monte Carlo or Bust (1969) ; The Persuaders! (1971) ; Goldeneye (1995) ; Grand Prix (1966) ; That Riviera Touch (1966) ;


+ Monroe ; Marilyn Monroe ; In Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953) Wikipedia - Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953) ;

+ Monument Valley, AZ/UT




+ MOONSHINE Wikipedia - Moonshine ; Poteen Wikipedia - Link - ; White Whiskey Wikipedia - Link - ; Samogon Wikipedia - Link - ;

- Moonshine: Junior's Midnight Moon Link - Junior's Midnight  Moon - Convicted moonshiner and NASCAR driver Junior Johnson's Wikipedia - Junior Johnson own recipe. See Thunder Road (1958) Wikipedia - Thunder Road (1958) and The Last American Hero (1973) Wikipedia - The Last American Hero Link - imcdb "The Last American Hero" (1973)

- The Moonshiners (1961) Wikipedia - The Moonshiners , at Link - "The Moonshiners".

- White Whiskey: Unaged whiskey - Link - Popcorn Sutton White Whiskey . Moonshine is either corn based or grain based. White whiskey is grain based.



Motion Picture Locations


- MOTION PICTUREs I wish I had written:

-- El Cid, Gladiator, The Maltese Falcon, Where Eagles Dare, The Deep, Predator (1987), Jaws, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Blue Murder at St Trinians , The Hangover , Gone Baby Gone (2007) , Deliverance (1972), Dead Reckoning, No Country for Old Men , The Blue Max (1966) , Lord of the Flies, The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014), ...

-- The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) is one of those screenplays which use a 'bookend' technique to tell the story, where the first scene of the movie is, chronologically, at the end, and to which the final scene of the movie will return.

- MOTION PICTURE Opening Scenes I wish I had written:

-- Thunderbolt and Lightfoot (1974) , Mad Max (1979) , Recoil (2011),

- MOTION PICTURE; Recent motion pictures worth seeing: The Hangover plus sequels ; Crank plus sequels ; Bullet to the Head ;


+ Moral Authority ; #


+ St Moritz

- Ian Fleming on the Alpine Motor Trials 1932, staying at the Grand Hôtel. ;

- Gunter Sachs and the Dracula Club Link - Dracula Club Link - Dracula Club Kulm Hôtel Link - Classicdriver ;

- Cresta Run Wikipedia - Cresta Run Link - Cresta Run ; The Sunny Bar at the Hôtel Kulm;

St Moritz - The Cresta Run Grille badge Aston Martin Vantage
Aston Martin Vantage fitted with the St Moritz Toboggan Club grill badge.



This is the prefix of urgent signals from MI6 to stations or agents in the field:

From Russia with Love (1957) Chapter 25.

»Then, out of the blue, this had come along. Must have been a shock getting one of those Most Immediate signals. He'd probably be a bit shy of Bond. Odd face. The eyes looked rather mad. But so they did in most of these men doing secret work abroad. One had to be a bit mad to take it on. Powerful chap, probably on the stupid side, but useful for this kind of guard work. M had just taken the nearest man and told him to join the train.«




- Engineering ; #

- Riding ; #

- Hells Angels ;#

- Pacific Coast Highway; #

- Touring ; #

- #

- #


+ Munden - Bob Munden- The Fastest Gun Alive Wikipedia - Bob Munden Link - Bob Munden



- MUSIC: Music for Rail Transport:

- Moncaya Whapango,

- Arthur Honneker Pacific 231

- Villa-Lobos Little Train



- MUSIC: Concerts: Significant Concerts

- - There have been concerts given which just happened, by accident, at the right time, the right time to catch the Zeitgeist.

- - - 1910: In New York: Rachmaninov played Rachmaninov's piano concertos, with the New York Philharmonic conducted by Gustav Mahler.

- - - 1936: Prague: After Nazi occupation. Czech Philharmonic Orchestra Wikipedia - conducted by # Czech conductor Vaclav Talich made a live recording in a concert hall Concert of Smetina Ma Vlast Wikipedia - . The emotion of the crowd is audible during the applause between the movements. During the final applause there was much shouting. Link - History of Ma Vlast - live recording after Nazi occupation Link - Live performance of Ma Vlast after during Nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia by Czech Philharmonic Orchestra directed by Vaclav Talich In 1941 the Nazis banned all performances of Moldau.

- - - 1938 Vienna, after the Anschluss: Performance of Mahler 9 in Vienna #

- - - 1941: Leningrad: Performance of Shostakovich's Leningrad Symphony Wikipedia - Premiere of Shostakovich's symphony Number 7 by the Leningrad Radio Orchestra Wikipedia - under Karl Eliasberg, broadcast over loudspeakers to the combatants of both sides in the trenches at the siege of Leningrad

- - - 1945-MAY-01 21:30HRS German time Wikipedia - , Deutscher Reichsrundfunk Wikipedia - warned that a grave and important announcement would be made. This was followed by several excerpts from Wagner's Wikipedia - operas. At 22:20HRS Deutscher Reichsrundfunk plays the slow movement from Bruckner's Seventh Symphony Wikipedia - , written to mark the death of Wagner, prior to the announcement made by Grand Admiral Donitz Wikipedia - , in person, on the death of Adolf Hitler.

- - - 1963: New York City: New York Philharmonic Orchestra Wikipedia - were performing an afternoon subscription concert led by George Szell. The orchestra's manager came on and announced the news to the audience. On the recording you can hear the collective gasp of the audience. The conductor has the orchestra play Samuel Barber's Adagio for Strings Wikipedia - , followed by Beethoven's Funeral March Wikipedia - . Link - New York Philharmonic on the assassination of JFK President Kennedy

- - - 1963: Boston: The Boston Symphony Orchestra Wikipedia - played the funeral march from Beethoven's Eroica Wikipedia - after the Orchestra manager had come on stage to convey the news to the audience that President Kennedy Wikipedia - had been assassinated. Link - Boston symphony Hall after the assassination of JFK President Kennedy

- - - 1968: London, the Royal Albert Hall, at a Promenade Concert: During the Hungarian Uprising Wikipedia - . Leningrad Symphony Orchestra playing Dvorak with Russian cellist (subsequently conductor) Mstislav Rostropovich. In an atmosphere of great tension and emotion within the hall Rostrapovich performed with tears streaming down his face. #

- - - 1989: Prague. As crowds gathered in Wenceslas Square, an orchestra had gathered in the concert hall at the end of the square. They threw open the doors and began to play Mav Last Link - History of Ma Vlast - live recording after Nazi occupation #

- - - 1989: Berlin: The Red Army Chorus Wikipedia - gave a farewell concert for the citizens of the DDR Wikipedia - . The found that not only the Ossies turned up but the Wessies also. The Red Army Chorus gave a rendition of Those were the Days my Friend

- - - 1989: Kubelic's return. #



+ Mustang, Ford ; GT350 ;


+ Mussolini - Benito Mussolini




N - Nordpol





+ NEWS - ,,


- Newton, Helmut. Photographer: Monaco ; Cannes ; #


+ The Night Porter (1974)


+ Night of the Demon (1957)



+ 1927



In WK2 those born in 1927 were called up by the German Army in 1944. The draft of 1927 was the last hope for Germany. If the tide could not be held in 1944, then Germany would lose everything.

1916 - 1937-OCT-1
1917 - 1938-OCT-1
1918 - 1939-AUG-26
1919 - 1939-AUG-26
1920 - 1940-OCT-01
1921 - 1941-FEB-1
1922 - 1941-SEP-5
1923 - 1942-APR-15
1924 - 1942-OCT-15
1925 - 1943-MAY
1926 - 1943-DEC
1927 - 1944-JUL
1928 - 1944-DEC (1945-FEB)
1929 - 1945-MAR




+ Noise ; White noise ; White noise is what you used to get when you turned on the televisor and it was not tuned to a channel. The white noise is the sound and sight of the earth's magnetosphere. Hunter S. Thompson would return to his hotel suite in the small hours full of booze and drugs and to help him sleep he would turn on the televizor and tune it away from a channel so that it would produce white noise. In the late 1980s they started to fit televizors with a 'noise gate' which cuts the amplifier after a fraction of a second when it detects noise, which meant your televizor could no longer render to you this service.


+ Notebook: See Moleskine Wikipedia - Moleskine. The waterproof cover means that the sweat from your hands does not damage the book. For heading off into action and adventure you need a pistol on your hip. If you cannot carry a pistol, then carry a notebook. If you cannot shoot a man who is irritating you, then at least you can take his name.


- Notting Hill (1999)



- Novelists I admire; Martin Cruz Smith Wikipedia - Martin Cruz Smith - Superb research, good portraiture, excellent structural work. How he was able to grasp so much detail about the everyday life of the Soviet Union I have no idea.; Patrick O'Brian - Great Depth of research. Rich detail and characterisation.

- Novels I wish I had written: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1971) ; Lord of the Flies ; The Abominations of Yondo by Clark Ashton Smith ; Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep by Phillip K. Dick ; The Casting of the Runes by M.R.James Wikipedia -


+ Numbers Stations Wikipedia - Numbers Stations #

- One of the most powerful phenomena in all of sound. Numbers stations were transmitters run by intelligence agencies over which a speaker, usually an automatic recorded voice, will announce a series of numbers. The numbers are a coded message which an intended recipient somewhere in a foreign country will receive and decode. A phenomenon of the Cold Wear but some are still on the air and some are known to return to the air at times of international tension.

If you want to experience strange dreams, go to sleep listening to them on headphones.

- Recordings are available here:

- -

- -

- -




O - Otto

+ Odometer Wikipedia - Odometer ; ICO Racing rally odometers - Link - ICO racing rally odometers

+ Officine Panerai - See Officine Panerai


+ Oktoberfest


+ The Orient Express and the Great Trans-European Trains Link - Worldexpresses. This website is a superb reference work on all of the Great Trans-European Trains of which the Orient-Express is perhaps the most famous.

- Fleming's novel From Russia with Love (1958)



+ Olympic Sports:

- Mitteleuropa-approved Olympic Sports:

-- The Biathlon: Not a Langlauf-with-rifle event, but a downhill ski event with a squad MG like an MG42, FN MAG58, PKM or M60

-- The Grenade Throw: Legend has it that a big man could throw one of the Heer potato masher grenades 100 meters. There was even a sport-grenade produced, which had the same outline, in wood, but with a section of steel pipe of the same size and weight where the grenade body would be.

-- The Artillery Pull: Over a twenty-six mile course of thigh-deep mud, the team have to pull a 15cm artillery piece while pursued by a horde of starving Soviet infanterie, hell bent on raping anything with a pulse and eating anything with a caloric value slightly higher than rock.

-- The Gulash Dash; Under sniper fire, an infantryman has to run 500m there and back with the squad Gulash tin to collect the squad's rashion of steaming Gulash. The course consists of flooded trenches, shell-holes, broken sections of wire and finally a sprint across open, muddy ground.

