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Motion Picture Locations: Original Research
Motion Picture: Locations covered: Links:
Where Eagles Dare (1968) Wikipedia - Where Eagles Dare Austria; Switzerland  
The Eiger Sanction (1975) Wikipedia - The Eiger Sanction Switzerland, Zurich, Jungfrau; USA, Monument Valley; Eiger Sanction at Youtube
Trevanian's Novel The Eiger Sanction (1972)   Trevanian Wikipedia - Trevanian


Motion Picture Locations: Completed by Others
Where Eagles Dare (1968) Wikipedia - Where Eagles Dare  

Where Eagles Dare
Cinema Astoria

Sniper Shot in Joe KiddWikipedia - Alabama Hills The Great Silence
High Plains DrifterWikipedia - Mono Lake

The Great Silence
The Great Silence
The Great Silence

Dirty HarryWikipedia -  

Dirty Harry Blog
Google Earth Co-Ordinates
Film in America

Sergie Leone's Spaghetti WesternsWikipedia - Almeria, Spain

Sir Christopher Frayling, Biographer of LeoneWikipedia -
Fistful of Leone Website Link -

The Good, The Bad, The UglyWikipedia -    
For a Fistful of DollarsWikipedia -    
For a Few Dollars MoreWikipedia -    

Clint Eastwood smoking a Toscanelli in SergeoLeone's Spaghetti Westerns
Clint Eastwood smokes a Toscanlli cigar in Sergeo Leone's Spaghetti Westerns.

A packet of Toscanelli.

These cigars are produced by Cigarettes ToscanaLink - in Italy. A ToscanelliLink - is half a Toscana cigar. The Toscana cigars are not straight-sided cylinders like most cigars but have a curve in their sides which makes them bulge in the middle. When they are cut in half they give the distinctive fat-ended shape you see in Sergeo Leone's Westerns. Italy grows tobacco plants but the leaves are prepared by Cigarettes Toscana in a unusual way. The leaves are dampened while they are being dried, causing them to foment slightly and giving them a distinctive aroma.




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