Chimes at Midnight (1965) Wikipedia - Chimes at Midnight

Orson Welles Wikipedia - Welles film production of Welles' own play Five Kings.

Nearly all shot on superb locations Link - Chimes at Midnight in Spain.



 Falstaff - Chimes at Midnight

 Falstaff - Chimes at Midnight
Sir John and a retainer warm themselves by the fire.

 Falstaff - Chimes at Midnight

King Henry IV, part 2, Scene II:


That's fifty-five year ago.


Ha, cousin Silence, that thou hadst seen that that
this knight and I have seen! Ha, Sir John, said I well?


We have heard the chimes at midnight, Master Shallow.


That we have, that we have, that we have; in faith,
Sir John, we have: our watch-word was 'Hem boys!'
Come, let's to dinner; come, let's to dinner:
Jesus, the days that we have seen! Come, come.


From the The Richard Burton Diaries, for 1967-JUN-24

Saturday 24th A brilliantly hot day with Kate anxious to swim so we thought we'd kill two birds with one stone and go to La Rserve where K could swim while we ate and drank.55 This we did going by the Riva speedboat. It was very pleasant K swimming in the sea and the pool. Orson Welles gargantuanly fat joined us for a minute or two.56 He said that every film he'd directed in his life had cost him money, that he'd never received any money from any of his films and that Chimes at Midnight had cost him $75,000 personally out of his own pocket.57 He left the table suddenly and dramatically with a sotto voce darling to E and a conspiratorial squeeze of my shoulder. I wondered to E how he could possibly make love. [...] We ran into Sam Spiegel and Harry Kurnitz and took them up on the hill for a drink and a cool-off.58




 Falstaff - Chimes at Midnight

 Falstaff - Chimes at Midnight

 Falstaff - Chimes at Midnight

 Falstaff - Chimes at Midnight
Sir John's coffin is bourn away.






Orson Welles smoking a cigar
Orson Welles on the set of Chimes at Midnight

Orson Welles filming Chimes at Midnight, Spain, 1960
Spain 1960 on location for Chimes at Midnight





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