-- See also:

--- Carrera Pan-Alpina ;

--- Hans-Ulrich Rudel's 3-day dash from behind Soviet lines all the way back to his home airfield after getting stuck






+ Outlaw Trail ; The Outlaw Trail in the South Western United States ;





- Routes, Overland, Difficult: Until the advent of the railways, major routes were maritime. Large distances could be covered at a reasonable speed bearing cargo. Overland routes were ill-defined, muddy, dangerous. Ask Napoleon, or Hannibal. Even during the period of railway construction, it was not always economic or desireable to replace or suppliment a maritime route. Railways certainly were needed as arterial feeders to ports where there was no river traffic. Burma was the prime example of this: The interior of Burma contained only teak and rubies. An extensive river network flowed downstream to a good sea-port. Burma had no need of a railway nor of any overland communications with either the Shan States and China to the north east nor with Bengal to the West. It was not until WWII and the Japanese invasion, the story of which is told in the magnificent text Elephant Bill. The author led an elephant convoy out of Burma to Bengal over tiny mountain passes where the flanks of the mighty lead tusker Bandoola scraped along the rock-wall. Crossing Burma was always physically difficult even before it became administrativly difficult. Crossing from Thailand into the Shan States thence Burma was easy and enjoyable. I wish I could tell the stories on these pages here. At that time there were no maps of the border region and respective governments would certainly have confiscated any they found during transit. But when the Wall came down and the Soviet General Staff sold the rights to their map of the entire earth, the maps of places like this became availabel to anybody. How useful they would have been at the time.

- Burma to Bengal; Burma to Thailand; The Dorian Gap; The Rub Al Khali; The Hindu Kush; Iraq-Kurdistan-Iran; Papua New Guinea ;



Ö - Ödipus




P - Paula





- Painting: USSR Link - USSR painting - The magnificent works of the Russian and Soviet masters.

- Panavision ; A good history of Panavision and its founding members: - Link - - "Remembering Tak Miyagishma". Panavision would even build special lenses to order for specific shots. The scene in David Lean's Lawrence of Arabia (1962) where Omar Sharif approaches the well could not be shot unless Panavision built a special lens just for that shot. Elizabeth Taylor had a lens made especially to give her more slender proportions in her close-ups.


+ Panerai - See

- Officine Panerai , the Egyptian Navy ;

- Officine Panerai in The Expendables (2010) , The Expendables 2 (2012)


+ Panzer ;

- PzKw VI Ausf E Tiger ;

- PzKw Ausf B Königstiger ;


+ Passage to Marseilles (1944)

+ The Passenger (1975) Wikipedia - The Passenger (1975) ;


+ PARIS Links for use in Paris


+ PEIPER ; Joachim Peiper


+ Peter O'Toole: Smoking cigarettes


+ Pelisse; See Scarlet Empress (1934), Royal Flash (1975),


- Personae #; Molotov ; Peter Lawford ;


- The Persuaders! (1971)

- Episode 01 Overture

- Episode 02 Gold Napoleon

- Episode 03 Take Seven

- Episode 04 Greensleeves

- Episode 05 Powerswitch

- Episode 06 The Time and the Place

- Episode 07 Someone like Me

- Episode 08 Anyone Can Play

- Episode 09 The Old the New and the Deadly

- Episode 10 Angie Angie

- Episode 11 Chain of Events

- Episode 12 That's me over There

- Episode 13 The Long Goodbye

- Episode 14 The Man in the Middle

- Episode 15 Element of Risk

- Episode 16 A Home of One's Own

- Episode 17 Five Miles to Midnight

- Episode 18 Nuisance Value

- Episode 19 The Morning After

- Episode 20 Read and Destroy

- Episode 21 A Death in the Family

- Episode 22 The Ozerrov Inheritance

- Episode 23 To the Death

- Episode 24 Someone Waiting



- Philby, Kim;

-- Cambridge Spy Ring reference by Ian Fleming ; in From Russia with Love (1956).

-- Defection from the Hôtel St Georges, Bierut ;


- Photographers; Cecil Beaton Wikipedia - , Norman Parkinson Wikipedia - , Richard Avedon Wikipedia - , Bunny Yeager Wikipedia - Bunny Yeager, Silm Aarons Wikipedia - , Helmut Newton Wikipedia - , Clifford Coffin Wikipedia - .



- Industrial: - Magnificent site of photography of heavy industry Link - Viktomacha - Enough to warm the heart of the most exhausted Stakhanvite shock-worker !

- Landscape photography Link - htttp://


+ Picasa; the Mitteleuropa website at Picasa Link - Picasa Mitteleuropa

+ Pinewood Studios


+ Link - VerlagMeyer Pinterest ;


+ Playboys ; 12 playboys of the Sixties Link - Playboys of the Sixties ;




Porsche 917

Dr Henry Kissinger and President Richard Nixon board a Marine helicopter




+ Powerboats ; Offshore Powerboats Link - Offshore Powerboats; Historic Race Boats Link - Historic Race Boats;


+ Prag / Prague ;

- See: Reinhard Heydrich, Assassination in Prag in Operation Anthropoid, 1942:


- Predator (1987)



- Photoshop Plug-Ins

-- Mister Retro Wikipedia - Link - Photoshop Plug-In is useful for ageing surfaces and adding patina to objects.




+ PRESENCE ; Toshiro Mifune ; Sydney Greenstreet ; Lee Marvin ; Jack Hawkins ;





Q - Quelle


+ QR Code Wikipedia - QR Code.

- A QR code "Quick Response Code" is one of those square barcodes which you see in newspapers and on packaging which can be read by an iPhone. You can generate them with programs or at websites such as these:

- - Link - Barcode Generator (I use this one )

- - Link - Bar Code Generator

QR Code for Mitteleuropa Website


+ Quotations



- Don Quixote (1992) by Orson Welles



R - Richard

+ Radar: Germany, Switzerland, France, England, Italy, Benelux.

Radar Warning AN/APR indicator readout


+ RADIO ; Callsigns & Phrases:

- "Main Force Patrol to Gosling One"

- "PB-R Streetgang this is Almighty"

- In Ian Fleming's novel Dr No (1958) the MI6 agent uses the radio callsign WXN to make contact with London.


+ RADIO ; Radio calls ;

- WINCHESTER - Fighter pilots call for 'out of ammunition'

- PICKLE & SHACK - 'pickle' means 'bombs away' , 'shack', means the bomb hit the target (which on the range would have been a shack). Also useded as verbs 'pickled' and 'shacked'.

- ENEMY COAST AHEAD : WWII RAF bomber radio call over the intercom to alert the gun crew that the coast of enemy-held Europe was coming up.



+ Railway Motion Pictures: Von Ryan's Express , The Dark of the Sun (1968), Berlin Express (1948).



+ The Rat Pack Wikipedia - .


+ Recognition Signals

- In Scorpio (1973) Wikipedia - Scorpio at 00:37:40, the protagonist Wikipedia - Protagonist, Cross, played by Burt Lancaster, arrives in Vienna, he has to exchange his recognition code with this contact

»Spain was a long time ago«          he says

»The best died there«          responds his contact.

There were still veterans of the Spanish Civil War Wikipedia - alive at that time. During the Prague Spring Wikipedia - of 1968, one of the members of the Czech government was arrested by KGB Wikipedia - and having been split up from the other Czechs was being taken to Moscow. At one airfield he was being held in a guardroom when in walked a Russian Colonel with whom he had been in one of the International Brigades Wikipedia - in Spain in 1936. They recognized each other immediately and embraced joyously.

- In From Russia with Love (1963) Wikipedia - From Russia with Love (1963), Bond has to exchange a recognition code with Nash as they meet on Zagreb station.

BOND:         Have you got a match ?

RED GRANT :  No, but I have a lighter.

BOND:         Better still, until they break down.

- »The wedding is next Saturday«. This is the code used to initiate the escape of the anti-Communist 'Masin Gang' from Prag in 1953 in one of the greatest escapes of all time.




- Reference Works: Oxford English Dictionary ; Jane's ; Encyclopedia of Military Biography ; Encyclopedia of Military History ; Grove Dictionary of Music ; Dictionary of National Biography ;



- The Kolyma ; Kamchatka ; Wrangel Island Wikipedia - Wrangel Island and the Soviet Arctic ; The Andaman and Nicobar Islands Wikipedia - Andaman and Nicobar ; Novaya Zemlya Wikipedia - Novaya Zemlya; The Shan States ;




Hotels in Motion Pictures, Fiction, Motorsport

Consulting the WWII Michelin Guide
The Michelin Guide

000210 George Lazenby consults his Michelin Guide, which is open on the passenger seat of the Aston Martin DBS
On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969) 00:02:10 George Lazenby consults his Michelin Guide, which is open on the passenger seat of the Aston Martin DBS


- From Ian Fleming's novel Goldfinger (1959), James Bond checks his Guide Michelin:

   Bond had never cared for Orléans. It was a priest and myth ridden town without charm or gaiety. It was content to live off Joan of Arc and give the visitor a hard, holy glare while it took his money. Bond consulted his Michelin. Goldfinger would stop at five-star hotels and eat fillets of sole and roast chicken. It would be the Arcades for him - perhaps the Moderne. Bond would have liked to stay outside the town and sleep on the banks of the Loire in the excellent Auberge de la Montespan, his belly full of quenelles de brocket. He would have to stick closer to his fox. He decided on the Hotel de la Gare and dinner at the station buffet


- Before dining your way across Mitteleuropa first, review La Grand Bouffe (1973) Wikipedia -  La Grande Bouffe and second, plan your adventure using the Michelin Guide Wikipedia - Michelin Guide, which, in case you were not already aware, is the definitive guide to the quality of restaurants.



- Restaurant Auberge de la Montespan, Orleans, France.

- London: Scott's Restaurant Link - Scotts in Mayfair; Original location in Haymarket. Present location in Mount Street, Mayfair, London.

- Geneva : Café de Paris Wikipedia - Café de Paris Link - Café de Paris Link - Rue de France blogspot

- Madrid: Restaurant Horcher's Wikipedia - Horcher's in MadridLink - Horcher's in Madrid ;

- Madrid: Botin's Wikipedia - Botin's; After Botin's we used to go to the Café Central, which at the time was a late-night live Jazz haunt. In the mid 1980s it received an entry into a tourist guide, and was subsequently over-run with sightseers.

- Berlin: Restaurant Horcher'sWikipedia - Horcher's Berlin

- Val d'Isere: Restaurant La Perdrix Blanche Link - - Good seafood restaurant several thousand meters above sea level. There is nothing like working up huge appetite by skiing all day in order to satiate it at La Perdrix Blanche

- Vienna: Restaurant Drei Husaren Wikipedia - Link - Drei Husaren;

- Milano: Restaurant Spontini's Link - Spontini - My favorite pizza restaurant. Milanese pizza is different to Roman pizza. Milanese pizza is deep and thick whereas Roman pizza is thin and crispy.

