- . The Making of the Italian Job

- by Matthew Field , published by Batsford , ISBN 0-7134-8682-1.
   - Definitive history of the motion picture


The Most Famous Car in the World: The Complete History of the James Bond Aston Martin DB5 by David Worrall ISBN: 0-9517509-1-7 published by Solo

+ Gives the most detailed information on the making of the section of Goldfinger (1964) which depicts the Aston Martin in the »Auric Industries« factory as well as documenting the entire history of the cars.

The Most Famous Car in the WorldThe Most Famous Car in the World: The Complete History of the James Bond Aston Martin DB5 by David Worrall



James Bond's London by Gary Giblin ISBN 097131339-X published by Daleon

+ Offers a comprehensive guide to all locations used in the films, in Fleming's novels and by Fleming himself. Very useful for dining out.


James Bond's London by Gary GiblinJames Bond's London by Gary Giblin


All of the above authors write for the excellent Cinema Retro Link - Cinema Retro Magazine Magazine, which is the documentary organ of choice for film of this era.


A Spy's London by Roy Berkeley

A Spy's London


Roy Berkeley's Obituary



- . The Great Motor Highways of the Alps

- by Hugh Merrick published by Robert Hale, London, 1958, 1961, 1963.
    - A comprehensive orientation on motor touring through the Alps. It contains many superb map-diagrams which showing the road system against the valley system and watershed. Extensive exerpts from the text may be found here. Use this volume in conjuction with Eduard Denzel's definitive reference work, below.



Great Motor Highways of the Alps by Hugh Merrick


The Passes over the Backbone of the Alps



Grosser Alpen Strassen Führer by Eduard Denzel and Harald Denzel ISBN 3-85047-763-0, published by Denzel-Verlag Wikipedia - Denzel VerlagLink - Denzel Verlag (German language)

+ This is the most comprehensive guide to Alpine passes and was first assembled by Eduard Denzel in 1956. However, it is so detailed that I would not use it without first reading Merrick's work. Denzel lists passes down to a level of detail only navigable by the on-off road touring motorcycles.

   Denzel's reference book is an invaluable aid when re-creating the routes of the old Coupe Des Alps rally Wikipedia - Coupe des Alps.

Grosser Alpen Strassen  Fuhrer -by Denzel



Map of Alpine Countries covered by the Grosser Alpen Fuhrer by Denzel Verlag
Map of Alpine Countries covered by the Grosser Alpen Führer by Eduard Denzel.


While the Anglo-Saxons do participate in this sport, driving sports cars and sports motorcycles over the Alpine passes is largely the preserve of German and Italian motor-sports enthusiasts and thus much information published is not in English.

English Language:

The following sites offer a useful flavor but are German language:


Die schonsten Passe und Hohenstrassen der Alpen

+ A useful illustrated selection of Alpine passes.

Die schonsten Passe und Hohenstrassen der Alpen



How the English Made the Alps by Jim Ring ISBN 0719556910 published by John Murray Wikipedia - .

+ Ring details a modern history of the Alps by telling of how English Grand Tourists brought skis from Scandinavia to use in Switzerland in winter, thus inventing the sport of downhill skiing. Credit goes to English author Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle Wikipedia - for being the man to invent downhill skiing.

How the English Made the Alps by Jim Ring


The standard reference works for mountaineers were written by Robin G. Collomb and are still in use today.

The White Spider by Heinrich Harrer.

+ This is the classic account of the first attempts to climb the North Face of the Eiger. It was in fact Heinrich Harrer Wikipedia - and Hugh Merrick, author of The Great Motor Highways of the Alps, who documented the first attempts to climb the face of the mountain. Heinrich Harrer went on to write Seven Years in Tibet Wikipedia - after becoming trapped in India by the start of the war. Read this work before viewing Clint Eastwood's The Eiger Sanction (1975).


Scrambles among the Alps by Edward Whympher (1871) Wikipedia - .

+ This is the classic account of the conquest of the big Alpine peaks including the famous and ultimately fatal conquest of the Matterhorn Wikipedia - . Essential reading before a visit to Zermatt. Reading Scrambles among the Alps and How the English Made the Alps together will throw the Alpine region into sharp relief.

