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The scenes with the locomotive were shot with a real locomotive in Finland. The locomotive still exists.


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The introductory Credits in The Eagle Has Landed are shot from a low-flying aircraft which ends its run over Hohenschwangau, at Füssen, in Bavaria. Hohenschwangau is the sister castle of Neuschwanstein and is only a few hundred meters away. It is Neuschwanstein which appears in The Great Escape(1963) Wikipedia - The Great Escape when James Garner and Donald Pleasance make their escape in a stolen aircraft.

Hohenschwangau, opposite Neuschwanstein

For years I puzzled over the reason that Hohenschwangau should appear in the credits and it was not until 2010 that I discovered that there are many deleted scenes which were not included in the released cut of film. One of the scene was the meeting of Nazi Bigwigs (Partiebonzen) at a Schloss and Hohenschwangau would have been used as the exterior for that scene. That is why the Credits end with a shot of Hohenschwangau from the air.



The Great Escape (1963) Wikipedia - The Great Escape Link - Great Escape LocationsLink - Mr Location - The Great Escape, many of the locations of which are in the environs of Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau







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