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Gorky Park (1983) Lobby Card
Gorky Park (1983) Lobby Card

- Locations are in and around Stockholm and Helsinki.

The uniforms were made by Peruzzi Wikipedia - Costumit D Arte Perruzi Link - Costumi d Arti Perruzi. You could not get Soviet surplus until the wall came down in 1989. Soviet uniforms were only available behind the iron curtain and there was no way of taking them out of the Soviet Union if you got your hands on one. The past is so far away now it makes you laugh to think the wonders that a pair of Western denim jeans could work in the Soviet Union.

- Great story. Good script. Some superb performances. The plot deals with the Soviet monopoly on sable fur, which is the most desirable of all furs. A sable fur hat costs about USD25,000 and a sable fur coat around USD100,000 Link - New York Times - Sable coats and Siberian hunters. Up until WWII sables were hunted or trapped like all fur-bearing animals but after WWII sable farms began to be constructed. Furs had always been Siberia's biggest export, ever since Roman times and certainly before that, probably since the first humans reached Siberia. Contrary to popular belief, private firearms ownership in the Soviet Union was widespread, with around 400,000 permits in the Moscow area alone. A bounty was paid on wolves, right up to the collapse of the Soviet Union. Hunting of animals both for meat and for fur was widespread.

The opening scene is set on an ice rink in a park, with music being played across a public address system. These public address systems in public parks, playing classical music, were a common feature in Soviet municpal parks.








Belomorkanal in Gorky Park (1983)
00:10:49 We see a Belomorkanal Papirosi (cigarette) Wikipedia - Belomorkanal cigarette being smoked.

You can see Belomorkanal in Transsiberian (2008) 00:03:11 and at 01:38:50. Ian Fleming in his novel From Russia with Love (1957)Wikipedia - From Russia with Love describes a meeting of SMERSH officials in which one of the members smokes Belomorkanal. Belomorkanal were the working man's cigarette in the Soviet Union and the lowest rung on the cigarette ladder. They came in a printed cardboard box made from the same cardboard around which western lavatory paper was wrapped.


Belomorkanal in Gorky Park (1983)


Troika on the frozen river
00:16:19 A troika on the frozen river


Helsinki: Troika on the Frozen River


Vodka and Belomorkanal
00:23:30 A bottle of vodka and a packet of Belomorkanal Papirosi (cigarette) on the desk of the chief investigator.


Policeman smoking a Belomorkanal
00:23:30 KGB man smokes a Belomorkanal Papirosi (cigarette).


Newsarticle showing Jack Osborne and KGB officers being shown a sable


Turkish Baths
00:43:47 At the Turkish Baths. The shoes are distinctly Swedish.


Turkish Baths


Turkish Baths


Turkish Baths


Alexei Sayle is hung out of the window
00:55:12 The much under-used Alexei Sayle Wikipedia - Link - is hung out of the window to make him talk


Vodka and Belmorkanal on the desk
00:54:30 Belomorkanal on the desk, just this side of the pile of papers.


Silenced Colt 1911


Alexei Sayle buys the Collective Farm
Alexei Sayle Wikipedia - Alexei Sayle is killed by a gunshot from a silenced Colt 1911. The sound track of the movie has a gunshot, which the silenced pistol would not produce (whether wet or dry silenced). This helps impress the violence of the moment on the viewers and is not really noticeable on first viewing.


Alexei Sayle is shot by an assassin


Silenced Colt 1911


Silenced Colt 1911


Silenced Colt 1911


Silenced Colt 1911


Helsinki: The bridge to the Dacha
Helsinki: 01:00:35 Return to the Dacha


At the Dacha


Turkish Baths
01:36:46 The Turkish Baths


Turkish Baths


Gorky Park (1983): Lee Marvin wearing a Sable fur Ushanka with Joanna Pacula
Lee Marvin wearing a Sable fur Ushanka with Joanna Pacula


Lee Marvin wears a sable fur Ushanka as Jack Osborne
Lee Marvin as Jack Osborne wears a sable Wikipedia - Sable fur Ushanka Wikipedia - Ushanka.


Gorky Park (1983): Lee Marvin in a Sable fur Ushanka wearing a fur collared coat and holding a pistol
Lee Marvin in a Sable fur Ushanka wearing a fur collared coat


Sheraton Stockholm
Sheraton Stockholm

Sheraton Stockholm


Sheraton Stockholm

Sheraton Stockholm








Stockholm - Admiralty Building and tall ship af Chapman
Stockholm. The Admiralty Building is the red turret building in the left-hand background. The Tall Ship moored in font is the af Chapman.


Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow Wikipedia - Rolls Royce Silver Shadow



Lee Marvin, wearing a three piece suit, smoking a cigarette, on a bridge in Helsinki during filming of Gorky Park 1983
Gorky Park (1983): Lee Marvin




Lee Marvin playing Jack Osborne holds a sable fur hat
Jack Osborne holds a sable fur hat, made from Barguzinsky sable, sable fur from the Barguzin river Wikipedia - Barguzin River area of Lake Baikal which is reputedly the finest.

Jack Osborne holds a sable fur hat


Rolls Royce Silver Shadow
Rolls Royce Silver Shadow Wikipedia - Rolls Royce Silver Shadow, Swedish license plate FJR 987

The New York Policeman is found dead
01:49:59 »He killed my dogs...... I gutted him because he killed my dogs.«


Lee Marvin holds a Colt Sako L-579 rifle
Jack Osborne wears a pair of full-length boots which are worn by the Sami (the Laplanders). The foot of the boot is called 'duck-billed'. The folded-over length of the boot protects you when traversing deep snow.

Film director John Boorman who directed Lee Marvin on Point Blank (1967) said of Lee Marvin:


   "He was incredibly daring. There was nothing he would not try. Physically very sure of himself."


Lee Marvin had been in the US Marines during the pacific war, seeing action many times and eventually being seriously wounded. His grave stone is in Arlington National Cemetery and reads 'Lee Marvin - Private First Class - US Marines'.


Gorky Park (1983): Lee Marvin wearing a sheepskin jacket holding a rifle and dead sables. Joanna Pacula wears a sheepskin coat
Lee Marvin and Joanna Pacula. Lee Marvin holds the Sako and the dead sables.


The dead New York Policeman




- Other motion pictures set or filmed in Russia are:

- - Transsiberian (2008)

- - Enemy at the Gates (2001)

- - Also filmed in Helsinki is Billion Dollar Brain

- - Also filmed in Helsinki is Year of the Hare (1977) Wikipedia - "Year of the Hare" (1977)




- Gorky Park at the Internet Movie Firearms Database Link - Internet Movie Firearms Database

- Movie locations for Gorky Park (1983) in Helsinki in Ciné Escapader Link - Cine Escapader - Gorky Park

- Link - New York Times - Sable coats and Siberian hunters - Article covering the market for sable fur, sable farming and sable hunting in Siberia.





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