- Paris: Restaurant Tour d'Argent Wikipedia - Tour D'Argent;

- Paris: Restaurant Taillevent Wikipedia - Taillevent;

- Paris: Restaurant Maxim's Wikipedia - Maxim's; - In the 1960s, first class trans-Atlantic catering on Pan-Am was supplied by Maxim's

- France: Le Mans: Restaurant Hunaudières, on the N138 Mulsanne Straight at Le Mans. Left hand side as you go down. Avoid the Routier restaurant at Tetre Rouge. As Routier go it is third-rate. The best Routier I ever found was in Lyon on the south side of the river opposite a bombsite truck park. When I find it again I will let you know where it is.

- French Riviera: La Colombe d'Or Wikipedia -  Link - La Colombe d'Or  Link - La Colombe d'Or, St Paul de Vence Wikipedia - Saint Paul de Vence Wikipedia - St Paul de Vence, Provence, France.

- Buda-Pest: Berg's on Gellert Hill Wikipedia - Gellert Hill, Buda-Pest ; Eichemann and Wallenberg dine ;

- Bordeaux, France: Le Chapon Fin Wikipedia - Restaurant Le Chapon Fin Bordeaux Link - Restaurant Le Chapon Fin Bordeaux . Ian Fleming dined here in the final hours of the Nazi invasion: From The Life of Ian Fleming by John Pearson published by Jonathan Cape, 1967:

   Peter Smithers – later Conservative MP for Winchester and today Secretary-General of the Council for Europe – remembers arriving in Bordeaux as a naval lieutenant with the British Naval Attaché, meeting Fleming there, and going with him to a farewell dinner which the British and French General Staffs held in the Chapon Fin restaurant in Bordeaux, then one of the greatest restaurants in France. Fleming was immensely touched by the occasion. Until the meal actually began an air of appalling disaster hung about the strange, grotto-like interior with the tree growing up the middle. Then grim satisfaction took hold of the sombre diners as they began to realize that the Chapon Fin was bringing out – at its own expense – its finest wines and its most renowned food. It was the grand finale. All that remained was for everyone present to eat and drink his way out in style.


- Firenze: #

- Torino : † Restaurant Il Cavallo Volante, Torino, Italia ;

- Roma: The problem with most of Roma is that the tourist footfall is so large that finding either a good place to eat a hearty meal or fine dining is very difficult. These restaurants are there but not easy to find. #

- München : #

- Saigon: Arc-en-Ciel (Rainbow) Chinese restaurant: Mentioned in Bernard Fall's Street without Joy

- Washington D.C.: The Empress †; Henry Kissinger's favorite restaurant. Link - Tour of DC Closed Restaurants

- Los Angeles CA: Perino'sWikipedia - Link - Location research 'iamnotastalker' Link - LA Conservancy - Perino's Demolished Link - Paul Williams Project - 1960s restaurants - Perinos Link - Blog IWFS - Famous LA restaurants from the studio era Link - The Hitchcock Zone Wiki - Perino's Restaurant LA California Link - KCET Perino's rules of fine dining. When Nixon lived in Los Angeles, Perino's was the most fashionable restaurant in the town. By the early Seventies its glory had faded and it had been sold to a chain. After Nixon and Kissinger concluded the agreement with the Communist Chinese for a summit meeting, Nixon invited some of his senior staff , including Dr Kissinger and John Erlichman, to Perino's to celebrate their gigantic foreign policy coup. Old Man Perino had been wheeled out to preside over the catering and a dust-encrusted magnum of 1961 Château Lafite Rothschild was pulled out of the wine cellar.

Los Angeles, Restaurant Perino's, 1972, President Richard Nixon, Dr Henry Kissinger and Senor Perino
1972: Restaurant Perino's: Senor Perino (center) receives President Richard Nixon and Dr Henry Kissinger whom are celebrating the success of their diplomatic initiatives with China.


   In July 1971, while I was on my secret trip to China, Ehrlichman had asked David Young, then an aide of mine, to join his staff. On my return on July 13, I protested to Ehrlichman that he should not have done this in my absence. Two days later, Nixon invited a number of his senior staff, including Ehrlichman and me, to dine with him in Los Angeles to celebrate his television appearance in which he announced my secret trip. After a convivial evening with Nixon basking in one of the rare moments of general public approbation, Ehrlichman and I shared a forty-minute helicopter ride back to San Clemente and fell into another bicker about David Young. Ehrlichman boasted that he was better able to use talent than I was, as demonstrated by his ability to attract Young; I put it down to jealousy over the attention paid to my China exploit. If Ehrlichman mentioned 'Plumbers' or that Young was intended for such a group, it passed me by. My perception was that Young had been assigned to a project involving declassification of documents. As I have said earlier, I would not have seen anything wrong with a small unit in Ehrlichman's office charged with investigating security leaks. And nobody ever claimed that I knew of the 'Plumbers' later illegal activities.

Years of Upheaval by Dr Henry Kissinger, 1982


- London: Hôtel Carlton † and Carlton Grill †. Formerly at the south end of Haymarket on the western side, almost on Pall Mall, it was badly damaaged by German bombs then destroyed by developers. The Carlton Grill was the dining room of the magnificent Hôtel Carlton, which was managed by Cesar Ritz and its kitchens overseen by none other than the Emporer of chefs-de-cuisine August Escoffier Wikipedia - Auguste Escoffier himself. When Escoffier met his Imperial Majesty Kaiser Willhelm II, his Majesty declared "I am the Emperor of Germany, but you are the Emperor of Chefs."
   The Carlton Grill was very popular with senior government and military officers. Ian Fleming was lunched there while being sounded out for a position in Naval Intelligence: From The Life of Ian Fleming by John Pearson published by Jonathan Cape, 1967, Chapter 09 'Fleming's War':

   Since they built New Zealand House on that corner site where Haymarket sweeps into Pall Mall, the Carlton Grill has become one of the lost landmarks of London. But it really died one night in 1940 when a German thousand-kilo bomb brought the rest of the Carlton Hotel crashing down into its famous gold-and-white interior, burying the rococo side-tables, destroying the big portrait of King Edward VIII as Prince of Wales, and scattering the ghosts of the generals and actors and politicians who had dined and gossiped and plotted here since the turn of the century. Before the war the Carlton Grill, a brisk five-minute walk across the Horse Guards and up the Duke of York steps, was almost an annex of Whitehall, and when the Rear-Admiral decided one May morning in 1939 that the time had come for him to meet Mr Ian Fleming (who had now settled down to stockbroking again after that odd visit to Russia and Poland), the Carlton Grill was the obvious place to suggest. It was sufficiently discreet; the tables were wide enough apart for one not to be overheard; the food and the wines were better than at most of the clubs in Pall Mall or St Jamess. The Rear-Admiral believed in doing things well, and much could depend on this first meeting. A lot of people had taken a lot of trouble finding him the man he needed. The moment had come to look him over.


- London: Café Pélican † on Upper St Martin's Lane on Upper St Martins Lane which was the kingpin of film and media world. Directly to the north west is the area of Soho, which is home to many small production houses and media operations. The Café Pélican was typically French in that you could have anything from an espresso to five course lunch at any time of day. As well as more recognizable figures from film and television, you could see playwrights or teams of producers working on projects while the waiters kept them supplied with sustenance. After the Café Pélican closed, its clientéle dispersed with a portion of them using Le Palais du Jardin on Long Acre. Le Palais du Jardin then closed some years later. It was not until Les Deux Salon opened that a suitable culinary replacement was found. English playright Dennis Potter Wikipedia - Dennis Potter used to write at the Café Pélican and one of his plays was actually set within it. When the plays were televized the actual Café interior was used for some of the shots as well as a studio mock up. English arts commentator Melvyn Bragg Wikipedia - Melvyn Bragg was interviewed in the café for a documentary about French café culture in the 1960s, since the Café Pélican was the only Parisienne café in London.

Café Pélican

Café Pélican



- London: Le Caprice Wikipedia - Link - in Arlington Street behind the Hôtel Ritz and in the same location for the last forty years. When Orson Welles was producing a play in London and became ill, he had his meals sent over from Le Caprice on their silver salvers. These he failed to return and the restaurant had to send someone over to his apartment to ask for the return of their silverware. This may be the Restaurant Le Caprice which Captain W.E. Johns mentions as being popular with WWI RFC pilots, but from memory the location was Lower Regent Street.

- London: L'Ecu de France † at 111 Jermyn Street. Unofficial headquarters of the Free French during WWII, it was bugged by MI5. The tables were fitted with microphones which were wired to recording equipment in a room upstairs. After the war L'Ecu de France became an important meeting place for government, politicians and journalists so MI5 left the bugs in place. It was not until the restaurant closed in the 1980s and MI5 came to remove the recording equipment that it became known that the restaurant had been bugged in the first place.

Restaurant L'Ecu de France, Jermyn Street, London circa 2010
2014: Former location of Restaurant L'Ecu de France, Jermyn Street, London. The camera looks South-West.


- † - indicates restaurant is closed






+ Rejoneo Wikipedia - Rejoneo



+ Rhodesia

Poster: Join the Rhodesian Army: Be a Man Among Men




+ The Rifleman , with Chuck Conners. The Rifleman Wikipedia - The Rifleman opened with a famous scene where Chuck Conners shot his Winchester from the hip. The rifle had been modified to fire when the action was shut which meant that Conners did not even have to pull the trigger. Conners had been practicing with an unmodified rifle and had achieved the same result. The studio were informed that Connors could well injure himself by shutting the action on his finger, which is a common injury with lever actions. They had the rifle modified in order to reduce the risk. Conners, who was an accomplished athlete could not only fire the rifle that fast but at the range could also strike targets at that speed.


+ Rights: Rights can neither be created nor destroyed. They can only be transferred. To allocate rights to one groups of individuals, they must first be taken from another.

+ Les Ripoux (1984) Wikipedia - Les RipouxWikipedia - Le Cop Link - Les Ripoux


+ Ritterkreuztrager Wikipedia - Link - #




+ Riverside International Raceway Wikipedia - Riverside International Raceway, California

- During testing for Grand Prix (1966)

- Steve McQueen driving a Shelby Cobra 427 - Rennsport - General #

- #




+ The River Rats Wikipedia -

+ Rodina Wikipedia - Rodina ; The Holy Motherland

The Rodina




+ ROME: The Pines of Rome Wikipedia - ; The Fountains of Rome Wikipedia - ; Roman Festivals Wikipedia - ; Rome Open City Wikipedia - ; Massacre in Rome Wikipedia - ; La Dolce Vita Wikipedia - ; #



+ Rome Plough Wikipedia - ;


+ Ronin (1998)



+ ROT13




+ Route Pack IV Wikipedia - .



