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National Gallery, London
London: National Gallery Wiki - National Gallery Room 34, east wall. The painting on the left is by Joseph Wright of Derby An Experiment on a Bird in the Air Pump Link - "An Experiment on a Bird in the Air Pump" The painting on the the right is by Thomas Gainsborough Mr and Mrs Hallett or The Morning Walk.Link - "Mr and Mrs Hallett"

In the above scene, the long sofa with a high back which normally rests at this point int he gallery was replaced with a lower bench.





Parliament Square: Westminster Abbey, Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, Foreign Office, Middlesex Crown Court
Parliament Square: Right to left: Westminster Abbey, Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, Foreign Office, Middlesex Crown Court




Skyfall: Smithfield Market and the camera car
On location at Smithfield Market.


Smithfield Market, Smithfield Street, the entrance to the underground parking lot
Smithfield Market on Smithfield Street. The entrance to the undergroud parking lot below the market is mid frame. It is a circular ramp which gradually descends to the same level as the basement of the market. Immediately adjacent to this location, center frame, is St Bartholmew's Hospital Wikipedia - St Bartholemew's Hospital where a scene was shot for Grand Prix (1966).



The South Steps of the Royal Albert Hall near the Stage Door.
Skyfall première: South Steps and South Porch of the Royal Albert Hall from near the Stage Door, looking toward the Royal College of Music (frame left).

South Steps from Prince Consort Road
Skyfall première: South Steps of the Royal Albert Hall from Prince Consort Road, eastern end in front of Albert Court. VIP's approached from Queen's Gate end.

Daniel Craig and Dame Judy Dench
Daniel Craig: »Hey look ! There is the guy from the Mitteleuropa website«


I have never ever seen so many glamorous women, nor so many outstandingly beautiful women, at any event, either sporting, of the arts, or of the movies, anywhere. Not the Kentucky Derby Wikipedia - , Royal Ascot Wikipedia - , the Prix de L'Arc de Triomphe Wikipedia - Prix de la Arc de Triomphe, not the Oscars Wikipedia - , BAFTAs Wikipedia - or Cannes Wikipedia - , not the Metropolitan Opera Wikipedia - , Royal Opera House Wikipedia - , nor La Scala Wikipedia - . It was breathtaking. It was like being at the center of the world. Thank you Ian Fleming. Thank you EON Productions. Thank you.


Skyfall (2012) is well worth seeing and ranks with the Connery Era Bond movies.

If you are the fabulous young lady in the fabulous ball gown who kindly posed for photographs then please send me an email and I will send to you the series of full-size photographs.

beautiful and mysterious woman


Skyfall Premiere, Royal Albert Hall, South Steps from Stage Door
Skyfall première, Royal Albert Hall, South Steps from Stage Door. The VIPs were dropped at the start of the red carpet which was about 150m down Prince Consort Road, walked in front of the big screen in front of the Royal College of Music (center left frame) and then all the way up the South Steps (center foreground) and past the monument (center) into the South Porch, then up the stairs into the restaurant which is around to the right, over the Stage Door.

- Link - Royal Albert Hall Video from the Royal Albert Hall, London.


Royal Albert Hall - Skyfall  Première


Premiere of Skyfall: Ticket




2012-NOV-01 - Erik Lorincz, The cocktail barman at the American Bar at the Savoy Hôtel in London are serving a Skyfall Cocktail, the ingredients of which are secret, presently. For the production of a Martini as described by Fleming in Casino Royale (1953) the American Bar have (supposedly) sourced some 1950s era of Gordon's gin and Smirnoff vodka in addition to some Kina Lillet Wikipedia - Kina Lillet. This is very worthy but I am skeptical when I hear "new old stock" stories because the wrist-watch trade use them a lot to cover the fact that they are trying to sell reproductions. I am prepared to be convinced by proof, however. The cost of the Martini appears to be the best part of a thousand Pounds (that is Pounds, not Euros or Dollars). At that price I would want to see proof.




- Luggage used in Skyfall (2013)













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