Burgen and Ruinen im Allgäu by Dieter Buck, published by Theiss, 2002, ISBN 3-8062-1602-9

+ A useful pocket guide to castles and ruins in the Allgäu - on the Germany/Austria border area.

Burgen and Ruinen im AllgäuBurgen and Ruinen im Allgäu

Burgen and Ruinen im Allgäu by Dieter Buck, published by Theiss


DDAC Durchfahrtspläne fur 150 deutsche Städte, 1939

+ 150 German town plans from 1939

DDAC Durchfahrtspläne fur 150 deutsche Städte











SS Diary for 1944

SS Taschenjahrbuch 1944



Wehrpass by Emilie Caldwell Stewart

Wehrpass by Emlie Caldwell Stewart. Standard reference work on Third Reich identification documents.



Gold Is Where You Hide It - What Happened to the Reichsbank Treasure by W. Stanley Moss Wikipedia - (1956)

+ The shortest and best account of the disappearance of the Nazi Gold hordes at Garmisch-Partenkirchen Wikipedia - . Moss is on the trail when it is still warm.


Nazi Gold : The Sensational Story of the World's Greatest Robbery - and the Greatest Criminal Cover-Up by Brian Sayer and John Botting
ISBN 1840187859, published by Mainstream

+ Sayer and Botting's much longer investigation into the Nazi Gold hoards.


Nazi Millionaires by Kenneth Alford and Theodore Savas ISBN: 0971170967 published by Casemate.

+ Deals with the many and various activities of German Intelligence and SS staff hiding in Austria at the end of the war, including SS-Standartenführer Josef Spacil's distribution and concealment of valuables from the Reichsbank at Schloss Fischorn at Bruck outside Zell am See.


Verschollene Schätze im Salzkammergut. Die Suche nach dem Nazi-Gold by Gerhard Zauner Link - Tauchmuseum in HallstattLink - Divernet ISBN 370200985X published by Stocker, (German language).

+ Gerhard Zauner is a Scuba diver who has spent his whole life recovering artefacts from the bottom of Austrian lakes, including gold, printing plates from the Nazi counterfeiting programme and personal items discarded by fleeing Nazis as they changed into civilian clothing to make their escape.

Verschollene Schätze im Salzkammergut. Die Suche nach dem Nazi-Gold by Gerhard ZaunerVerschollene Schätze im Salzkammergut. Die Suche nach dem Nazi-Gold by Gerhard Zaune


Burgen und Ruinen im Allgäu by Dieter Buck published by Theiss 2002 ISBN 3-8062-1602-9

Very useful guide to Schloss and ruins throughout southern Germany.


The Gold Train by Ronald Zweig ISBN 0141000759 published by Penguin

+ Details the route and dispersal of an entire train of valuables from Budapest throughout Austria in the closing days of the war.


Nazi Counterfeiting of British Pound Currency During World War II by Bryan Burke ISBN 0-9618274-0-8

+ This is the definitive reference work on the technical details of the program, written by numismatist Bryan Burke. Ian Fleming mentions the Nazi counterfeiting programme in his novel Goldfinger (1959) at the start of chapter seven.

Further information on Lake Toplitz where the remains of the Nazi counterfeiting programme were dumped including millions of pounds worth of bank notes. Lake Toplitz is over one hundred meters deep and is protected by a floating layer of old tree trunks at half that depth which render it impassable to divers. Hence the great difficulty in establishing what remains in its depths. Gerhard Zauner is one of the few to have penetrated through the layer of tree trunks with any success:


Enthülltes Geheimnis Toplitzsee by Werner Kopacka ISBN 3-85489-041-9 published by Steirische, (German language).

Enthülltes Geheimnis Toplitzsee by Werner Kopacka

Enthülltes Geheimnis Toplitzsee by Werner Kopacka


Der Toplitzsee by Dr. Markus Köberl, A-8990 Bad Aussee, Parkgasse 154 (German language).

