La Grand Bouffe (1973) Wikipedia - La Graound Bouffe Link - IMDB La Grand Bouffe

One of the great motion pictures.

La Grand Bouffe












La Grand Bouffe







Entrance on the Boulevard Exilman

The Gates of Doom. The is the vehicular Entrance of the Boulevard Exilman, to the rear of the house used as the location. The four characters drive through this entrance to the rear gates of the house. The automobile approaches from the right of frame, from the direction of the river.



Marco Ferreri's masterpiece.










Marcello Mastroianni ... Marcello
Michel Piccoli ... Michel
Philippe Noiret ... Philippe
Ugo Tognazzi ... Ugo
Andréa Ferréol ... Andrea (as Andréa Ferreol)
Solange Blondeau ... Danielle
Florence Giorgetti ... Anne
Michèle Alexandre ... Nicole
Monique Chaumette ... Madeleine
Henri Piccoli ... Hector
Maurice Dorléac
Simon Tchao
Louis Navarre ... Braguti
Bernard Menez ... Pierre
Cordelia Piccoli ... Barbara



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sound track

Philippe Stardt wrote teh song


phillipe sarde


I actually have the vinyl. Was a very lucky find. It only has 2 songs: the original song and piano version by Philippe Sadre.

michel composed it for the film







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