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Economist Plaza from St James's Street
Economist Plaza from St James's Street



'Blow up' (1966) 39 Pottery Lane: David Hemmings
David Hemmings enters 39 Pottery Lane


Blow Up (1966) 00:04:36 Pottery Lane, Notting Hill
Blow Up (1966) 00:04:36 Pottery Lane, Notting Hill. Rolls-Royce EVN 734 C pulls up outside number 39. Behind the camera is a convent and Church of St Francis of Assisi. At the end of Pottery Lane out of frame to the right is the Earl of Zetland public house, closed decades ago. Beyond that is Pottery Lane where one of the original brick kilns still stands.



'Blow Up' (1966) 39 Pottery Lane
39 Pottery Lane


Pottery Lane exterior
39 Pottery Lane, interior

Pottery Lane
39 Pottery Lane, interior



'Blow Up' (1966): Pottery Lane 39 - David Hemmings alights from this Rolls-Royce
Pottery Lane 39


'Blow Up' (1966): Pottery Lane, the Earl of Zetland public house
Pottery Lane: The Earl of Zetland public house.


The area beyond that to the North West is the North West corner of Notting Hill gridsquare known as Notting Dale, which was a notorious slum. None of the original houses now remain. Notting Hill was laid out in the 1840s as new-build upon open fields, once the district line suburban railway had been laid through there, enabling fast access to the City of London. After the Second World War, Notting Hill had stopped being an upscale area with large family homes and the large houses were subdivided into apartments, many of which were ruled over by the notorious slum-lord, Mr Rackman Wikipedia - Link - Rackman . During the 1950s it became the scene of the infamous Notting Hill riots. In the 1960s it became Bohemian which explains its appearance in Blow Up (1966)



'Blow Up' (1966): Princedale Road 49, rear yard - David Hemmings photographs models
Princedale Road 49 rear yard: David Hemmings photographs some models. The entrance to this row of houses is from the rear, not their front on Princedale Road. The individuals walls visible which separate each yard have been demolished


'Blow Up
North side of Hyde Park at Lancaster Gate: The Royal Lancaster Hôtel under construction




'Blow Up' (1966) Veruschka, Countess von Lehndorff
Vera, Gräfin von Lehndorff-Steinort Wikipedia - Veruschka, known professionally as Veruschka
















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