Der Toplitzsee by Dr. Markus Köberl


Hitler's Fälscher by Shraga Elam ISBN 3-8000-3757-2 published by Ueberreuter, (German language). The cover photograph is of Schloss Labers in Meran

Hitler's Fälscher by Shraga ElamHitler's Fälscher by Shraga Elam


Unternehmen Bernhard by Walter Hagen, published by Welsermuhl, Wels, (German language).

Hitler's Paper Weapon by SS Obersturmbannführer Willhelm Höttl Wikipedia - Höttl published by Rupert Hart-Davies 1955

Operation Alpenfestung by Roland Kaltenegger

Operation AlpenfestungOperation Alpenfestung


Journey to Vienna by Mrs Robert Henry 1946


Michael Wittmann and the Tiger Commanders of the Leibstandarte by Patrick Agte, published by JJ Fedorowicz

Michael Wittmann erfolgreichster Panserkommandant in Zweiten Weltkrieg und die Tiger der Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler by Patrick Agte published by Deutsche Verlagsgesellschaft, Rosenheim.

Man without a Face by Markus Wolf Wikipedia - , the Cold-War head of the HVA (the Stasi)

Cold War Intelligence memoirs are very similar but what makes Wolf's account different is the number of missing pieces of the jigsaw he holds. The accuracy and focus of the book is thanks largely to the publisher appointing English journalist Anne McElvoy Wikipedia - as Wolf's overseer on the project and had to live in the recently re-unified East Berlin while she had that role. Without Anne the memoir would have degenerated into self-serving justification. »It was the worst two years of my life.« Anne told me. In The Spy who came in from the Cold John Le Carre mentions when describing the psychology of those who live as spies, live as a person who is not themselves, that they must live without sympathy. If you do not know what this means then you will find out if you live as a spy. Markus Wolf describes in detail how the spies he had recruited within the West always had to be brought over at both danger and cost, for 'award' ceremonies, where their work for their spy-masters was recongised. After years in the business he knew this aspect of psychology of spies and recognised its importance in keeping the spy working satisfactorily.


Markus Wolf in Berlin post 1989
Markus Wolf at Checkpoint Charlie


The German Class 52 Kriegslok published by Frank Stenvalls Förlag in Sweden and written by Peter Slaughter, Alexander Vassiliev, Roland Beier ISBN 9107266-140-2. Available in German and English.

+ A superb reference work documenting the history of the Kriegslok locomotive and listing the origin and fate of all locomotives by plate number.


The St George Hôtel Bar by Said K. Aburish published by Bloomsbury 1989.

+ Cold War spy intrigue in Bierut, which was the Vienna of the Fifties, the Berlin of the Sixties, in the Middle East. Philby's last posting was to Beirut before he defected to the West.


Goldfinger by Adrian Turner published by Bloomsbury Paperbacks 1998 ISBN 0-7475-5171-5

+ Useful A-Z compendium of all matters relating to EON Productions' Goldfinger (1964).

Goldfinger by Adrian Turner


A Rough Guide to James Bond published by Rough Guides

A Rough Guide to James BondA Rough Guide to James Bond


Ian Fleming by Andrew Lycett published by Phoenix ISBN 1-85799-783-2


Speed was my Life by Alfred Neubauer with forward by Stirling Moss.

+ The memoirs of the supremo of supremos, Alfred Neubauer, head of Mercedes-Benz Motor Racing. Tales from the heyday of Motor Racing.

Speed was my Life by Alfred Neubauer


The Neubauer Cocktail from Alfred Neubauer's memoirs Speed was my Life

»The Neubauer Cocktail« from Alfred Neubauer's memoirs:

»Then I gave him a glass of my special 'racing mixture', which includes, among other things, MalagaWikipedia - , black coffee, sugar, the yolk of an egge and a few spices. It worked wonders.«


Alfred Neubauer driving for Mercedes in the Targa Florio
Alfred Neubauer as a young man driving for Mercedes-Benz in the Targa-FlorioWikipedia - . Ferdinand PorscheWikipedia - stands resting his arm on the hood.


Flieg weiter, Ju-52! by Sepp Moser

+ Useful reference work on the Ju 52.