- Resistance To Interrogation

-- The Basics: While seated opposite your interrogator, smile sweetly and say nothing. Look up at the wall behind him if you have to. The reason you smile is because the brain cannot do two things at once. In Vietnam, infantrymen being dropped into a hot LZ would begin shouting at the top of the lungs against the roar of the downdraft. They kept shouting until they hit the ground and then they attacked. This was because the fear would start to grip them as they approached. In order to stop the brain from filling its channel with 'fear', they would replace it with 'anger'. Anger would replace the fear. It did not make you any less likely to get killed, but it did stop the waiting and the fear, which is a bad combination.

- Neuro-Linguistic Programing Wikipedia -




- 'Rule of Five' ; The Mitteleuropa 'Rule of Five' states that you should not have more than five: Five paris of cufflinks, Five wrist-watches ; Five mistresses ; Five cars ; Five houses ;

- Mitteleuropa rule of Objectives: 'Objectives not Objects'. Life is Short. Art is Long. And success is very far away.

- The late great Colonel Jeff Cooper stated that You cannot have too much ammunition, too many books, nor too many wines ;

- Beware of the man with one gun. He can probably use it.

- Rules are for the guidance of wise men and the blind obedience of fools.




S - Siegfried



Lee Marvin wears a Sable Fur hat in Gorky Park
Lee Marvin wears a classic sable fur Wikipedia - Sable hat in Gorky Park (1983)

Gorky Park (1983): Lee Marvin in a Sable fur Ushanka wearing a fur collared coat and holding a pistol


Thick furs are what you require to keep out the driving cold. Prosperous Muscovites display their wealth by wearing the fur of the Siberian sable, the royalty of all furs. The man who wears the large sable fur Ushanka Wikipedia - Ushanka displays his good fortune.

+ Furs in Film Link - Fur Glamor

+ Sachs, Gunter; Riva Aquarama ; Estate Auction at Sotheby's ; Obituary ; Rolex GMT Master ;

+ Saint ; The Saint, a character invented by Leslie Charteris Wikipedia - Leslie Charteris for his series of novels by the same name ; The Saint in Europe (1954). see The Persuaders (1971) Episode 12 ; The Saint (1962-1969) television series ;




- In general: The more a salesman talks the greater the difference between the value of the piece and the price he is asking for it.



+ Sàt Công

Sat Cong


- Save the Cat! Wikipedia - Link - by Blake Snyder. A superb reference work and instruction manual for screen-writers. The mechanism which Snyder makes express is so fundamental that there is even screen writing software of the same name which will aid with structure. It interfaces with Final Draft Pro Wikipedia - Link - screen-writers software, which is also recommended.


+ Savoy ; Hôtel Savoy, London, England : in Night of the Demon (1957) ; The American Bar, Noël Coward;

- Scaglietti Wikipedia - Scaglietti

Scaglietti badge on a Ferrari

+ Scarlett Empress (1934)

+ Schloss, Burg, Ruinen

+ Scott's Restaurant Link - Scotts in Mayfair; Original location in Haymarket. Present location in Mount Street, Mayfair, London.

- The Script Lab Link - The Script Lab

+ Richard Seaman Wikipedia - Richard Seaman


- Schumacher ; Michael Schumacher ;

-- Ski Accident in Méribel




+ Schwarzenegger, Arnold;

- Total Recall, the autobiography of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Chapter 1 "Out of Austria"

   I WAS BORN INTO a year of famine. It was 1947, and Austria was occupied by the Allied armies that had defeated Hitlers Third Reich. In May, two months before I was born, there were hunger riots in Vienna, and in Styria, the southeastern province where we lived, the food shortages were just as bad. Years later, if my mother wanted to remind me about how much she and my father sacrificed to bring me up, shed tell me how shed foraged across the countryside, making her way from farm to farm to collect a little butter, some sugar, some grain. Shed be away three days sometimes. Hamstern, they called it, like a hamster gathering nuts; scrounging for food was so common.

- Schwarzenegger ; Smoking cigars;

- Schwarzenegger ; Predator (1987)

- Schwarzenegger ; The Expendables (2010)

- Schwarzenegger ; The Expendables 2 (2012)

- Schwarzenegger ; The Expendables 3 (2014)





Locations - SCUBA





- Script writing software

-- Final Draft Pro Wikipedia - Link - from Apache Software.



- Seagoing ;

-- Wikipedia - Cruisers Wiki Cruisers Wiki

-- Link - Ocean Routes

-- Link - Cruise Liner History

-- Trains and trans-sea routes Link - Trains Worldexpresses.





- Search Engines

-- Secure searching

- - Secure searching: No records are kept. Scroogle accesses Google's search engine but strips out all identifiers

- Link -

- Torrent Search Engines:


- -




- Web Archive Search Wikipedia - Web Archive:

-- -

- Search Images:




- Search for similar images:




- Search Images Vector not Raster:



+ USENET search:





+ The Searchers (1956) Wikipedia - The Searchers



- Link - Protonmail Secure Email - Secure email


- Security software you should have:

- TOR system Wikipedia - TOR from

- TAILS Wikipedia - TAILS

- Truecrypt Wikipedia - Truecrypt drive encryption

- GPG Wikipedia - GPG

- OpenPuff Wikipedia - OpenPuff steganography software.


- Also useful:

- JHEAD.EXE - Strips identifying headers out of .JPG files

- SDELETE.EXE - Command line file shredder and free diskspace over-writer. Useful as part of a batch file

- AVG Anti-Virus free version also has a right-click file shredder for the Windows Explorer right-click menu

- History scrubber software: Software which wipes web browser history and list of recently accessed files is also useful. SmartProtectorPro was good - small and quick. Evidence Eliminator is comprehensive.

- Clearview.EXE - Useful for clearing browsing history and file access history.



- Link -

- Link -

- Mailinator


- GPS Jammers

- Secure messaging on iPhones

- WEBMAIL: Webmail was invented in the early 1990s. The disadvantage from the perspective of security is that is creates a large plenum of email, the location of which is known to every one who has your email address. All they need to do is obtain the password or crack it. The ability of some web browsers to remember the password on a webpage means that your webmail account can be compromised to people in the same room house or office as yourself. I have seen this happen several times with disastrous results. Furthermore if you become a public figure then your webmail account may be exposed to attacks by hackers or snooping by sysadmins, who are one of the biggest dangers to security. A way around the insecurity of webmail is to revert to the old POP3 system. There are also some email services like the excellent service on which you can create an email address which is forwarded to a second email address which could be a webmail account. The address goes onto your business card and all email is directed there. Unlike a webmail address is contains no email, which you have held elsewhere.

- As a matter of policy, delete email. If you need to store it or enter it in a diary or signals log, store it under encryption in a .TXT file on your computer or computer storage system.

- With webmail, a basic level of security from amateurs can be achieved by writing your message in a MS Word document, or better still a .PDF document and giving it a strong password, then sending that document as the email. This prevents interception by someone who has gained to your webmail account without you knowing.

- One of the problems with other people's webmail is that their security may be very poor. Your email always ends up somewhere and their security might be abysmal. If you want to send a one-time-only message then you can use, which retains a message for between eight and twelve hours. This way the message is not written into their email account. This can be useful if the state has access to email accounts or has passed legislation to force ISPs to retain records of SMTP (email) traffic to and from all accounts.

- A simple way of defeating an SMTP traffic monitor, such as is run by various G7 intelligence agencies, is to write the message in an image and then send the image. Better still use steganography software, such as OpenPuff Wikipedia - OpenPuff, to conceal a message in the image. An encrypted message is impossible to decrypt if you never realised it was an encrypted message.




Q: I have a requirement for self-defense. Please would you advise me on what to do ?


(1) Contact Gunsite Ranch Link - Gunsite Ranch or Yavapai Firearms Academy Link - Yavapai Firearms Academy and ask the question you just asked above. If they are unable to help with your specific requirement (unusual) you will be directed to some one who can. You may have complete confidence in these two contacts.

(2) Do not purchase a firearm. You will be advised on appropriate choices when you contact the above.

(3) Do not go to a gunshop or ask advice at a gunshop.

It really is as simple as making one telephone call and repeating the above question.



- Self-Defense ; Princples ;

" Never go through a door without a full magazine. "

" If you are not shooting you should be reloading. If you are not reloading, you should be moving."

" The same gun, carried in the same place, every day." - "The Bianchi Rule" The reason for the Bianchi Rule is that some cops would carry a duty gun (an auto) on the hip during the day and a smaller Smith and Wesson J-frame revolver in a shoulder holster when off duty. This meant that in an emergency, their muscle-memory, the response which is 'trained' into the muscles by extensive and prolonged training, would reach for a gun which was not there. The delay could be long enough to get you killed. The Bianchi Rule is named after John Bianchi, holster maker.

" Be courteous to all, friendly to none and have a plan to kill everyone you meet. "

" Your pistol is to fight your way to your rifle. "


" Shoot, move, communicate.. "


" The dumber people think you are, the more surprised they are going to be when you kill them. "


" If you are going to kill a man, it costs nothing to be polite.. "

- Winston S. Churchill.

The Goblin at Gunsite: Square Range practice with a backup gun
The Goblin at Gunsite: Square Range practice with a backup gun



+ She Wore a Yellow Ribbon (1949) Wikipedia - She Wore a Yellow Ribbon


+ Secretarial:

In the age of the typewriter, secretaries were trained professionals and thus they all used the same formatting when typing. If you notice in the following two documents, one from 1945 and one from 1956, you can see that in the footer of each page, the word which follows on the next page appears preceeded (or followed) by a slash. This is an aid to ordering the documents should they become jumbled. With modern wordprocessing software, a footer may be inserted into the document which will print the page number and the total number of pages in the document, which removes the need for this. But it would be nice if there was a piece of code which one could insert into the footer which, like this documents, produced the first word of the following page preceeded by a slash. Note also that the introductary greeting "Dear Sir" and the signing of the letter "Yours Sincerely" are done in Fleming's handwriting, in ink. Note that the address of the person Fleming is responding to is typed at the foot of the letter. This formatting was common before the present system of upper-right sender, lower-left, recipient. Kelmsley's telephone number was "Terminus 1234" which was the format of telephone numbers before trunk dialing. Kelmsley would be connected to the telephone exchange at "Terminus" where ever that was. Another telephone exchange close to Fleming would have been "Museum" which you can see on other letter headings of a similar period, the museum in question being the British Museum.


The RAF target information sheet for the raid on the Berghof in 1945

The RAF target information sheet for the raid on the Berghof in 1945

The RAF target information sheet for the raid on the Berghof in 1945


Ian Fleming's letter to Goefrrey Boothroyd
Note the flawless formatting of Fleming's secretary Beryl Griffie-Williams.




