»Uphill, in the dark, in the rain, on the edge of a map«

- a phrase describing all military maneuvers.



+ NATO ONC and TPC air charts

+ Trans-Europa - GB Automobile Association route-finding tables for Continental Europe in 1968

+ James Bond's route across France to Switzerland in 1959 as written by Ian Fleming in Goldfinger (1959)

+ European roads in the 1940s


+ Germany - DDAC Durchfahrtspläne fur 150 deutsche Städte - DDAC's town plans of 150 German towns for 1939

+ Switzerland - Swiss LDS topographic maps

+ England - London and Great Britain in 1950 by the GB Automobile Association

+ Italy - Istituto Geografico Centrale - Italian topographic maps

+ France - French Autoroutes in the 1960s

+ France - French Autoroutes in 1980s

+ France - English Automobile Assocation route finding tables for the French Riviera circa late 1960s

+ France - IGN 1:50,000 topographic maps


+ Eduard Denzel's guide to Alpine Passes

+ Hugh Merrick's guide to Alpine Passes and Trans-Alpine Routes

+ Convert Lattitude and Longitude degress-minutes-seconds to decimal degrees Link - Convert degrees minutes seconds. Google Earth and many GPS system use decimal degrees.






French Autoroute system in the mid Sixties
French Autoroute system in the mid Sixties





The French Riviera of The Persuaders (1971) as it was in 1972
The French Riviera in 1971


DDAC Europa 1940
DDAC 1940 map of Europa showing Route Goldfinger (1959)


Map, France, Cannes-Antibes
Map, France, Cannes-Antibes


Map, France, St Tropez
Map: St Tropez to Cannes circa 2001


Karte Michelin Lyon Chambery Geneve showing major and notable ski areas marked
Major and notable ski areas are marked in light blue. The Parc Vanoise is marked in cross-hatched green. You can see that it has prevented the Les Trois Vallee ski area from expanding until it meets the Val d'Isere ski area, which was its function. The Parc Vanoise joins the Gran Paradiso on the Italian side of the Alps.

Kümmerly & Frey road map Alpine Countries 1960s

Switzerland in the 1960s
Switzerland in the 1960s

Switzerland in the 1960s
Geneva to Zürich

Alpine Europe in the 1960s - The Motion Picture Locations
Kümmerly & Frey road map Alpenländer Alpine Countries 1960s

In the above map, motion picture locations are marked by squares:

Purple: On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969) , Gold: Goldfinger (1964) , Green: The Eiger Sanction (1975) , Turquoise: The Italian Job (1969) , Red: The Great Escape (1963) , Blue: Where Eagles Dare (1968) , Red Circle: Goldeneye (1995). World War II locations are marked by a red diamond.

The thick red bar is the line of the backbone of the Alpine mountain range. It is in this chain that the Alps are at their highest. The red double-opposed-diamonds mark the location of the road passes across the Alps



Denzel Verlag overview map of the Alps
Denzel Verlag's overview map of the Alps showing the above K+F map inset, the red box.


The route of Carrera PanAlpian overlain over the K+F 1960s Alpenlander map
Kümmerly & Frey road map Alpenländer - Alpine Countries 1960s, showing the route of Carrera Pan-Alpina


Showing the route: Chamonix -> Geneva -> Col de la Faucille -> Jura -> Bern -> Jungfrau -> Meiringen -> Haslital -> Grimselpass -> Furkapass -> Andermatt -> Chur -> Vaduz -> Feldkirch -> St Anton -> Flexenpass -> Lech -> Reutte -> Garmisch-Partenkirchen -> Inn valley -> Kufstein -> Ellmau -> St Johan im Tirol -> Lofer -> Steinpass -> Berchtesgaden -> Kehlsteinhaus ("Eagle's Nest") -> Salzburg -> Linz -> Enns -> Steyr -> Bad Hall -> Pettenbach -> Gmunden -> Ebensee -> Bad Ischl -> Halstatt -> River Lammer -> Golling -> Werfen -> Zell-am-See -> Grossglockner -> Dobbiaco -> Cortina D'Ampezzo -> Sterzing -> Jaufenpass -> Meran/Merano -> Vinschgau -> Stelvio pass/Stilfersjoch -> Bórmio -> Passo di Foscagno -> Passo d'Éira -> Livigno -> St Moritz ->

St Moritz -> Maloja pass -> Splügen pass -> San Bernardino Pass -> Bellinzona -> Locarno -> A4


St Moritz -> Maloja pass -> Lake Como -> Dongo -> Como -> A4

A4 -> Ivrea -> Aosta -> Grand St Bernard -> Martigny -> Col de Forclaz -> Chamonix


Route Goldfinger across Switzerland in the 1960s
Route Goldfinger (1964) across Switzerland in the 1960s.

The readout in the Aston Martin's moving map appears three times and the location shown is marked. In the early Sixties, the autoroute Geneva-Lausanne was built but ended shortly after that. You can still drive the old two lane blacktop along the lake and along Valais to the Furkapass. After Andermatt the Goldfinger's Rolls Royce and Bond's Aston Martin turn north to Altdorf and then around the northern circumference along the lakes to Luzern.

Route Goldfinger across 1960s Switzerland
Route Goldfinger across Switzerland in the 1960s


Routes of the Orient Express
Routes of the Orient-Express Link - Transworldwideexpress - Orient Express





NATO Escape Map c1950s

Stalingrad 1950s NATO Escape Map
NATO escape map Volga, Stavropol region, circa 1950s

Stalingrad 1950s NATO Escape Map


Operation Torch, 1944: The Invasion of Southern Frane
Operation Torch, 1944, the Invasion of the South of France


Landeskarte der Schweiz 1:50,000 - key to individual maps
Landeskarte der Schweiz 1:50,000 - key to individual maps



Map of the Alpenfestung, 1945
Plan of the Alpenfestung Wikipedia - Alpenfestung in 1945 complied by Roland Kaltenegger.


Karte Karpathia Topographic

Karte Berann Alps Ligurisches Meer - Ligurian Sea

Karte Berann Europa Mediterranean


Karte Frankreich, regions 1950s
France with the names of the regions.




NATO ONC and TPC air charts are now here


Post-war outline map of Switzerland
Post-war outline map of Switzerland, showing watersheds and major two-lane highways.


Wartime 1942 Luftwaffe air chart section Switzerland and Austria showing relief and sector number
Wartime Luftwaffe air chart showing sector number, section Switzerland, Austria


Post war map of Berlin showing Allied and Soviet sectors partitioning the city

Wartime Italian Airforce air chart Carto Aeronautica d'Italia 1:500,000 1936 sectin Istria and Fiume
Wartime Italian Airforce air chart Carto Aeronautica d'Italia 1:500,000 1936 sectin Istria and Fiume










- in Chicago. Cartographic supply the Soviet General Staff's topographic maps, which cover the entire globe.

- in London.

- Highest Paved Roads in Europe Wikipedia - Higest Paved Roads in Europe

- A good page on sporting mountain roads of the world Link - Sporting Mountain Roads of the World

- Link - University of Texas - NATO ONC Air Charts NATO ONC and TPC Tactical Pilotage Charts (Air Charts) in .JPG and .PDF format at the library of the University of Texas










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