Flieg weiter, Ju-52! by Sepp Moser


Registration Plates of the World by Neil Parker, John Weeks, Reg Wilson, 3rd edition, 1994, published by Europlate. ISBN 0 0502735 5 4

The definitive reference work and a monumental act of scholarship. The book is 45mm thick.

Registration Plates of the World - Parker and Weeks


Paris - published by Editions Ponchet Wikipedia - 7 rue Theodore de Banville Paris 75017

This is the same best street atlas of Paris, the one Parisiennes use. The equivalent in London is Geographers A-Z Wikipedia - .

Paris - Editions Ponchet


From the superb black comedy cop movie Les Ripoux (1984) Wikipedia - Les RipouxWikipedia - Le Cop Link - Les Ripoux: Philip Noiret, playing the time-served vulpine detective drives while sharing lines of cocaine drawn onto a copy of editions Ponchet Paris streetmap.


Editions Ponchet Paris streetmap
Editions Ponchet Paris Streetmap being used to hold lines of cocaine

Editions Ponchet Paris streetmap
The rookie holds the tooter while Philip Noiret drives.


Wiener Zentralfriedhof - Guidebook to the Vienna Zentralfriedhof. Helpful for finding the grave of Harry Lime, in The Third Man (1949)

Guidebook to the Zentralfriedhof


In Search of the Third Man by Charles Drazin published by Methuen 1999 ISBN 0-413-73930-9

Journey to Vienna by Mrs Robert Henry 1946

Skorzeny - Hitler's Commando, by Glen B. Infield, St Martin's Press, 1981

Nazi Hunter - The Wiesenthal File, by Alan Levy 1993 published by Constable and Robinson:

Skorzeny's Special Missions - The memoirs of 'The Most Dangerous Man in Europe' , Greenhill, ISBN 1-85367-291-2

Otto Skorzeny - My Commando Operations, by Otto Skorzeny Schiffer Military History, 9 780887 407 185

Skorzeny - The Most Dangerous Man in Europe, Charles Whiting, Leo Cooper, London 1972 ISBN 85052 578 0

The Real Odessa, Uki Goni, Grant Books, London 2003 ISBN 1-96207 403 9

The Labyrinth - The Memoirs of Hitler's Secret Service Chief by Walter Schellenberg published by Harper NYC 1956 LC 56-8761

- The Gulag Archipelago by Alexander Solzhenitsyn Wikipedia - 1973

Gulag by Anne Applebaum

The Seychelles Affaire by Mike Hoare published by Bantam 1986 ISBN 0 552 12890 2

Three Years with Sylvia by Mike Hoare published by Robert Hale 1977 ISBN 0 7091 6194 8

Mercenari – gli italiani in Congo 1960, by Ippolito Edmondo Ferrario published by Ugo Mursia Editore 2009 Link - ‘Mercenario’, di Giorgio Rapanelli e Ippolito Edmondo Ferrario, Edizioni Ritter.

Mercenario by Giorgio Rapanelli e Ippolito Edmondo Ferrario, 2013 Link - ‘Mercenario’, di Giorgio Rapanelli e Ippolito Edmondo Ferrario, Edizioni Ritter.

On location i the Transvaal, South Africa "The Wild Geese" Mad Mike Hoare and Andrew McLaglen
On location for The Wild Geese (1978) Wikipedia - The Wild Geese (1978) in the Transvaal, South Africa, Mad Mike Hoare Wikipedia - Mad Mike Hoare and Andrew McLaglen Wikipedia - Andew McLagle. Tullio Moneta Link - Tullio Moneta, actor and mercenary, another colleague of Mike Hoare, also advised on the production of the motion picture.


Kolyma Tales Wikipedia - by Varlam Shalamov

Militäruhren - Die Uhren de deutschen Streitkräfte 1870 bis 1990 by Konrad Knirim Link - Konrad Knirim published by Verlag Peter Pomp, ISBN 3-89355-180-8 , c1998

Few individuals can have dominated a subject in the same way that Konrad Knirim dominates the subject of military timespieces. He has not just dwarfed his rivals: He has none.

The pagers from Militäruhren which deal with the Officine Panerai Wikipedia - watches issued to Otto Skorzeny's Kampfschwimmer Wikipedia - are reproduced here.