+ Seychelles

- NATO ONC and TPC air charts

- Mad Mike Hoare, see The Seychelles Affaire and Three Years with Sylvia by Mike Hoare published by Robert Hale 1977 ISBN 0 7091 6194 8



+ Shooting for real: Gunsite Link - Gunsite; Yavapai Firearms Academy Link - Yavapai Firearms Academy Link - Interview with Louis Awerbuck;

+ Shooting: Shot timers PACT Link - PACT shot timers

- Link - Singer Vehicle Design - Original 1970s Porsche 911 replica/rebuilds.


+ Shakespeare ; William Shakespeare ;

- Falstaff - Chimes at Midnight (1965), by Orson Welles



Shelby Cobra chassis plate Powered by Ford
Shelby Cobra chassis plate



- Grand Prix (1966)

- Gumball Rally (1976)



+ SIXTIES ; J Paul Getty II and Talitha Pol Wikipedia - Talitha Pol in Marrakech ; Playboys of the Sixties Link - Playboys of the Sixties ; Hunter S. Thompson, Jefferson Airplane and the Matrix Club ;



+ Siren Wikipedia - Siren


+ Skating ; Ice Skating Wikipedia - ; Nordic skating; Tour Skating Wikipedia - Tour Skating [Swedish: långfärdsskridsko Finnish: retkiluistelu Norwegian: turskøyting];



- Skiing: Downhill Racer (1969)

- Skiing: On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1963)Wikipedia - On Her Majesty's Secret Service

- Skiing: The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)Wikipedia -


+ Skiing - Langlauf; See Klaus Hellberg and the great escape on skis during the raids on Telemark.

- For intelligence gathering on snow conditions post a request so the two USENET groups rec.skiing.resorts.europe Link - rec.skiing.resorts.europe and de.rec.alpinismus Link - de.rec.alpinismus. The former tends to focus on the western half of the Alps and the latter the eastern half.

- rec.skiiing.resorts.europe FAQ Link - r.s.r.e FAQ & - Link - r.s.r.e FAQ

- Ski, weather ;

-- Link -

-- Surface temperatures in Europe via satellite Link - WX - Surface Temperatures in Europa

-- Link -

-- Snowcams - Link - Snowcams

-- Swiss Meto Link - Swiss Meteo

-- Link - Niederschlagsradar


+ Skorzeny, Otto; Otto Skorzeny



- Snap-On Wikipedia - Snap-On Tool corporation


Snap-On tools





+ SNOW - What Germans miss the most when away from home is the big forests. What Russians miss the most when away from home is the snow.

- Snow ; Motion Pictures for Snow ;


- Snow ; Music for Snow ;


- Snow ; Paintings for Snow ;

- Shishkin ; Caspar David Frederick ;



Mais où sont les neiges d'antan! Wikipedia - Ballade des Dames du Temps Jadis


+ Societies: The TE Lawrence Society Wikipedia - Link - ; The Winston Churchill Society Wikipedia - Link - ;


+ SOFTWARE ; Software for website production: In addition to the magnificent Adobe Creative Suite Wikipedia - , you will find useful an array of small freeware utilities: IrfanView, LupasRename, JHEAD.EXE, Fotosizer, PTGui, FotoView, JStrip. Simple, effective and immediate. For image blur reduction by deconvolution Link - -

- Software for writing:

-- Text Editors:

--- Textpad: Very useful. I have been using it since Win 3.x. This page is edited on Textpad 3.3 from 1992

--- Notepad++: Also good. You can save 'sessions' as in groups of text files, just like in Textpad. This way you can pull up all your standing data in a single editor and have reference to it or edit it.

--- Ultraedit: Powerful and able to handle huge files, but still on trial for me. It's large in comparison to the two text editors above. Modern software tends to bloat because it is written using development tools, rather than by hand.

-- Planning tools:

--- Instant Orgcharter: Again, Windows 3.x software written in 1991. It is a graphical org chart program, originally designed for corporate use. When writing fiction plots, from one set events, several events may happen, and if you are planning the continuation of the plot then you can map out the range of events which are may transpire from the present event - on an org chart. Also useful for Dramatis Personae.

-- Final Format:

--- After text editing in a text editor, I move to a word processor, such as MS Word, or OpenOffice or LibraOffice, and then print it to a .PDF file using Adobe Acrobat Professional or equivalent. For screenwriting, for scripts, then I write in Final Draft Pro.


- Old software


+ Soldier of Fortune magazine Wikipedia - Soldier of Fortune Magazine ; "The Journal of the Professional Adventurer"



- It is natural to record events in photographs but few people realise how evocative recorded sound can be in restoring the past to mind. In my view it is a more powerful, more vivid experience than photographs or video. Up to the advent of audio tape casette in the 1960s, sound required large and heavy reel-to-reel tape recorders. Hunter S. Thompson was an early adopter of the tape casette and used it in his blend of journalism and related experience, termed "Gonzo Journalism". Tape casette and the smaller reel-to-reel tape recorders enabled the recording of sound during Vietnam. The phrase "we're taking fire from the treeline" coupled with background noise of sparodic gunfire became the audio catch-phrase of the war. There was a rumor (reported in the memoirs of one of the freelance journalists who reported from Vietnam) that one sound recordist had recorded a fire-fight that was so ferocious that he used to replay the tape to seduce women in his bungalow. I have wondered often where that tape is now.

- The advent of the Sony recording Walkman in the 1980s, with its on-board stereo microphone, the convenience which the Leica Rangefinder camera had brought to war photography was brought to sound recording in the field. The microphones were powerful and with earphones you could listen-in to distant conversations which your own ear could not pick up.

- The advent of the Sony MiniDisc brought a broadcast quality digital compression standard to sound recording in the field. Many journalists kept using their Walkmans because audio tape was full-spectrum, uncompressed, broadcast quality and as long as you did not mind the tape hiss, then this was a better recording standard. The Sony Minidisc had to use (Sony's proprietary) compression algorithm which was good, but presented problems with any digital processing further down the line. You cannot run two digital compression algorithms against each other, otherwise you get intermittent high-pitched squeeks and pops. The advent of the lower sampling rate standards of .MP3 at the same time were nowhere near broadcast quality. The great advantage of analog audio tape was that the masters would remain available indefinitly. This meant that as digital sound improved, from the Wikipedia - CD-DA CD qualty 44.1 KHz, on upwards, the master tapes could be referred to again and again.

- The advent of .RAW digital uncompressed sound standards in the 2000s meant that at least, the Sony Walkman could be retired and digital sound recording in broadcast quality directly onto a hard-disk or USB chip could take over. Edirol Wikipedia - Edirol made the first recording devices.

- Gonzo journalism with a sound recording device requires care and attention because it is surprisingly easy to record events and conversations which you did not mean to record.

- Two Lane Blacktop & The Third Man.

- Gunfire, jet engines, race car exhausts, explosions and clipped Sine wave-forms.



- Spain - Espana



+ SPECTRE (2015)




- Speedtrap iPhone APP Link - FoxNews on Speedtrap iPhone APP Link - Iphone

- Speedtraps in the US Link - Speedtrap

- Speedtraps Worldwide Link - njection



+ Stakhanovite Wikipedia - Stakhanovite Shock Worker Shock Workers


Stalin saltues Stakhanovites: Greetings to the best shock workers and heroes of socialist labor
Stalin saltues Stakhanovites: "Greetings to the best shock workers and heroes of socialist labor"





- Correspondence: Mont Blanc Wikipedia - Link - ; Pelikan Wikipedia - Link - ; Smythson Wikipedia - Link - ; Original Crown Mill Wikipedia - Link - Wikipedia - ; G. Lalo Wikipedia - Link - ; Crane Wikipedia - Link - ; Hero Wikipedia - Link - ; Moleskine Wikipedia - Link - ;

- Death Cards: Link - Death Cards

- Letters

In the age preceding email, people used to write letters. To an extent, the arrival of the telephone in the 1920s, reduced the importance of letters but many people continued to write. The great advantage which communication via letters gave to us was that the thoughts and lives of great men and women were recorded and after their deaths made available to historians. "That which is not written down might never have happened." Many important men were proflific writers. Leonard Bernstein wrote some sixty-thousand letters. T.E.Lawrence wrote some twenty-thousand letters, (Lawrence tended to write longer letters). Mendelssohn write some seven-thousand letters. Janacek wrote a thousand letters to just one inamorata. Nine-hundred letters of Charlotte Bronte survive but at least five times as many as this were written.

The early age of email between the early 1990s and the ubquity of webmail type email in 2000s is most likely lost to us. Email was transmitted from one personal computer to the another and then the personal computer in question would come to the end of its life and die, resulting in the loss of its contents. Webmail offers the chance to preserve email longer but once the owner of the webmail box stops accessing it, the webmail box is deleted after perhaps six months. Email does mean that more communcations are committed to the written word, and redresses the imposition of the telephone upon the written record. It remains to be seen how much of this written word is committed to a permanent record, such as paper, vellum.



The Blue Max (1966) the rubber stamp which seals the fate of George Pepard


- #

- # Stopover for Bahrain: See Pocket Guides



Most survival situations involve transportation malfunctioning or crashing. You then end up on 'Plan B'. An emergency is situation which occurs after you have run out of plans, Plan A, Plan B, Plan C, Plan D,. As long as you are still working your way down the list of plans, you are still in the game.

The USAF and USN have aircrew survival training but there are general procedures which pilots in the High North use to stay alive.

- If the object your require for your survival post-crash, is not attached to your person, then likely as not, it will not be available to you on the ground. Therefore, that which is attached to you has a value above that over that which is in the survival pack.

- Firearms:

-- Plan A for firearms is always your rifle. In and out of small aircraft is hard work with full-size longarms so the the best choice for bear defence is the Co-Pilot by Wild West Arms in .45-70 or if not, then Marlin's version of it.

-- Plan B for firearms is always your pistol. There is considerable discussion about pistols for bear defense but this is a fraction of the discussion on regular state-side carry handguns. A bear defense pistol needs to be as big as you can handle. Pistols above .45" or firing a cartridge longer than .45ACP tend to be revolvers and not automatics. The Colt M1911 contains only seven rounds in its magazine and has a frame which is large enough that it can be a bit of a struggle for smaller hands. A revolver contains six rounds and the handle can be made any size you prefer. Thus, bear defense pistols tend to be large revolvers. The daddy of large revolvers is the S&W Model 29 in .44 Magnum. There are larger available now but remember that firepower involves second and third shots and if your second and third shots are late, any advantage gained by a larger diameter bullet traveling at a higher velocity with the first round will be negated by the slow speed of your second shot. The larger revolvers, starting with Dick Cassul's in the 1980s tend to be five-shot. That is one less shot for insurance. The Freedom Arms M83 in .500 Wyoming Express has a five round cylinder. If in doubt, just take your regular carry gun, which should be a 1911 in .45ACP.

