Holman-Moody prepared Torino "Torino Talledega" number 17 circa 1968. This car featured a Holman-Moody prepared FE block. In 2007 it was fully restored and sold for USD 185,000





Grand Touring
Grand Enchaînements
Alpine Countries
Alpine Countries
Castles and Ruins in Alpine Europa
Historic and Current
Coupe des Alps, Monte Carlo Rally
J.M.W. Turner in Switzerland Wikipedia -
Lord Byron in the Alps Wikipedia -
Dining your way around Europe
The Michelin Guide Wikipedia - Michelin Gudie
Highest Paved Roads in Europe Wikipedia - Higest Paved Roads in Europe
The Dodgeball Rally Wikipedia - Dodgeball Rally Link - The Dodgeball Rally
Interchanges & Junctions
Italy, Torino, Via Lungo Stura Lazio, at Rebaudengo
A 270 degree left hand climbing turn over the river.
Great Escapes
Casino Royale (1953) by Ian Fleming
France, Normandy
Moonraker (1955) by Ian Fleming
Goldfinger by Ian Fleming
France, Switzerland
Switzerland, St Moritz, Samedan
Goldfinger (1964) Eon Productions
On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1968) Eon Productions
Switzerland, Jungfrau

Escape across Weimar Germany

The Ctirad-Masin Gang's Wikipedia - Ctirad Macin gang escape across Cold War East Germany
Czechia, DDR East Germany

One of the greatest escapes of all time against nearly impossible odds.

Perpignan across the Pyrennes to Spain was the route used by escaping Allied Airmen during WWII.
Perpignan, France.

The memoirs of Nancy Wake The White Mouse detail the various routes.

Great Drives
Hans von Luck
Otto Skorzeny
Adolf Eichmann
Ian Fleming's Goldfinger (1959)
Le Touqet to Geneva in 1959
EON's Goldfinger (1964)
Geneva to Luzern, 1964
Grand St Bernard Pass
Harry Lime
Aden to Istanbul
Vanishing Point
Ian Fleming's Goldfinger (1959)
Le Touqet to Geneva in 1959
Rendezvous (1976) by Claude Lelouche
Ronin (1998)
Paris, Arles, Nice, Villefranche, La Turbie
Renault Island
Paris - Seine (now demolished)
N7 Route Nationale 7 Wikipedia - Wikipedia -
Paris to the Riviera
Goldeneye (1995)
France - Paris-Riviera
Blue Train Bentley Wikipedia - Blue Train BentleyLink -
Route Napoleon Wikipedia -
France - Dijon-Riviera
Circuit de Périphérique
Circuit de Périphérique - The French thoughtfully provided a race circuit around Paris called the Boulevard Périphérique Wikipedia - Boulevard Périphérique Wikipedia - Boulevard Périphérique Wikipedia - Prince Noir Link - youtube - The Black Prince on the Peripherique Link - Youtube - Circuit de Périphérique Several motorcycle riders (notably the Black Prince) have set very fast times in both darkness and daylight.
The Dodgeball Rally Wikipedia - Dodgeball Rally Link - The Dodgeball Rally