Militäruhren - Die Uhren de deutschen Streitkräfte 1870 bis 1990 by Konrad Knirim


Orientations, Sir Ronald Storrs Wikipedia - Sir Ronald Storrs

The Seven Pillars of Wisdom Wikipedia - by T.E. Lawrence Wikipedia -

The Leipzig Trials by Claude Mullins published by Witherby London 1921


A New Book about London by Leopold Wagner published by E.P Dutton & Co New York 1921

Sandstone Towers of the American South-West Desert by Eric Bjornstad

Turner in the Alps by David Blayney Brown published by Edipresse Imprimeries Réunies Lausanne s.a. ISBN: 2-88443-050-4

+ A good introduction to J.M.W. Turner's Wikipedia - tour through the Alps and the paintings which he produced.

JMW Turner's Grand Tour of the Alps
J.M.W. Turner's Grand Tour through the Alps in the early 1800s

JMW Turner's painting of the Grand St Bernard
The Grand St Bernard Hospice 1802

Grand St Bernard - JMW Turner



JMW Turner's painting of Courmayeur
Above Courmayeur looking up toward Monte Bianco1806

Courmayer - JMW Turner


The Obersalzburg and the 3rd Reich published by Verlag Plenk, Berchtesgaden 1984

The Eagle's Nest published by Verlag Plenk, Berchtesgaden 1984

Obersalzburg and the 3rd Reich


After the Battle Magasine, Number 9 Obersalzberg 1975 ISSN0306-164-X

After the Battle - The Berghof


Hitler Sites - A City-by-City Guidebook by Steven Lehrer published by McFarland & Co, Publishers, ISBN: 0-7864-1045-0



Deadly Business - Sam Cummings, Interarms and the Arms Trade - Patrick Brogan and Albert Zarca published by W.W. Norton & Co New York ISBN 0-393-01766-4

Deadly Business - Sam Cummings, Interarms and the Arms Trade - Patrick Brogan and Albert ZarcaDeadly Business - Sam Cummings, Interarms and the Arms Trade - Patrick Brogan and Albert Zarca


A French Kiss with Death - Steve McQueen and the Making of Le Mans by Michael Keyser with Jonathan Williams published by Bentley Link - Bentley Publishers, Cambridge MA. ISBN 0837023-2

A French Kiss with Death - Steve McQueen and the Making of Le Mans by Michael Keyser with Jonathan Williams published by Bentley , Cambridge MA. ISBN 0837023-2


Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by Hunter S. Thompson


Polvere e Gloria - La Coppa D'Oro delle Dolomiti (1947-1956) by Gianni Cancellieri and Cesare De Agostini, editions Giorgio Nada c2000, ISBN 88-7911-205-8

- A history of the Dolomites Rally.


Saville Row - The Master Tailors of British Bespoke by James Sherwood published by Thames and Hudson, c2010, ISBN 9780500515242


Thrilling Cities - by Ian Fleming. Useful for reducing the feeling that touring distant destinations is not what it was. True, things are not what they were but they were not always that good.

The James Bond Bedside Companion, by Raymond Benson, published by Boxtree in London, 1988

The Authorized Guide to the World of 007 by Dave Worrall and Lee Pfeiffer published by Boxtree, London, 1998

The Incredible World Of 007 by Lee Pfeiffer ad Philip Lisa, published by Boxtree, in London 1992

Dressed to Kill - James Bond The Suited Hero by Colin Woodhead (editor) published by Flammarion, New York, 1996

The James Bond Girls, by Graham Rye, published by Boxtree, London, 1989

World War II Troop Type Parachutes Axis: Germany, Italy, Japan: An Illustrated Study by Guy Richards published by Schiffer Military History 0764311107


Ian Fleming by Andrew Lycett published by Phoenix ISBN 1-85799-783-2

Vom Eismeer bis zum Kaukasus - Die deutsche Gebirgstruppe im Zweiten Weltkrieg 1941/42 by Alex Buchner published by Dörfler

Deutsche Gebirgsjäger im Zweiten Weltkrieg by Roland Kaltenegger published by Motorbuch Verlag ISBN 3-87943-503-0


Hunting Evil by Guy Walters published by Bantam Books ISBN 978-0-553-87939-7 - Perhaps the definitive work on post-war Nazis. Successfully de-bunks the myth of the ODESSA network, the first comprehensive, all-inclusive account of the capture of Adolf Eichmann. Large quantities of newly discovered archive material and eye-witness accounts. Successfully exposes the media and publishing circus which built-up around Nazi-hunting.


