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Grosser Alpen Strassen Führer by Eduard Denzel and Harald Denzel ISBN 3-85047-763-0, published by Denzel-Verlag Wikipedia - Denzel VerlagLink - Denzel Verlag (German language)

+ This is the most comprehensive guide to Alpine passes and was first assembled by Eduard Denzel in 1956. If your require a more general orientation on transit of the Alps I would read Hugh Merrick's work The Great Motor Highways of the Alps or just study the various pages on this site. Denzel lists passes down to a level of detail only navigable by the on-off road touring motorcycles.

   Denzel's reference book is an invaluable aid when recreating the routes of the old Coupe des Alps rally Wikipedia - Coupe des Alps.

Grosser Alpen Strassen  Fuhrer -by Denzel



Map of Alpine 
Countries covered by the Grosser Alpen Fuhrer by Denzel Verlag
Map of Alpine Countries covered by the Grosser Alpen Führer by Eduard Denzel.

Mitteleuropa Topographic
Mitteleuropa: The Alps crowning the top of Italy are visible with the valleys of France to the west and the plan of Hungary and Slovenia to the east.


Denzel - Aostatal

Denzel Verlag - Piedmont

Denzel Verlag - Courmayeur

Denzel Verlag - Graubunden


Denzel Verlag - Wallis

Denzel Verlag - Gottardmassiv

Denzel Verlag - Profil Susten-Grimsel-Furka

Denzel Verlag - Zentral Schweiz - Tessin


Col de Turini - Denzel
Col de Turini and surrounding passes above Monaco. The Col de Turini is directly above Monaco, one-third of the distance up the frame.

The sights of Val D'Aosta
Sights of Val D'Aosta from Edward Denzel's Grosser Alpen Strassen Führer published by Denzel Verlag, Innsbruck.




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