Sonthofen im Allgäu, Austria/Germany Border
EHRA Wikipedia - EHRA Lessien test track, Germany test track   Test area containes a 5 mile straight with banked entry and exit.
Top Gear Episode 03 Series 20 Wikipedia - Wiki Top Gear
Hill Climb from Sierra Nevada Wikipedia - Sierra Nevada Wikipedia - Sierra Nevada , Granada Wikipedia - Granada Wikipedia - Granada A395 Wikipedia - Highest Paved Road in Europe to Veleta Wikipedia - Sierra Nevada Ski Station Wikipedia - Veleta Wikipedia - Veleta
Logo: Top Gear
List of Hillclimbs in Europe Wikipedia - Bergrennen Europa Link - Berg-meisterschaft
Mont Ventoux Wikipedia - Mont Ventoux
Mont Dore Wikipedia - Mont Dore
Zell-am-See, Austria
A military highway constructed across Romania
Logo: Top Gear
100mph Club
London, Park Lane
The Bentley Boys Wikipedia - Bentley Boys formed a club for those who had reached 100mph on London's Park Lane
Grave at Putney Vale Cemetery, London.
North of England, Peak District
Famous mountain road
Ely, Cambridgeshire
The Dodgeball Rally Wikipedia - Dodgeball Rally Link - The Dodgeball Rally
London to the Alps and London to the Riviera
 Route Moonraker (1955)
London: Mayfair to the coast of Kent on the A20
Bentley vs Mercedes: Bond chases Huge Drax
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by Hunter S. Thompson
LA to Las Vegas ,
Nevada; the Mint 400 Desert Race
Carrera Pan Americana Wikipedia - Carrera Panamericana
The Great Desert Races
South Western USA
The Pikes Peak Hillclimb Wikipedia - Pikes Peak
US Motorcyle Roads Link - US Motorcycle Roads
The Silver State Classic Wikipedia - Silver State Classic
Open Road Race Wikipedia - in Nevada
The Cannonball Run Wikipedia - The Cannonball Run
The North Slope Haul Road Wikipedia - Dalton Highway
North across Alaska to the Arctic Circle
Mille Miglia Wikipedia - Mille Miglia
Targa Florio Wikipedia - Targa Florio
Italy, Dolomites, Cortina
FIAT 500 Touring Club of Firenze
Florence, Tuscany
Link - FIAT 500 Touring Club Fleet hire and touring in FIAT 500s
Lake Maggiore, Lake Como, Lake Garda

Bond locations ; Top Gear ;Logo: Top Gear

Lena Highway Wikipedia - Lena Highway Link - Lena Highway
Canning Stock Route Wikipedia - Canning Stock Route
Stuart Highway Wikipedia - Stuart Highway, Australia Link - ABC Australia Porsche AG protest Stuart Highway speed limits   No speed limits
Paris to Vladivostok
Russia, Soviet Union
Yakutsk Wikipedia - Yakutsk, via Mirny Wikipedia - Mirny to Norilsk Wikipedia - Norilsk across Siberia
Siberia south to north
Link - Across Siberia south to north
Cape to Cairo
Overland to India
Alaska to Tierra del Fuego
Gulf Run
Europe, Balkans, Middle East
Cola Cowboys
Trans-continental routes, remote border crossings, little-traveled overland routes
Link - Luxury Rogue - at Link - Luxury Rogue at
Coast Roads
USA, Pacific Coast
Off Road
The Desert Races
South-Western States USA
The Outlaw Trail
South-Western States, USA
North Africa
»The Heart of Darkness«
The Diamond Area
Novaya Zemlya
Rub Al Khali
Papua New Guinea and the Fossa
Andaman & Nicobar Islands
Bialowieza Forest Wikipedia -
Technical Subjects
Notes on engine design
Notes on chassis design
Notes on the design of touring cars
Notes on design for off-road
Notes on the psychology of supercar ownership
Mahle piston for the Mercedes-Benz CLK-GTR race engine
Notes on dealing with cops
Notes on license plates
Driving endurance overnight
Driving at speed on highways
P.J. O'Rourke on How to Drive Fast


Fletchers of Fordtown USA - AC Cobra 427 for sale
The way it was: You could just walk into a dealers and purchase a Shelby Cobra 427Wikipedia - for cash. Drive it away.