- Link - - George and Charlie's PIREP from Alaska - George & Charlie's PIREP blog - Aviation, hunting and survival in Alaska


- Knives: A good start in choice of equipment is to chose whatever is being issued to USAF, USN, or the Army for that matter. The Ka-Bar Wikipedia - Ka-Bar is what is issued to aircrew for survival purposes. Any improvement on the Ka-Bar is, essentially, detail. The best choice for knives is always Randall, but there is a long waiting list and you cannot jump the list unless you are serving military and have a copy of your movement order directing you to a war zone. There is a lot of discussion about survival knives but there is a lot of discussion about survival rifles and survival pistols. The discussion can degenerate into "Pre-occupation with Inconsequential Increments" or "PII" as LTC Jeff Cooper christened it. This means that you are expending a lot of discussion, a lot of time and a lot of money on an object which is only marginally better than the basic choice (For the High-North: Rifle: Co-Pilot; Pistol: S&W Model 29 in .44 Magnum; Knife: Ka-Bar). This expenditure of resources would be better spent on training or even on fitness. Expenditure on these being far more likely to save your life than PII.

- SAK: Of course, the cornerstone of any survival kit is going to be your Swiss Army Knife. This is because most survival situations involve transportation which has crashed or broken down. You can avoid using your survival plan by fixing the transportation and getting back on the road. A Swiss Army knife is a good start in this respect.

Predator (1987)
Arnold Schwarzengger faces an ordinary run-of-the-mill survival problem: He is down to whatever had on his belt, which is his Bowie knife. He now has to construct a series of traps, large enough to kill a Predator.


+ Survival kit: Vehicles. The following list is a basic list for use in First World and Second World countries on paved highways.

- Shop slowly and carefully for a small canvas kitbag. You can find small tubular zip-up kitbags in light canvas which look like a miniature version of the large horizontal tubular kit bags issued to troops. In this kit bag place:

-- GI issue rain poncho. Also the insulated liner for same if you are exposed to winter temperatures.

-- Tire inflation and sealing canister. Generally you should avoid using these but there may be an emergency where you need to re-flate a tire and get the vehicle out of danger.

-- Leatherman tool or equivalent. There are many different types, some better adapted to vehicular repair. The type which have interchangeable heads are useful.

-- Duct tape

-- WD40: If you manage to get water all over the electrics, a di-electric lube like WD-40 will restore operation in a hurry.

-- A thick plastic bottle. This is used for decanting fluids. The thick plastic is useful because when you have to repair leaking coolant hoses, the high pressure jet of steam which emits from the hose cuts through duct tape within an hour or so. If you place a thick plastic patch over the hole and then duct-tape that onto the tube, this will preserve the duct tape and the seal.

-- Sparkplug puller: Nothing is frustrating as having dirty plugs and been unable to pull them and clean them. When you have pulled the plug gently clean off the muck with a nail file. How do plugs get dirty ? Well it depends, but it can be horror situations where one cylinder is starting to flow oil into the combustion chamber.

-- Plain wire (not the flexible kind). Not easy to find. The best is the kind which is used in the armor layer of heavy electrical cables, the kind that electricity distributors bury in the earth. You find scrap lengths and pull out the plain wire. Other sources of wire are art supply shops, musical instrument vendors. With plain wire you can strap up an exhaust system which is coming loose or effect repair to other parts of the vehicle which are threatening to unilaterally declare independence.

-- Tow rope or webbing. Together with two different shaped steel Karabiners or similar D-rings. Many vehicles have a tight clearance on their tow-hooks and it can be hard to get the Karabiner through. You may be better off slipping through a short webbing climbing sling through the tow loop and then slipping the Karabiner through the end of that, then the tow-rope. The second use of a tow-rope is for pulling downed trees out of the way.

-- Parachute Cord: Universally applicable.

-- Cable ties and baler twine: If you are Good Ol'Country Boy like myself then you tend to use baler twine to fix everything. The metropolitan equivalent is the cable-tie. Plenty of cable ties. There are specialist plastic hose-clamps which just snap-on and you should carry some of these if you can find them.

-- Strips of cardboard and a marker pen: If you are unable to get going again, then you can hitch-hike back to civilization. A strip of cardboard with your destination on improves your chances of a lift.

-- Goggles. If you break your windshield, you will have to drive in a 100km/h headwind. Unpleasant.

-- Plasticuffs: These make holding a motorcyle-gang at gunpoint much easier.

-- Two red Cyalume sticks Wikipedia - Cyalume Glowstick . If you are in a dangerous spot, like on the shoulder of an autobahn, then you can save electrical power by using the red Cyalume sticks as your rear lights instead of the vehicle lights. The problem with Cyalume sticks is that they have a shelf-life and need changing out every year. Other kinds of lights which have a long shelf-life at full readiness (a useful feature in any survival equipment) may be substituted.

-- An old cotton shirt. If you are wearing good clothes or mountaineering/skiing clothing which should not be exposed to oil and grease then you put on the old shirt backwards, as if you were a painter, and this keeps you from getting greasy as you lean over the hood.

-- Disposable latex gloves and washing-up gloves: With disposable latex gloves you can perform intricate tasks but they are fragile and large size latex gloves allow you to wrestle with items which would tear disposable latex gloves. If I was traveling to an event where I was dressed in white-tie then I would add a pair of old pillow cases to this list because it is easy to use them as gloves. They do not tear and your hand can easily get a grip on something which needs force applying to it.

-- Tools: Difficult to specify. The more tools you have, the easier repair is. The more tools you have, the heavier the weight. Grips are the most useful, the kind that the jaws are expandable to open to a variety of diameters. These can subsitute for a spanner. Pliers. An adjustable spanner.

-- The above kit-bag is in addition to a spare gallon of gas and a bottle of motor oil.

-- Specific to your vehicle: If your vehicle consumes specific items then you should carry spares. In general, it is a good idea to carry a spare set of rubbers (tubes, drive belts) and a spare set of front brake pads. If you live with a vehicle over a number of years and use it regularly then you get to know it well and know what it consumes. I prefer a vehicle such as this for inter-Continental journeys because there are going to be no surprises.

-- Conveniences: Items which will prevent the cops pulling you over: Spare bulbs, a spare license plate.


+ SURVIVAL KIT: Vehicles: Winter.

- Snow chains: Practice fitting them in the summer on clean dry hardstand. By the time you need them the last thing you will want to do is get out of your vehicle and grovel around in a driving snow-storm getting dirty and cold. To purchase snow-chains refer to your manufacturer's handbook, especially so on a front-wheel drive vehicle. All vehicles, even 4x4, 6x6, et cetera require chains because no vehicle grips well on ice or flat dry snow over asphalt.

- Large fat candle: If you need to halt the vehicle overnight in conditions well below zero, then burning the candle all night under the hood will keep the engine temperature from dropping to the point where it will not restart. Carry also some aluminum foil to fabricate a shield for the candle so that the wind does not blow it out. Do not set your vehicle on fire ! Some Swedish vehicles have hose inlet/outlet connectors which fit to the building central heating pipes and keep the vehicle not only startable but ready to depart in a hurry. Most fire appliances also use this system. If you do not have this system then take a hand-held automobile inspection light, the kind which accepts a normal domestic light-bulb and run it out the vehicle. Place it under the hood, perhaps close to the carburetor and then close the hood and apply blankets to the front of the vehicle. Kick the snow up around the front of the vehicle to prevent the wind accessing the engine bay. Some lucky people have a system pre-heat coupled to a second battery.

- Snow shovel: Light is good. You can get plastic folding ones. An entrenching tool is second best but has the advantage that it can be used as a survival tool or you can deal with tasks such as digging away earth or constructing something with earth and rocks onto which you can place a jack. I had to use my fingernails for this once and ended the day with hypothermia.

- Sub-zero screen wash. In extremis, just add methanol or methylated spirits to the screen-wash water. Do not use neat methanol or neat methylated-spirits. I suppose vodka would do in a pinch but I have never tried it.

- If you are in a diesel vehicle and the diesel starts freezing, then add around 5% or 7% gasoline to the fuel tank. You will notice the engine run slightly hotter after this but there are no ill effects and I have never damaged an engine when having to do this for several weeks.

- If you are temperatures so low that the engine oil freezes then normal procedure is to drain the engine oil into a pan immediately after shutdown. In the morning, you heat the solid lump of oil over the camp fire and then pour it back into the engine. The pan is normally a sheet-metal welded pan specific for the purpose because on large engines the volume of oil is also large. With some open-cast mining trucks they just build wood, coal or charcoal burners under the sump and heat the engine until it is ready to start. Diesel engines are usually all-metal fittings so there are no rubbers to catch fire. With truck diesel engines you can just leave them running all night. Some railways leave their diesel locomotives running all night because it is cheaper than purchasing etheylene-glycol engine coolant for their fleet of locomotives.

- For further more specific information on winterization of vehicles and operations in sub-zero temperatures check local customs.


+ Survival kit: General

- Action and Adventure require a lot of kit and this kit needs to be organised, mended, grouped, modified, serviced.

- The Sewing Box: Generally starts with the kind of needle and thread sets that one liberates from hotel rooms. For repair you can substitute stronger sewing threads with fishing lines and net-mending lines from chandlers. They are available in various colours and strengths. Their advantage in repair is that they are strong. The more repairs you perform the more kit you acquire, usually the small spring-loaded scissors for snipping and a thread un-picking tool.

- The Sail-Makers box: This bridges the gap between the smaller sizes of cord used in mountaineering kit and the fishing line used in the sewing-kit. Parachute chord is usually the first item in this box, then the endless quantities of similar cords used in rigging. Elastic cord can be purchased on the reel in sizes from about 10mm down to 3mm. The largest sizes can be grouped to make 'bungee' cords. You need a cigarette lighter to melt the ends of the cord after you have cut them. Small metal Karabiners, around 12mm and upwards, the sort you use on the end of lanyards, which secure things like Swiss Army Knife ("SAK"), sunglasses, compass. Frequently, items secured by lanyard are best secured with some of the elastic line because they can become snagged on other people's rucksack straps or on brush and the elastic will stretch, telling you that you are snagged, whereas parachute cord will snap either the mooring or the item it is meant to be securing.

- Survival: Books: Paladin Press Wikipedia - Paladin Press publish many good books on survival related topics, including improvising what you need. Many of their texts are available as .PDF or .torrents. Their books were standard works on the bookshelves of most survivalists in the 1970s but with the "Post Traumatic Stupidity Disorder" paranoia which has overtaken the Western world post 9-11, some of their texts are difficult to obtain, at least in print. If only terrorists were as dumb as some of the people making up these 'rules'.