Die Verdammte Pflicht: Erinnerungen 1932 bis 1945 by Alexander Stahlberg, published by Verlag Ullstein, Berlin, 1987 ; in English Bounden Duty by Alexander Stahlberg published by Brassey's 1990 ISBN 0-08-036714-3

Verlorene Siege by Generalfeldmarschall Erich von Manstein, published by Athenaum-Verlag, Bonn, 1955 ; Lost Victories Field Marshal Erich von Manstein published by Greenhill Books, London, 1987ISBN 0-947898-70-0

Patrick Leigh-Fermor - An Adventure by Artemis Cooper published by John Murray.

Mad Dog Killers by Ivan Smith : Memoirs of a member of Mad Mike Hoare's unit in the Congo.

Save the Cat! by Blake Snyder. A superb reference work and instruction manual for screen-writers. The mechanism which Snyder makes express is so fundamental that there is even screen writing software of the same name which will aid with structure. It interfaces with Final Draft Pro screen-writers software, which is also recommended.


US Military Small Caliber Ammunition Identification Guide Vol 1 DST-1160G-514-78 here + different edition

Cartridges of the World by Frank C. Barnes

Turner on the Seine by Ian Harrell published by Tate Gallery publishing 1999 ISBN 1 85437 219 X

Zoo Quest for a Dragon including the Quest for the Paradise Birds by David Attenborough published by The Companion Book Club, London, 1959. Previous edition 1957. 1959 printing is expanded, and should be edition you obtain.
- Superb account of crossing Java, Bali, Borneo, Komodo, and Papua New Guinea. At that time Papua New Guinea still had large parts of Terra Incognita. Attenborough and his camera man have to improvise travel across the Indonesian islands, which at one point meant borrowing a Jeep upon which no two tires were the same. The voyage to Komodo began on what they thought was a fishing vessel but turned out to be manned by pirates who plotted to kill them and rob them. Worse still, the pirates had never sailed the treacherous waters around the islands, which included hazards such as giant tidal whirlpools. This adventure is as close as you can get to a real life expedition to the fictional Skull Island in King Kong.

Motorcycle Touring by Peter "The Bear" Theoming published by Osprey Books, 1982 - Motorcycle touring in Europe and North Africa in the Seventies.

Ashley Book of Knots Wikipedia - Ashley Book of Knots by Clifford Ashley published by Doubleday, New York, 1944. The main authority on knots. .PDF versions may be found on the Web or as .torrents.

Michelin Guide Wikipedia - Michelin Gudie - Invaluable resource for those seeking dining and accomodation.

Consulting the Michelin Guide
Kellys Heroes (1970): Consulting the Michelin Guide.

000210 George Lazenby consults his Michelin Guide, which is open on the passenger seat of the Aston Martin DBS
On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969) 00:02:10 George Lazenby consults his Michelin Guide, which is open on the passenger seat of the Aston Martin DBS

Michelin Guide France 1999 page 1306 Strasbourg
Michelin Guide France 1999 page 1306 Strasbourg. Entry for Hôtel Maison Rouge is top right.



German 7.92mm Military Ammunition 1888-1945 by Daniel W. Kent 2405 Miller Avenue, Ann Arbor, MI 48103 1st edition 1973, 2nd edition 1990

Official Assassin by Peter Mason published by Phillips Publications POBox 168 Williamstown NJ 08084, 1996, ISBN 0-932572-31-6 - SAS operations in the immediate post-war years in Europe. SAS assassinations of Nazis and SS officers.