Alfa Romeo
Moonraker (1955)
Kent - A20
Aston Martin DB5 - BMT 216A
EON's Productions Goldfinger (1964)
Aston Martin DB5 - BMT 214A
Goldeneye (1995) Wikipedia - Goldeneye
France, Alps-Maritime
France, Switzerland
Aston Martin DB4
Italy, Aosta; London
Aston Martin DBS Link - IMCDB
EON's O.H.M.S.S. (1969)
Aston Martin DBS Link - IMCDB
Bentley 4&1/2 liter
Bentley 4&1/2 liter
Moonraker (1955)
England: Pall Mall to Kent on the A20
BMC Mini Cooper
Italy, Turin, Aosta
Bizzarrini 5300 GT
Cadillac Coupe D'Ville 1969 Wikipedia - Cadillac Coupe de Ville
Chevrolet 150 Coupe '55
Chevrolet Impala 1971 Wikipedia - Chevrolet Impala 1971
L.A. to Las Vegas
Chris-Craft - Riva
Cannes, La Napoule
Dodge Challenger
USA, South West
Dodge Charger Daytona
Ferrari Dino Link - IMCDB
Ferrari 368/GTB Daytona Link - IMCDB
Ferrari 355
Goldeneye (1995) Wikipedia - Goldeneye
France, Alps-Maritime
Ford Bronco
Ford GT40
Grand Prix (1966)
Ford Mustang 1965
Goldfinger (1964)
Ford Mustang GT350H
Grand Prix (1966)
Ford Mustang 1965
Ford Mustang 1965
Un Homme et une Femme (1966) Wikipedia - Un Homme et une Femme Link - Internet Movie Car Database
Deauville, France
Henschel Locomotive Class 56
Jaguar E-Type Link - E-Type Register
Italy, Aosta; London
Jaguar E-Type Link - E-Type Register
The Persuaders! (1971) Episode 23
Jaguar E-Type Link - E-Type Register
Italy, Riviera
Kriegslok Locomotive Class 52
Kriegslok Locomotive Class 52
Lancia Flaminia Zagato Spyder
Fleming's O.H.M.S.S. (1963)
Switzerland, Bavaria, Austria
Lamborghini Miura
Italy, Val D'Aosta
Mercedes-Benz 450SL 6.9
Rendezvous (1976) by Claude Lelouche
Mercury Cougar
EON's O.H.M.S.S. (1969)
Switzerland, Jungfrau
PzKw V Panther
Porsche 911
Downhill Racer (1969)
Switzerland, Austria
Riva - Chris-Craft
Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost
France, Switzerland
Shelby Cobra 427
Shelby Cobra 427
Grand Prix (1966)
PzKw VI Ausf E Tiger
Triumph TR3
France, Switzerland

- Automobiles in the Movies - The Internet Movie Car Database Link -

- Vehicles in James Bond Motion Pictures Wikipedia - James Bond Vehicles





Ferrari 365GTB Daytona versus Porsche 911
Challenge ! Vic Elford in the Porsche 911 appears to be enjoying himself a little bit too much. Fender to ender excitement like this is cheap in 1960s NASCAR but is going to be expensive between two of the top marques.



RN1 Calais - Paris
A8 Munich Rosenheim
Fleming's O.H.M.S.S. (1963)
Grand St Bernard
Italy, Aosta; London
Virgin River Canyon, Highway 163
Arizona, Utah
Goldfinger (1964)
Fleming's O.H.M.S.S. (1963)
Switzerland, Bavaria, Austria
Rendezvous (1976)
Arc de Triomphe to Sacre Coeur
I15 L.A. to Las Vegas
California, Nevada

Daytona 1971: Ferrari 512S, Ferrari 512M, Porsche 917
Daytona Wikipedia - 1971: Ferrari 512S Wikipedia - , Ferrari 512M, Porsche 917 Wikipedia - . The only car missing is the Ford GT40 Wikipedia - .


Ian Fleming's James Bond
Alfred Neubauer's Grand Prix Team


Alpine Europe in the 1960s - The Motion Picture Locations
Kümmerly & Frey road map Alpenländer Alpine Countries 1960s

In the above map, motion picture locations are marked by squares: Purple: On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969) , Gold: Goldfinger (1964) , Green: The Eiger Sanction (1975) , Turquoise: The Italian Job (1969) , Red: The Great Escape (1963) , Blue: Where Eagles Dare (1968) , Red Circle: Goldeneye (1995) ; World War II locations are marked by a red diamond. The thick red bar is the line of the backbone of the Alpine mountain range. It is in this chain that the Alps are at their highest. The red double-opposed-diamonds mark the location of the road passes across the Alps. On the map itself, you can see marked next to the name of the pass, in red Roman numerals, the months in winter between which the pass is closed.