From the script Wikipedia - Dr Strangeglove of Dr Strangeglove (1964) Wikipedia - Dr Strangelove (1964) Major Kong lists the contents of the B-52's survival kit, at Link - Dr Strangeglove (1964) :

Major T. J. "King" Kong: Survival kit contents check. In them you'll find: one forty-five caliber automatic; two boxes of ammunition; four days' concentrated emergency rations; one drug issue containing antibiotics, morphine, vitamin pills, pep pills, sleeping pills, tranquilizer pills; one miniature combination Russian phrase book and Bible; one hundred dollars in rubles; one hundred dollars in gold; nine packs of chewing gum; one issue of prophylactics; three lipsticks; three pair of nylon stockings. Shoot, a fella' could have a pretty good weekend in Vegas with all that stuff.

- Survival: Bibliography

- Survival by Anthony Greenbank published by Piccolo, 1975, ISBN 0 330 24444 2. Includes the excellent 'Fountain Pen' survival kit pack.




+ Speed



+ Spain ; See Spaghetti Westerns ; Falstaff - Chimes at Midnight (1965) ; The Passenger (1975) Wikipedia - The Passenger (1975) ;







- John Le Carré's novel The Spy Who Came in from the Cold (1963)

- The motion picture The Spy who came in from the Cold (1965) Wikipedia - The Spy who came in from the Cold (1965)


- Stahlberg, Alexander ; With von Manstein at Schloss Klessheim ; At the Berghof ; In Berlin ; In London ;







- Since 1989 Stalingrad's hotel staff have built up a small industry in providing services to historians visiting Stalingrad. In some instances the 'information' they provide is dubious or simply fabricated. There is a lot of battlefield archeology around Stalingrad but some of the battlefield relics you see for sale in the town have been bought on for resale in Stalingrad.

- Survivors of Stalingrad - Eyewitness accounts from the Sixth Army, 1942-43 by Reinhold Busch.


+ Stelvio Pass - Stilfersjoch ; Hugh Merrick's The Great Motor Highways of the Alps ; Carrera Pan-Alpina ;

+ St Paul's Cathedral, London, England

+ STOCKHOLM - Travellers Club Link - Travellers Club - Stockholm - Members Only

+ Strafe Wikipedia - Strafe


+ SS Belt-Buckle Guns

+ SS pocket diary for 1944



+ Soviet-Afghan War (1979-1988) Wikipedia - Soviet-Afghan war


- Memories of Veterans of the Soviet-Afghan War Link - Veterans memories of the Soviet-Afghan War

- The Soviet-Afghan War Memorial at Yekaterinberg Wikipedia - Yekaterinberg Link - Panoramio

»Load 200« was the code given to air transport of the bodies of dead soldiers.

Soviet-Afghan War Memorial  - Yekaterinberg


Soviet-Afghan War Memorial at Yekaterinberg
Sleep well, Comrade.



Down from the heights which we once commanded,
With burning feet we descend to the ground,
Bombarded with calumny, slander and lies,
We're leaving, we're leaving, we're leaving.

Farewell, you mountains, you know best,
What men were in the far land;
Now judge us fairly for what we did,
You chair-bound critics who stayed at home.

Farewell, you mountains, you know best,
The price we paid while we were here,
What foes unconquored still survive,
What friends we had to leave behind.

Farewell bright world, Afghanistan,
Perhaps we should forget you now.
But sadness grips us as we go:
We're leaving, we're leaving, we're leaving.

Igor Morozov, May 1988







This is the full version of Igor Morozov's poem above.


+ Sunglasses ;



+ SWORD: Book of the Sword by Sir Richard Francis Burton ;



SCH - SCHule

ß - SCHule



T - Theodor




Cigarettes, Cigars, Cigarette Holders, Cigarette Lighters, Zippos, Smokers Smoking

+ Tabak


+ Tailoring ;

- Sean Connery in Dr No (1962) Link - Sean Connery's suits in Dr No (1962) ;

- James Bond's suits Link - Suits of James Bond ;

- James Bond's Suits at AJB007 Link - AJB007 on Bond's Suits ;

- The London Lounge Link - - Invaluable Resource for those seeking fine cloth.

- Saville Row, in London, GB, is the apex of the world of tailoring. However there are a few specialties which are best obtained elsewhere. Tailoring at a price which has not been seen in the West since the 1950s can be found around the Indian Ocean rim cities. These tailors will undertake projects which Saville Row tailors will not touch. If you have an interest in the construction of military clothing, as in military clothing for action, - battle dress, then the best place is Kabul and Kandahar. The tailors there are making specialized clothing for the local Alphabetty-Spaghetti military units which rotate in and out. They can make articles requiring webbing, which requires specialist machinery which most tailors do not have. Ordinary tailors will not sew cloth heavier than that used in overcoats and therefore will not touch webbing. If you require dress uniform type clothing then Kabul tailors are to be preferred over Kandahar tailors, which tackle mainly battle-dress. This subject is a large one which I shall devote an entire page to but: Tailors in these regions are best at copying clothing which someone else has already cut. Second best would be working from a photograph.

- Douglas Hayward for Charlie Croker in The Italian Job (1969)



- Tech Notes: Notes on software and web services.


- They were not Divided (1950) Wikipedia - They were not Divided (1950)



Connock and Lockie, tailors, letterheading
Letter heading of Connock and Lockie, tailors, who used to have their shop at 9 Sicilian Avenue, on the route from Holborn subway stop to the British Museum Wikipedia - British Museum.

Note the telegraph address Wikipedia - Telegraphic Address  Wikipedia - Telegram Style : WETRISISTA LONDON WC1. Companies could register telegraphic addresses in the same one that they can buy internet domain names. This enabled rapid addressing of telegrams and cables to the company without the sender having to spell out the full address of the recipient. Naturally, companies were creative with their telegraph names. Mauser-Werke Wikipedia - Mauser used PARABELLUM as their telegraphic address, after the Latin, for example


Solar Productions Letter Heading - Steve McQueen seeks advice from the police on the threat from Charles Manson
In the above photograph, Solar Productions letter heading.


Boite Postale D 72 Le Mans, France 28-67-50

4024 Radford Avenue, North Hollywood, California (373) 263 8477



Eon Productions
EON Productions before they moved to 138 Piccadilly offices.



Automobile Club de Marseille et Provence

Automobile Club di Belluno

Ferrari Automobili
Enzo Ferrari, Il Commendatore, the Emporer of Automobili Ingineeri, used to write in purple ink. And quite right too.

Officine Alfieri Maserati


Telegram sent by JFK from the Isle of Capri to his Swedish lover
JFK's telegram from the Isle of Capri, Italy, to his paramour Gunilla von Post in Stockholm, Sweden



- - A directory of RTA was called 'Sell's Directory'.


- - William Arnold, Coachbuilders of Manchester, England had LUXURIOUS, MANCHESTER.

- - British Racing Drivers Association had SPEEDMEN, LONDON.


- - #

+ Telephone Numbers

- In Orson Welles Wikipedia - Orson Welles A Touch of Evil Wikipedia - Touch of Evil, the wife of Vargas, who is staying in a motel on the outskirts of town calls the switchboard and asks for »State 1212«. The telephone number of the English police Scotland Yard Wikipedia - Scotland Yard, in London was at that time »Whitehall 1212« Wikipedia - Whitehall 1212 , something Welles knew because he had written it into one of the Lives of Harry Lime short stories. I wonder if this was a case of

(a) State 1212 being the telephone number of the police in Texas in real life.

(b) Welles deliberately using the same number.

In Casino Royale (1953) Wikipedia - Casino Royale (1953) : Invalides 55200

In The Persuaders (1971)Wikipedia - The Persuaders!: 01 555 9940 - Lord Brett Sinclair's red telephone.




+ Telescope sights - Carl Zeiss Wikipedia - , Swarovski Wikipedia - , Schmidt & Bender Wikipedia - , Leica Wikipedia - .


+ Terry-Thomas ; Terry-Thomas smoking ;

+ TGV See Racing the TGV

+ That Riviera Touch (1966)

+ They were not Divided (1950)


- Thompson; Hunter S. Thompson ; Smoking Cigarettes ; Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1971), the novel ; The Great Shark Hunt ; Hells Angels ; The Curse of Lono ;

- Thompson lived in Aspen for a year around 1961/1962 before returning to the Bay Area 1963 where he lived at Glen Ellen about sixty miles north west of San Francisco.



Thompson, Sir Robert ; Link - British Counter-Insurgency expert who served in Malaya

- If his advice had been followed in Vietnam it would have changed the course of history.




+ Tobacco



+ Tiger: Tiger Tank

- Kelly's Heroes (1970)

- Tiger

- They were not Divided (1950)

- Michael Wittmann;

- #



TOHO logo




Logo: Top Gear

+ Top Gear, succeeded by The Grand Tour


- Top Gear on Lake Garda in Series 21 Episode 02

- Top Gear in Romania on the The Transfăgărăşan Highway DN7C Wikipedia - Transfagarasan Highway

- Top Gear : The Stig in the Piazza San Marco, Turin, which was one of the main locations used in The Italian Job (1969)

- Top Gear in Spain: Hill Climb from Sierra Nevada, Granada A395 to Veleta








+ Toro - Osborne's Bull Wikipedia - Osborne Bull

Osborne's Bull






+ Tower Bridge ;

+ Tower of London ;

+ Trafalgar Way Wikipedia - The Trafalgar Way


+ Train Bleu. See: Racing the Train Bleu

+ Trains

- Trains - Motion Pictures:

-- Von Ryan's Express (1965) Wikipedia - Von Ryan's Express (1965)

-- Transsiberian (2008)

-- Inglorious Bastards (1978)

-- Dark of the Sun (1968)


- Trains - Music for Trains

-- Moncoya Whapango

-- Benjamin Britten Night Mail

-- Time! Forward! Wikipedia - Time! Forward! Link - - Time! Forward! Link - - Time! Forward! by George Smirdirov and used in the opening scenes of a Soviet motion picture of the same name. Time ! Forward ! was also used in the dance program of the Soviet ice-dance stars Irena Rodnina and Alexander Zaitsev, who dominated Olympic ice-dance during the 1970s.

-- Night Ferry


+ The Transfăgărăşan Highway DN7C

+ Travellers Club Link - Travellers Club - Stockholm - Members Only

+ Travellers Club Link - - London - Members Only - Home of the Adventurous. Civilization from a Bye-Gone Age.

+ St Tropez ; And God Created Woman (1959) Wikipedia - ;

+ Tuco's Rule




- The most hated organisation in the world: Airport Security.

- Basics: Take with you a pillow case and a sock. When you arrive at the TSA shake-down and scanner remove your wrist-watch and place it in the sock. Then take off all your other valuables and place them in the pillow-case. Placing the wrist-watch in the sock prevents it jangling with the small change, and other items. The pillow-case then goes through the scanner and prevents the beady eyes of the thieving TSA operatives from figuring out where you wallet is. On board, you can spread the pillow case on your lap in order to keep crumbs and soy sauce off your suit. Also useful if you are seated within about five seats of someone's child, because they seem to eject semi-fluids from all orifices in all directions.