- . Elephant Bill

- by J.H.Williams , first published 1950, published by Reprint Society 1951.
   - Adventures with elephants in pre-war and wartime Burma - elephant hunting in Burma - teak logging - This is the finest treatise on the use of the elephant in logging and offers considerable insight into elephant psychology. Read in conjunction with the memoirs of the great ivory hunters such as Karamojo Bell, Pondoro Taylor, FW Selous . Highly recommended for all big game hunters.


- . The Spotted Deer

- by J.H.Williams , published by Robert Hart-Davis ,London , 1957.
   - Tales of inter-war Burma and teak logging in the remote Andaman and Nicobar Islands


The World's Fighting Shotguns by Thomas Swearengen. Definitive reference work on fighting shotguns. For use of the fighting shotgun then read anything written by Louis Awerbuck.


Chronology of the Great War 1914-1918 edited by Lord Edward Gleichen published by Greenhill Books (UK) and Stackpole Books (US), 2000, originally published in three parts Vol 1, Vol 2, Vol 3, as Chronology of the War in 1918, 1919, 1920



The World Crisis 1911-1919 by Winston S. Churchill published by Odhams Press, London, 1939, Second Edition.


Winston S. Churchill Volume II Young Statesman 1911-1914 by Randolph S. Churchill published by Heinemann , London 1967

Winston S. Churchill - 1914-1916 Vol III by Martin Gilbert published by Heinemann , London


James Bond and Switzerland by Peter Wälty and Michael Marti published by Real-Verlag, Basel, 2008, ISBN 978-3-905800-20-3

Berner Zeitschrift Für Geschichte & Heimatkunde Magazine Volume 70 , No 3 ,2008 by Daniel Bernet, 1979

The Way of the World by Nicolas Bouvier: Driving from Geneva to the Kyhber Pass in a FIAT Topolino during the 1950s via Afghanistan and Iran.


Drama Between Budapest and Vienna - The Final Battles of 6. Panzer-Armee in the East - 1945 by Georg Maier published by JJ Fedorowicz Publishing 2004 ISBN 0921991789


- Hell in a Very Small Place by Bernard Fall published by Da Capo Press


- Street withouth Joy by Bernard Fall published by Da Capo Press


- On China by Dr Henry Kissinger published by Random House 2011


- Kolyma: The Arctic Death Camps by Robert Conquest published by Oxford University Press , 1976


- Battle for Budapest by Krisztian Ungvary published by IB Tauris 2003 ISBN 978 1 84885 973 9

- Die Schlact am Budapest 1944/1945 by Krisztian Ungvary published by FA Herbig 1999

- Budapest Ostroma by Krisztian Ungvary published by Corvina 1998 - Hungarian language

- Drama Between Budapest and Vienna by Georg Maier published by JJ Fedorowicz 2004. Maier was Deputy Chief of Operations for 6th Panzer Armee. This work contains original maps, photographs, orders.


- The Nazi Hunters by Damien Lewis - expands on The role of the secret post-war SAS unit assigned by Winston Churchill to assassinate mid-ranking Nazis. Peter Mason in Official Assassin was the first member of this unit to publish.


- 101 Things I learned in Film School by Neil Landau - Novel and screenwriting basics checklist. Superb if you are just starting out.


- Heinrich Himmler by Max Williams - an excellent photographic history with much original research and many unpublished photographs. A vital text for any study of Himmler.


- The Incredible World of 007 by Lee Pfeiffer and Philip Lisa published by Boxtree - Authorised biography of the James Bond motion picture series.


- Der Panzerkamphwagen Tiger und Seine Abarten by Walter J. Spielberger published by Motorbuch Verlag, Stuttgart, 1977 - the original post-war reference work


- Tiger - Die Geschichte einer legendaren Waffe 1942-45 by Egon Kleine & Volkmar Kuhn published by Motorbuch Verlag, Stuttgart, 1981


- Tiger ! A British View by David Fletcher published by HMSO 1986 - Wartime 1943 British Army inteligence de-brief, expanded by the curator of Bovington Tank Museum.


