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+ The character of 'Q' is at last well-established in SPECTRE (2015). For years after the premature death of Desmond Llewellyn the general objective of the screenwriting has been to attempt to reproduce the character which Desmond Llewellyn had created and his relationship with the character of Bond. The problem was that this did not work. It failed by comparison with Desmond Llewellyn's 'Q' and the relationship he had created with Bond's character. In SPECTRE (2015) 'Q' is a different character with a largely different relationship, although there are elements of the old Bond-Q relationship, usually the fact that Bond keeps breaking equipment issued to him by 'Q'


London: Number 1 Stanley Gardens, first floor
1 Stanley Gardens


Notting Hill: Corner of Stanley Gardens and Ladbroke Gardens

Notting Hill: Corner of Stanley Gardens and Ladbroke Gardens

Notting Hill: Corner of Stanley Gardens and Ladbroke Gardens


Notting Hill: Corner of Stanley Gardens and Ladbroke Gardens
25 Stanley Gardens, Stanley Lodge

Notting Hill: Corner of Stanley Gardens and Ladbroke Gardens

Notting Hill: Corner of Stanley Gardens and Ladbroke Gardens



SPECTRE Daniel Craig on location in LondonSPECTRE Daniel Craig on location in London





SPECTRE (2015) Altaussee

Map of Bad Aussee
Map of Bad Aussee and Altaussee. The road from Bad Ischl to the north runs past Bad Aussee. You descend down into Bad Aussee and either turn east to head up the long shore of the Grundlsee and up again to the Toplitzsee, or you head north to Altaussee and the Altausseer See.

Map of Bad Aussee showing the position of Eichmann, Kaltenbrunner and Skorzeny
Map of Bad Aussee and Altaussee showing the disposition of hideouts of Eichmann, Kaltenbrunner and Skorzeny. Goebbels had a vacation house on the south side of the Grundlesee, but he was still in Berlin in the Führerbunker. General Kesselring was also in Austria, having completed the retreat of German forces from Italy, but was not connected with Bad Aussee. The owner of the Gasthof where he stayed still owns Kesselring's dress sword.


+ SEE ALSO Eichmann's hideout in Altaussee

+ SEE ALSO Altaaussee, the Toplitzsee and Unternehmen Bernhard




SCENE: Bond tracks the daughter of # to an Alpine clinic in Austria.

LOCATION: Sölden Wikipedia - Soelden, Solden, Otztal, Austria, in the Ötztal, Austria. At the Bergstation Wikipedia - Link - on the Gaislackkogl on the Gaislachkogelbahn.


This location uses the restaurant 'Ice Q' which occupies a glass box adjacent to the top station of the Gaislackkogl Seilbahn. Bond attends the 'clinic' which is sited here and begins the pursuit of the henchmen who have kidnapped the woman he seeks and has just found. Bond pursues the henchmen down the mountainside in an aircraft.

The selection of Bond's attire for this scene is magnificent. I would have chosen it myself. There are however one or two changes I would have made. One of the problems with actually making movies is that there is so much to control that inevitably some details are 'good enough' rather than perfect. This means that critics such as myself tend to comment on the situation as if the glass was half empty rather than half full. Or in this case, almost full.

When Bond exits the glass building onto the snow, he is wearing his sunglasses, which are Vuarnet Glacier sunglasses, featuring the leather eye-cup glare protectors. These are the old-school of mountaineering and sking sunglasses. Vuarnet made sunglasses in the late 1970s and 1980s which were the height of fashion. Part of their line was the Vuarnet Glacier mountaineering sunglassses. In the 2000s Vuarnet seemed to disappear as a manufacturer. However, clearly, they, like Bond, are back. James Bond wears the re-issue of the Vuarnet Glacier sunglasses. This are exactly the right choice because Fleming's Bond has experience as a mountaineer and thus his attire will be distinctly 1940s/1950s/1960s.

Spectre 2015 Daniel Craig as James Bond at Solden, Austria, wearing Vuarnet Glacier sunglasses
SPECTRE (2015): Daniel Craig as James Bond at Solden, Austria, wearing Vuarnet Glacier sunglasses


Bond has appeared in Alpine settings, in action, in several previous Bond movies, being On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969) The Spy Who Loved Me (1977), For Your Eyes Only (1981) Wikipedia - For Your Eyes Only (1981) and in each of these he appeared in Alpine attire which was fashionable or current issue of its time. From these my preference would be they style of 1960s. In SPECTRE (2015) Bond wears a magnificent 1940s/1950s/1960s style. What with the wardrobe selection for the opening mission of The Expendables 3 (2014) and the wardrobe selection for James Bond on location in Sölden I am beginning to think that someone actually reads these pages here at Mitteleuropa. #

- BOOTS: Leather Alpine boots at the turn of the century were like any other working men's boot except that they had a stiffer almost inflexible sole which had a curve to it. This meant that when you stepped on your toes to climb the mountain the boot sole did not flex downwards until your heel contacted the mountain. Mountaineering boots had steel teeth applied to their extensive and stiff welt which gave better grip on slippery surfaces. Danner Wikipedia - Danner Boots Link - Danner have produced a boot which is constructed in a similar mode to 1950s mountaineering boots the Quarry GTX 8" PT Boot which the EON wardrobe have selected for Bond on this mission.

- TROUSERS: EON Wardrobe have complimented Bond's 1950s mountaineering boots with some 1950s style wool trousers.

1930s: Ski apparal: Gregory Peck and Ingrid Bergmann
1930s: Ski apparal: Gregory Peck and Ingrid Bergmann

You can see in the above photograph the cut of the wool trousers which were used from the turn of the century until the 1950s.

George Lazenby relaxing during filming in Murren

George Lazenby relaxing during filming in Murren

In the above two photographs you can see George Lazenby filming On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969) wearing the stretch-material stirrup ski-pants which came in with the 1960s. It was these pants which replaced the wool trousers which had been in use since the turn of the century.

You will have noticed that in the plot, Bond leaves Q immediately for Rome without packing. And yet on the same mission he subsequently goes through at least five changes of clothing which would have required several full size suitcases. That's the beauty of being James Bond. You do not have to worry about things like that.

- Link - Polyvore James Bond's clothing for the location shoot at Solden, Austria Polyvore website on James Bond's clothing for the location shoot at Solden, Austria






















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