- In-Flight measures to prevent hi-jack ; #

- Preventing theft from your checked luggage ; #


+ Turner; J.M.W. Turner in the Alps.

+; ; The Mitteleuropa site at Link - Twitter - VerlagMeyer - The final coup in the Soviet Union, when Gorbachev was imprisoned in his Dacha and the White House was being shelled: All of this was narrated in real time on IRC. Today that would be done on and everyone would say "What's IRC ?". Never heard of it. Life, the Universe and Everything: They're all ephemeral.

- Two Lane Blacktop (1971)


U - Ulrich

+ UMBRELLA: See James Fox & Son, London, GB



Un Homme et Une Femme (1966)



You can access (both read and write) USENET news through the but the best way is to obtain USENET newsreader software (such as the excellent Forte Free Agent Wikipedia - Forte Agent ) and a free USENET feed via Link -

- USENET anonymously

- When you post through a USENET server, your IP is identifiable by the USENET server operator. They may well not retain it or log it. However, when your post lands in the USENET groups, the identifying header can be identified by the USENET server operator (but no one else). If you are reported as a spammer, then the USENET server operator can block your account and your career as a spammer will be over. If you use a USENET server run by your own ISP then you can be identified. If you use a USENET server pay-service and you paid by credit-card then you can be identified. This arrangement works fine for just reading USENET or for posting which does not require anonymity.

For anonymity you need:

-- Free public access newsserver. These are now rare beasts at time of writing (2013). If you can find one, then it will have limitations, such as a tiny bandwidth, limited connection time. Also, it will be difficult to get onto because it will be so busy.

-- Use the paid USENET service but pay with an anonymous pre-paid credit-card purchased from a store. These are just an anonymous credit-card which comes with a pre-paid amount of cash on it. You purchase it as you would a candy bar. Then you just pay for the internet service with the card. It is anonymous as cash.

--- IDT Finance

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Anonymous services on the internet have a shorter and shorter life these days as we move firmly into the era of Cop-by-Google.




- Ushanka Wikipedia - Ushanka - vital accompaniment to every winter. See also Sable



- There are some things in life that I just have nothing good to say about. Malaria and Land-mines are two of them.


UN information sheet on Landmines, Unexploded Ordnance UXO , Unexploded Bombs UXB

UN information sheet on Landmines, Unexploded Ordnance UXO , Unexploded Bombs UXB



Ü - Übel


V - Viktor




+ V8

Animation of a V8 engine with a 90 degree crank
In the Beginning was the Number
And the Number was Eight
In the Beginning was the Configuration
And the Configuration was 'V'.



- Verse ;

- Wikipedia - Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening


+ Venice


+ Veruschka Wikipedia - Veruschka

- In Blow Up (1966)

- In Casino Royale (2006)

- Skiing: For Vogue Paris 1969 photographed by Franco Rubartelli



- Vice Squad (1953)

+ Vienna ; Vienna City ; Danube Road Linz-Vienna ; Otto Skorzeny in Vienna ;


+ VIETNAM : The Devils Guard by George R. Elford ; The Politics of Heroin in South-East Asia Wikipedia - The Politics of  Heroin in South East Asia by Alfred McCoy Wikipedia - The Politics of Heroin in South-East Asia by McCoy Link - The Politics of Heroin in South-East Asia by McCoy - PDF version ; When Thunder Rolled by Ed Rasimus ; Thud Ridge by Jack Broughton ; by Ken Bell; Phantom over Vietnam by Trotti ; Reported to be Alive by Grant Wolfkill and Jerry A. Rose ; #



+ Voice: Lee Marvin ; Robert Mitchum ; Yul Brynner ; Sonny Landham ; Arnold Schwarzenegger ; James Earl Jones ;



+ The VORKUTA REBELLION Wikipedia - The Vorkuta Rebellion Wikipedia - Vorkuta Rebellion



Volkl Skis



W - Willhelm





+ Watches

- The James Bond Rolex Submariner

- Guide to wristwatches for action & adventure

- Watches for Sport



+ Wax; A journalist who had reported on Gulf War One told that he used to approach Allied check points on at the gallop and have every one wave at the Saudi troops manning the checkpoint. As long as every one was wearing desert camoflage and helmets they Saudi troops just assumed that they were "with every one else". He made up a mixture of water and sugar and covered the 4x4 with it. He then slopped desert dust all over it to make it look "rough and tough" and part of the whole scene. In fact Saudis, when traveling long distances in a new car or a car with decent paint work, have a garage apply a thick layer of wax all over the front of the automobile. Within a few miles this layer of wax will be covered with dust and sand. This is to protect the car's paintwork but also has the effect of camoflaging the car in the same color as the surrounds. The effect is quite uniform and makes you want to walk up and touch it to see what it is. If you are driving a decent car from the Gulf up through the Middle East to Turkey and thence Europe, you can protect the car this way. Most Saudis and GCC residents have their cars flown over to Europe. The most exciting memoir of Gulf War One is not the completely bogus Bravo Two Zero but Vaughan Smith's Wikipedia - Link - memoir Frontline, in which he diguises himself as British Army officer and infiltrates Allied lines all the way from Bahrain. It was Vaughan Smith's camera which recorded the night-time barrage of MLRS rockets which was used on all the newsreel footage.


+ Welles; Orson Welles ; The Third Man (1949) Wikipedia - The Third Man ; Lady from Shanghai (1947) Lady from Shanghai ; Battle of Neretva (1963) ; Don Quixote (1992) by Orson Welles ; Chimes at Midnight (1965) ; At Cannes ;

- Simon Callow Wikipedia - Link - is writing a lengthy biography of Orson Welles and is now on his fourth volume. If you have original material then please contact him.



+ Die Wehrmacht Magazine Wikipedia - Die Wehrmacht

Die Wehrmacht Magazine 1941 November - Sovet PoWs are transpoted on the Reichsbahn in French Railways SNCF open goods cars
Die Wehrmacht Magazine 1941 November - Sovet PoWs are transported on the Reischbahn in French Railways SNCF open goods cars.

Guy Sajer in Forgotten Soldier tells how that in the Winter of 1941 on the Ostfront he saw Soviet PoWs being taken west in conditions like this. They PoWs's had piled up the dead at the front of the cars to give protection from the storm. Those Soviet PoWs who survived captivity were sent to the Gulag after the war in order to eliminate any counter-revolutionary ideas they may have acquired during their stay in German PoW camps. Stalin was of the opinion that Soviet soldiers should die fighting rather than be taken prisoner. Being taken prisoner was an indication that they did not fight hard enough for the Motherland.

German POWs being transported in open railway wagons  to the GULAG
German POWs being transported in open railway wagons to the Gulag. Of those German PoWs still alive in 1955 many had to walk home from as far away as the Urals.


+ Web Design

- Thirty Seconds on Web Design: The gold-standard for websites is Wikipedia. It is unequalled at conveying information. If you represent quality of web design as graph with plus-ten in the top right hand corner and minus-ten in the bottom left hand corner then Wikipedia would occupy the top right plus-ten box and just about every other commercial website would be scattered around the bottom left minus-eight, minus-nine, minus-ten. Almost all luxury goods websites would occupy the bottom left minus-ten box.

- - On Website Navigation: If you understand how to arrange road signs on fast six-lane highways then you understand how to arrange navigation on websites. Road signage is best when kept binary. Navigation buttons need to have some sort of order, not be scattered about the page with different font sizes. Most paper publishing conventions settled aspects of what was optimum in information layout. Some of the conventions are there in order to minimise the use of typesetting and printed space (citation conventions, for example). Use these existing conventions because they all work. It is rare you will find an instance in web publishing which requires the determination of a new convention. 'Style: If people notice it, you probably have too much of it.' In dress and web design.

- - If you look at the design process around the fonts used in highway signs such as Clearview (US) and Transport (UK), then it will give you an understanding of how to design for clarity and rapidity of decision-making. The general objective is to make your website clear enough to use as road signage on a six-lane highway, where drivers need to make a rapid decision between as few an options as possible. If you cannot grasp this, then please, PLEASE stick to web design and do not go into aircraft avionics software.

- - For Design, see On the Typography of Flight Deck Documentation by Asaf Degani , NASA, 1992 Link - Flight Deck Documentation

- - For color combinations see: U.S. Navy Shipboard Color Coordination Manual, NAVESEA 0929-002-7010

- Image formats and dimensions for social media pages such as and Link - Lunametrics


+ Westbound (1959)


+ Where Eagles Dare (1968)

+ Where Eagles Dare (1968) the novel by Alistair MacLean.


+ Whiskey [Whisky] - Bruichladdich Wikipedia - Bruichladdich. Some Bruichladdich whiskeys come in aluminum canisters, which makes them suitable for emergency air shipment to the needy in remote places.


+ Wit ; See Sir Roger Moore ; Sir Noël Coward ; Dr Henry Kissinger ;


+ Wrist-watch ; Wristwatches for action ; Wrist-watches for Sport ; Heuer Monaco ; Heuer Monte Carlo;



+ WX ; Weather ;

+ Ice reports and forecast for Sweden Link - Ice Reports from Sweden

+ Surface temperatures in Europa Link - WX - Surface Temperatures in Europa - Weather satellite map





Y - Ypsilon


+ Yondo, The Abominations of Yondo Wikipedia - Link - by Clark Ashton Smith.




Z - Zeppelin


Zatoichi Wikipedia - Zatoichi , finest swordsman in all fiction, played by the inimitable Shintaro Katsu Wikipedia - Shintaro Katsu » Darkness is my advantage «

Zatoichi's Revenge





+ Zavidovo ; North-west of Moscow, Russia.

- #


+ Zimbabwe


Zimbabwe Dollars one trillion - obverse
Zimbabwe Dollars one trillion banknote. The paper is supplied by specialist printer G&D Link - Giesecke & Devrient.


Zimbabwe Dollars one trillion - reverse




+ Zippo Wikipedia - Zippo Wikipedia - Zippo - Russian Language




A Ä B C D E F G H I J K L M N O Ö P Q R S ß T U Ü V W X Y Z



O - Omega

+ Strauss, Richard ; Four Last Songs - The Four Last Songs really were the last of the last. Strauss was very old, the Second World War had just ended and Germany had reached Year Zero. Everything ends in the Four Last Songs. Straus died on 1949-SEP-08, after he had written them, and a few days before their first performance.

The Third Man - Vienna
The End





- General Dostler #

- Stalingrad, the Tractor Factory #

- Generalfeldmarschall Model #

- Yukia Mishima Wikipedia - Yukio Mishima #

- La Grand Bouffe (1973) Wikipedia -  La Grande Bouffe #




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