- The Complete James Bond Encyclopedia by Steven Jay Ruben published by Contemporary Books 1995


- The James Bond Films - A Behind the Scenes History by Steven Jay Ruben published by Arlington House 1983


- James Bond - The Legacy by John Cork and Bruce Scivally published by Boxtree 2002


- The Life of Ian Fleming by John Pearson published by Jonathan Cape 1967 - Pearson worked under Fleming at the Sunday Times


- Small Arms of the World published by Stackpole Books, Harrisburg, PA 1977, 11th revised edition


- Jane's Infantry Weapons 1982-1983 by Col John Weeks published by Jane's 1983


- Muscle Car Sourcebook by Mike Mueller


- No Second Place Winner by Bill Jordan published 1965


- Rolex Vintage Sports Models by Skeet and Urul


- The Pike by Lucy Hughes-Hallet published by Fourth Estate, 2013 - The major biography of Garbrielle d'Annunzio Wikipedia - Gabrielle D'Annunzio

- Lost Muscle Cars by Wes Eisenschenk - Tales of hunting for famous muscle cars which have been lost to history. If you know of the whereabouts of the Playboy Shelby Mustang GT500, or the Corvettes which were given to the astronauts of Apollo 11, or Jim Morrison's Mustang, then please contact the author or the respective researcher.


- Shelby by Colin Comer - Vital reference.


- Shelby Mustang by Colin Comer - Vital reference.


- SRT Viper by Maurice Liang - Highly detailed account of the development of the SRT Viper


- Mille Miglia 1927-1957 published by Unique Motor Books - Contains several route maps as well as contemporary press coverage and race results.


- The Complete Book of Ford Mustang by Mike Mueller


- Ford GT by Preston & Lerner - Good account of the GT40 programme from conception to victory.


- The Ski Runs of Switzerland by James Riddell Wikipedia - with forward by Sir Arnold Lunn Wikipedia - published by Michael Joseph, London 1957 . Riddel was vice-captain of the British Olympic ski team in the 1950s

- Engineer to Win by Carroll Smith - Smith was crew chief on Carrol Shelby's GT40 programme. I cannot recommend his books highly enough.


- Tune to Win by Carroll Smith


- Nuts, Bolts, Fasteners and Plumbing Handbook by Carroll Smith


- Prepare to Win by Carroll Smith


- The Spanish Labyrinth by Gerald Brennan first published 1942


- Spirit of Place - Letters and Essays on Travel by Lawrence Durrell - Greece


- Larousee Gastronomique Wikipedia - Larousse Gastronomique by August Escoffier Wikipedia - Auguste Escoffier and Philéas Gilbert published by Larousee 1938, this edition by Crown Publishers, NYC, 1961 edited by Prosper Montagné


- A Guide to Modern Cookery Link - download A Guide to Modern Cookery by August Escoffier by August Escoffier Wikipedia - Auguste Escoffier published by Heinneman 1907 , referred to as 'Escoffier'.


- . Kissinger - A Biography

- by Walter Isaacson. , published by Simon & Schuster , second edition 2005.
- Fascinating insight into the Nixon-Kissinger Whitehouse years. Observing the mechanism of government and decision-making close-up is terrifying. The State Department, the Department of Defense, the National Security Agency, the CIA and the various cliques in the Whitehouse all spied on each other. Secret cable links would be installed to circumvent the cable links used by the army, navy and diplomatic channels. 'Dead Key' were fitted to parallel telphone lines in the Whitehouse so that various staffers in opposite departments could listen in to other departments' telephone calls and make transcripts of them. Various staffers within the Whitehouse had their home telephone lines tapped by secret off-the-books FBI wire taps requisitioned by other departments within the Whitehouse.


- . Man Hunt in Kenya

- by Ian Henderson , 1953.
   - Henderson led the counter-insurgency during the Mau-Mau Rebellion.









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- ABEBOOKS.COM Wikipedia - AbebooksLink - - The Advanced Book Exchange »built the modern world as we know it«. Before abebooks, you had to spend days scouring second hand bookshops for rare texts you had only ever heard of but never seen. The arrival of ABE in the mid nineties meant that all of those books could be hunted down world wide with a click of the mouse. It was a gold rush of unprecedented proportions.

With the increasing quantity of electronic books, large numbers of out-of-copyright books may be obtained in electronic format at Link - Gutenberg website.




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