From The Richard Burton Diaries by Chris Williams: 1970-JUN-28 Burton muses on all he loved about Europe:

Oh to be in Europe, now that I have to go to work. I want to go everywhere at once. I want simultaneously to be watching the road to Santa Marguerita Wikipedia - Santa Marguerita Ligure from Porto Fino Wikipedia - Portofino through Zeiss Wikipedia - Carl Zeiss AG binoculars while sunning on the poop deck of the Kalizma Link - MV Kalizma. I want to be sitting in front of a log fire in Gstaad in the library in the evening with a rich book in my lap and E in the chair beside me. Baked ham and au gratin potatoes in Gruyere in that hotel Link - there. Trout at the top of Les Diablerets Wikipedia - Les Diablerets . Raclette in the Olden Link - Hotel Olden in Gstaad. More trout in Weissenbach Wikipedia - in the restaurant Link - by the river and the canopied wooden bridge. Saddle of lamb in La Rserve Link - . Hors d'oeuvres in La Ferme Link - La Ferme Saint Michel, Avenue La Condamine, Villefranche-sur-Mer Link - La Ferme Saint Michel, Avenue La Condamine, Villefranche-sur-Mer above Beaulieu Wikipedia - Beaulieu-sur-Mer or in D'Chez Eux Link - Chez Eux in Paris. Moules Marinieres Wikipedia - Moules Marinieres in La Mediterranea Link - opposite the Opera Wikipedia - Palais Garnier. Haddock filet a L'Anglaise Link - at Fouquets Wikipedia - . Omelette Arnold Bennett on the terrace of the Terrace Suite of the Dorchester Wikipedia - Dorchester Hotel on a fine day looking over the park on a Sunday with one powerful bloody Mary Wikipedia - Bloody Mary Cocktail under my belt and that beauty always beside me and around. Raw fave [sic, 'fava beans'] and salami and white wine and a game of boule with E in the trattoria Link - underneath the church on the hill outside Rome on the side road from De Laurentiis studios Wikipedia - Dino de Laurentiis Link - to the Raccordo Annulare Wikipedia - where the choir chants at 7 in the evening. [179] A car tour of the Michelin 3 star Wikipedia - restaurants. Annecy Wikipedia - Annecy and Beaumaniere Wikipedia 

- and a couple of nights at The Hotel de la Poste Link - Hostellerie de la Poste at Avallon Wikipedia - Avallon, can that be right?


Map of Liege - Sophia - Liege rally  1964
Map of the 1964 Liege-Sophia-Liege rally Wikipedia - route: Liege - Frankfort - Ulm - Lindau - Passio de Resio - Bled - Zagreb - Belgrade - Sofia - Pec - Titograd - Split - Novi - Enego - Bagolino - Trafoi - Lindau - Ulm - Frankfort - Spa - Liege


Destinations - London Paris New York Tokyo Berlin Vienna Geneva Zurich Bern Salzburg Rome Lago Italia Como Cote d'Azur Monaco Munich










Greece - Griechenland

Greece - Griechenland




Modena, Italia








Ski Resorts














- Maps - Karte: Maps of Europe from the Thirties through to the present.



- List of Road Races: Link -

- Lists of Circuits Link - Gdecarli List of Circuits Link - Fastlane

- Automobiles in the Movies - The Internet Movie Car Database Link -

- The James Bond Vehicle Library Link -

- Cobra Corner Link - Cobra Corner

- Racing Cars Wikidot Wikipedia - Racing Cars Wikidot

- A good page on sporting mountain roads of the world Link - Sporting Mountain Roads of the World

- Vintage Rally Link -Luis Cezar Vintage Rally

- The Selvegeyard Blogspot on Carrol Shelby Link - The Selvegeyard Blogspot

- Speedtrap iPhone APP Link - FoxNews on Speedtrap iPhone APP Link - Iphone

- Speedtraps in the US Link - Speedtrap

- Speedtraps Worldwide Link - njection

- Link - Swiss Classics - Swiss Classics magazine, which is a good source of the dates of events of numerous Swiss Alpine rallys. Diary Link - Swiss Classics diary

- Link - Swissrally

- Link - Inforallye

- Link - Alpenrouten

- Link - Alpineroads

- 1913 Alpine Trial recreated Link - 1913 Alpine Trial

- Link - Festivals in Europe - Festivals in Europe

- The Texas Mile - Link - Texas Mile

- Wikipedia - Waze Waze - Mapping and traffic APP




A Ferrari 365GTB Daytona pits during the night at Le Mans
Action ! A Ferrari 365GTB Daytona pits during the night at Le Mans.





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